Why Do People Love Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has become a beloved public figure known for her elegance, intelligence, and humanitarianism. Her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018 sparked an outpouring of public support and affection for the couple. Here’s a look at why so many people adore Meghan Markle.

Her Elegance and Style

Meghan brings a touch of glamour and sophistication to the British royal family. She has impeccable fashion sense and always looks polished and put-together at public events. Her classic style featuring clean lines, muted colors, and minimal accessory embellishment has been dubbed “Markle Sparkle.”

She favors brands like Givenchy, Emilia Wickstead, and Carolina Herrera and has been known to boost smaller or ethical labels. Meghan’s fashion choices showcase her effortless elegance.

Most Memorable Fashion Moments

  • Wedding gown – Meghan wore a stunning pure white Givenchy wedding gown designed by Clare Waight Keller for her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018. The elegant bateau neckline and sculpted silhouette captivated audiences.
  • Cape dress – For her first evening engagement with Prince Harry in 2017, Meghan donned a little black dress with a sheer beret-style cape overlay by Canadian brand Line the Label. The chic look spawned thousands of copycats.
  • Post-pregnancy dress – After giving birth to baby Archie, Meghan wore a classic white sleeveless trench dress by Grace Wales Bonner to introduce her newborn to the world. The dress showed her efforless style.

Meghan’s fashion choices consistently capture the public’s imagination and admiration. She blends simplicity with just the right amount of surprise in her outfit selections.

Her Intelligence and Academic Accomplishments

Meghan attended Northwestern University, where she double majored in theater and international relations, graduating in 2003. She was an excellent student who worked diligently and took her studies seriously according to peers.

She interned at the US embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, excelling in her role. Her professor Dr. Cynthia B. Costello praised Meghan’s intellect and abilities, sharing that she “produced Champions of Change, a documentary about women’s issues, which was exemplary.”

Meghan brings an educated, inquisitive perspective to her royal duties. She has chosen to highlight education and women’s empowerment in her work.

Key Academic Achievements

  • Double major in theater and international relations from prestigious Northwestern University
  • Internship at American embassy in Argentina during college
  • Well-researched and executed college documentary project on women’s issues
  • Received excellent feedback and praise from professors for intellect and work ethic

Meghan’s impressive educational background and natural curiosity lend her an air of credibility and intelligence. Her advocacy for women’s rights also demonstrates her determination to use her platform for good.

Her Humanitarian Work and Feminism

Before meeting Prince Harry, Meghan was devoted to charity work, especially for social justice causes and women’s empowerment. She worked with the United Nations on gender equality and was a Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada.

Meghan declares herself a feminist dedicated to human rights. She has championed issues like menstrual health and access to education for marginalized girls.

Her campaigning shows devotion to lifting up women, youth, and minorities. Audiences admire her zeal for humanitarian service.

Notable Advocacy Work

  • Ambassador for UN Women – promoted gender equality by speaking at UN forum on International Women’s Day 2015
  • World Vision ambassador – traveled to Rwanda as Global Ambassador for the Clean Water Campaign
  • Advocate for menstrual health – wrote passionately about ending stigma around periods and making sanitary products accessible
  • Promoted accessible education – visited schools in deprived areas to bring attention to the lack of resources for certain communities

Meghan’s altruistic spirit and belief in advocating for the underprivileged inspires hope. Her commitment to charity endears her to the public.

Her Handling of Controversies and Media Scrutiny

As a newcomer to the royal family, Meghan has faced harsh British tabloid criticism at times, especially from racially charged outlets. Through it all, she has maintained composure and risen above the fray with grace.

Rather than lashing out at detractors, Meghan focuses on the issues she cares about. She chooses to avoid aggression and pettiness in response to attacks.

Meghan’s composure and commitment to tolerance set a powerful example. She does not let Internet trolls or bad press stop her from pursuing noble goals.

Key Moments of Overcoming Negativity

  • Ignored frenzy over family drama – tabloids obsessed over strained relations with her father, but Meghan directed attention to service
  • Rose above critical coverage during pregnancy – she stayed dedicated to royal duties despite excessive scrutiny on her maternity style and birth plans
  • Handled racism with poise – racist attacks did not deter Meghan from doing good work; she modeled resilience and restraint
  • Prioritized privacy for family – set boundaries with media to protect her newborn despite intense public curiosity

Through difficult situations involving her family life or unfair coverage, Meghan stays true to her values. Her ability to remain principled makes her a role model.

Her Genuine Warmth and Compassion

Perhaps most importantly, Meghan is beloved for her authentic warmth and compassion. She lights up when speaking with people, especially children and marginalized communities.

Meghan often hugs the people she meets, showing her human side. She listens attentively to their stories and concerns, demonstrating that she truly cares.

Her kindness and empathy radiate in public appearances. These qualities root her philanthropic work in an authentic desire to spread more goodness in the world.

Moments Showcasing Warmth

  • Warm interactions with the public – she takes time to have meaningful conversations and hugs children
  • Rapport with marginalized communities – she connects on issues like access to education and healthcare
  • Comforting touch toward women – simple gestures like arms around shoulders show her care
  • Speaking out against bullying – she stands up for others facing unkindness in the media or online

Meghan’s obvious heart for people makes her relatable. Her humanitarian spirit comes across as genuine, not just a obligatory part of her role.

Conclusion: An Inspiring Role Model

With her elegance, intellect, altruism, grace under pressure, and empathetic spirit, it is easy to comprehend the public’s captivation with Meghan Markle. She embodies admirable qualities and uses her position for good.

Meghan inspires people to be their best selves. Her poise and compassion in the face of adversity is motivating. The causes she supports reflect conscientiousness and egalitarian values.

Far beyond a fashion icon or Instagram star, Meghan Markle represents the possibility of positive change through activism. She is driven by humility, purpose, and care for humanity. For all these reasons, people will continue to admire and love Meghan for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Meghan Markle’s Appeal

Why do people feel connected to Meghan Markle?

People feel connected to Meghan because of her warmth, compassion, and down-to-earth nature. Unlike many royals who can seem unapproachable, Meghan radiates genuineness and takes time to bond with the public. Her hugs and thoughtful words make people feel she truly cares.

How did Meghan win over the British public at first?

From the start Meghan impressed British people with her elegance, intelligence, and eloquence. Her stylish fashion choices, academic pedigree, and commitment to activism showed admirable substance. She came across as graceful and refined.

Why has Meghan remained so popular despite negative press?

Meghan has retained popularity through unfair media storms because people recognize the good in her. Her focus on service over pettiness and ability to rise above criticism with poise have built goodwill.

What qualities make Meghan a role model?

As a role model, Meghan displays compassion, strength of character, humanitarian service, and advocacy for the marginalized. She uses her position to amplify important issues and serves as an example of how to take the high road.

How has becoming a mother affected public support?

The public has loved seeing Meghan as a mother embracing her family wholeheartedly. Photos of her with baby Archie show a tender, relatable side that makes people warm to her even more.

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