Why Do People Hate Nic Kerdiles?

Nic Kerdiles is an American former professional ice hockey player who played in the National Hockey League (NHL). He was drafted 36th overall by the Anaheim Ducks in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. Kerdiles had a promising junior and college hockey career, winning gold with the U.S.

National Team Development Program and reaching the Frozen Four with the University of Wisconsin. However, his professional career was marred by injuries and inconsistency, leading some fans to criticize and dislike him. There are a few key reasons why Kerdiles has attracted negativity and hate from certain fans over the years.

Injuries and Unfulfilled Potential

One of the main reasons Kerdiles is disliked is because his career never reached the potential expected of a highly touted second round pick. He was hampered by multiple injuries including concussions, hand and shoulder issues that severely limited his NHL games played.

Kerdiles was projected to be a top 6 forward at the NHL level but only managed 60 games over 3 seasons, scoring 12 points. Fans hate seeing wasted talent and potential, leading to frustration and negativity towards Kerdiles’ inability to have a full healthy season.

Key Injuries

  • 2012-13: Missed several months with shoulder injury and USNTDP time with concussion
  • 2015-16: Lingering concussion symptoms limited to just 7 NHL games
  • 2016-17: Hand injury kept him out of training camp and preseason
  • 2018-19: Concussion in AHL kept him out several months

The “what ifs” surrounding Kerdiles’ career had he remained healthy made some fans resent him, despite the lack of control he had over these injuries. Unfulfilled potential is a common source of dislike among fans.

Lack of Production and Scoring

As a second round pick, Kerdiles was expected to develop into a strong offensive contributor for the Ducks. However, his NHL production and scoring totals never matched the expectations.

In 60 NHL games, Kerdiles only managed 7 goals and 12 points, very modest stats for someone drafted so high. His shooting percentage was under 9%, indicating he struggled to capitalize on opportunities.

Additionally, Kerdiles bounced between the NHL and AHL, unable to secure a full-time role over 3 seasons. His AHL points-per-game was just 0.51, again underwhelming for someone seen as a top prospect.

Fans were frustrated that Kerdiles could not translate his scoring ability from junior and college to the professional level. His lack of production was unacceptable for many who felt he failed to live up to his draft position.

Perceived Lack of Effort and Consistency

While injuries played a major role in limiting Kerdiles’ career, some fans also criticized his effort level and consistency when he did play in the NHL.

There was a sense among portions of the fanbase that Kerdiles did not make the most of his opportunities, lacked defensive effort, and ultimately could have achieved more in the NHL had he worked harder.

His frequent demotions to the AHL reinforced this notion that Kerdiles was not maximizing his ability, regardless of his injury history. Fans are quick to turn on players they feel are not giving 100% effort or lack consistency in their games.

Whether fair or not, Kerdiles developed a reputation with some fans for not making the most of his talent, which contributed to the animosity directed his way. Fans expect max effort from professional athletes.

Perception He Was “Handed” Opportunity

As a high draft pick of the Ducks, some fans felt that Kerdiles was “handed” opportunity and ice time he did not necessarily earn or deserve based on performance.

There is a perception that highly drafted players are given more leeway and longer looks to develop, regardless of actual production or fit within a team’s lineup.

This may have fostered some resentment from fans who felt Kerdiles got preferential treatment but could not prove he belonged through his play at the NHL level.

Fans are quick to turn on players they believe are getting chances based on their draft position rather than actual merit. Kerdiles’ high draft status and multiple call-ups likely fed into this perception with segments of the fanbase.

Difficulty Connecting with Fans

While fan perception should not dictate personnel decisions, there was also a sense that Kerdiles did not necessarily connect strongly with the Ducks fanbase over his career.

He maintained a relatively low profile on social media and in interviews. He did not demonstrate a big personality that resonated with fans.

For good or bad, developing a strong connection with fans can impact how they respond to a player’s performance and career. Kerdiles’ low-key persona may have made it more difficult for supporters to rally behind him.

Players with outsized personalities often develop loyal fan followings, while more reserved players can struggle to connect, sometimes contributing to more negative sentiment.

Key Takeaways on Kerdiles’ Fan Perception:

  • Did not display flair or charisma in interviews/social media
  • Maintained low profile compared to other prospects
  • Did not strongly connect with fanbase over career
  • Easier to criticize players with whom fans feel little attachment

Summary Tables

Kerdiles NHL Stats

SeasonGames PlayedGoalsAssistsPoints

Kerdiles Draft Profile

Draft Year2012
Draft Position36th Overall
Draft TeamAnaheim Ducks
Draft Class RankingsTop Prospect for Size, Skating, Shot
Pre-Draft Rankings16th among North American Skaters

Kerdiles Key Injuries Timeline

2012-13Shoulder, Concussion


In the end, Nic Kerdiles’ NHL career will likely go down as a disappointment given the high expectations after he was drafted 36th overall in 2012. Injuries played a major role in limiting him to just 60 games over 3 seasons.

However, Kerdiles’ lack of production when healthy, perceived inconsistencies in effort and performance, preferential treatment due to his draft status, and difficulty connecting strongly with fans also contributed to his inability to live up to projections and the resulting animosity from sections of the Ducks fanbase.

While Kerdiles dealt with circumstances out of his control, his lack of results fostered resentment from supporters who expected more based on his pedigree as a second round pick. Unfulfilled potential and unmet expectations are key reasons this former top prospect faced criticism and negativity throughout his pro career.


Why was Kerdiles a high draft pick?

Kerdiles was considered a top prospect after an excellent junior career and gold medal with the U.S. National Team Development Program. He scored 87 points in 64 games in his draft season. His skills, hockey IQ and scoring ability projected him as a future top 6 forward.

What injuries did Kerdiles suffer?

Shoulder issues, multiple concussions, and a serious hand injury all severely impacted his career. The concussions in particular cost him significant development time over multiple seasons.

Did Kerdiles underperform in the AHL?

Kerdiles bounced between the NHL and AHL over 3 seasons but never put up big numbers in the minors. He averaged just 0.51 points per game, underwhelming for someone with his pedigree trying to prove himself.

Did Kerdiles lack effort?

Some fans and media speculated Kerdiles did not maximize his ability, lacked defensive intensity and consistency. However, his injuries clearly played a major role in his setbacks.

How did fans perceive Kerdiles?

Many fans resented him for not living up to expectations as a high 2nd round pick. His lack of production, low profile personality and inability to stay healthy also made him a target of criticism.

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