Why Do People Hate Katie Price?

Katie Price, formerly known as Jordan, is one of the most controversial public figures in the UK. Once loved as a lad’s mag pinup and reality TV star, public opinion has now shifted against her. Katie Price divides opinion like no other celebrity. Some see her as a shrewd businesswoman who’s made the most of her assets. Others view her as a tacky figure who epitomizes all that’s wrong about modern celebrity culture.

This article will explore the reasons why Katie Price generates so much vitriol. We’ll look at factors like her overt sexuality, plastic surgeries, turbulent personal life, financial issues, and constant quest for publicity. By understanding why she provokes such extreme reactions, we can get an insight into Britain’s complicated relationship with celebrity.

Reasons Why People Dislike Katie Price

She’s Perceived as Overly Sexual

Katie Price first came to fame as a glamour model in the 1990s, appearing topless in several British lads mags. She leaned into her “Jordan” persona, becoming renowned for her surgically enhanced breasts. Since then, Katie has continued to trade on her sexuality. She routinely posts scantily clad photos on social media and has appeared in hardcore photo shoots.

Many see Katie as embodying the “Page 3 culture” that objectifies women. Feminists argue she promotes negative stereotypes about female sexuality and promotes unrealistic beauty standards. Her image stands against female empowerment. Even those who don’t identify as feminists often view Katie as “cheap” and “trashy.”

She’s Had Multiple Plastic Surgeries

Katie Price has been incredibly open about the cosmetic surgery procedures she’s had over the years. By her own admission, she’s had at least 8 boob jobs, a Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, multiple nose and eyelid operations, veneers, and regular Botox and fillers.

Many believe the ever-changing Katie Price is unrecognizable from the fresh-faced model that first found fame. The constant surgeries suggest body image issues. Katie is accused of being fake, setting a poor example to young women, and treating surgery flippantly rather than a serious medical procedure. Her “plastic” appearance puts some people off.

Her Personal Life is Seen as Chaotic

Katie Price has been married three times and has five children by three different fathers. She met her first husband, singer Peter Andre, on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! This romance and wedding were documented in reality shows. After divorcing Andre, Katie married fighter Alex Reid. She is currently going through a messy divorce from third husband Kieran Hayler after discovering he had cheated on her.

Katie’s romantic life is seen as turbulent and unstable. A serial monogamist, she jumps hastily into new relationships. Her marriage break-ups play out publicly in the tabloid press. This apparent relationship chaos irks traditionalists. Her critics argue a woman with five children from different dads should be more responsible.

She Has Faced Financial Difficulties

In 2021, Katie Price was declared bankrupt. It was the latest in a long line of financial issues after reports of spiraling debts, unpaid taxes, and credit card misuse. Price has made several attempts to pay off creditors. However, her lavish lifestyle and spending habits appear unchanged.

Katie’s financial problems undermine her brand as a savvy businesswoman. They suggest irresponsibility and lack of concern for her children’s future. The tabloids delight in stories about bailiffs turning up at her mansion. Her financial issues detract from the multimillionaire image Katie tries to project.

She Constantly Seeks Media Attention

Love her or loathe her, Katie Price is adept at keeping herself in the public eye. She routinely stages paparazzi photos to drum up press coverage. Katie grants candid interviews and TV appearances to discuss her latest surgery, relationship drama, or money issues.

Critics accuse Katie of being “fame hungry” and oversharing about her private life. It’s argued she’ll do anything to stay relevant, even at the cost of her dignity. Stories are leaked that paint Katie in a bad light, suggesting she courts infamy as much as fame. After decades in the limelight, the constant quest for attention grates on many.

Controversies and Low Points

Katie has weathered many controversies and scandals throughout her career. Here are some of the low points that turned public opinion against her:

  • In 2010, Katie married cage fighter Alex Reid just 9 months after divorcing Peter Andre. The swift romance was viewed as a rebound fling, which she milked for publicity.
  • In 2013, a video leaked of Katie performing a sexual act on a man who was not her then-husband Alex Reid. This increased perceptions of her as promiscuous.
  • Katie checked herself into rehab in 2018 following a drug-fueled meltdown. It was later revealed she had been taking cocaine. The stint in rehab was seen as a publicity ploy.
  • In 2019, Katie was given a driving ban for being drunk in charge of her car. Police found her slumped in the backseat after a cocktail of drugs and alcohol. The incident added to the image of her as unstable.
  • During 2020, Katie’s home was burgled and vandalized multiple times. Critics blamed her for flaunting her wealth on social media, making herself a target.
  • In late 2021, Katie flipped her car after allegedly drinking and getting behind the wheel. She was handed another driving ban and a suspended sentence. The crash was seen as further evidence of recklessness.

While the British public once loved Katie’s outrageous antics, her behavior is now viewed as sordid and irresponsible. Each fresh scandal chips away at the last remnants of her popularity.

How Does Katie Price Respond to Criticism?

Katie Price doesn’t shy away from confrontation. She has addressed her critics directly on many occasions:

  • After receiving major backlash for her excessive plastic surgeries, Katie filmed a documentary titled Jordan: The Truth About Me in 2008. She hit back at “hypocrites” who judged her looks.
  • During financially troubled times, Katie has given interviews lashing out at the media for delighting in her downfall. She asserts that the public “builds people up to knock them down.”
  • In her books and reality shows, Katie is upfront about her chaotic love life. She owns her mistakes but accuses the public of impossible standards. “People forget I’m only human,” she has stated.

While Katie complains of being harshly judged, she continues to put her life under the microscope. Some argue she profits from the controversy while decrying the scrutiny. Love or hate her, Katie Price knows how to keep the headlines coming.

Will Public Opinion of Katie Price Ever Improve?

Given the many scandals Katie Price has weathered, is there any way for her to rehabilitate her image? Here are some of the ways she could potentially improve public opinion:

  • Keeping a low profile – If Katie avoided tabloid drama and took a break from the public eye, memories of her misdeeds may fade.
  • Prioritizing her children – Focusing on motherhood rather than men or money issues may cast Katie in a more sympathetic light.
  • Displaying responsibility – Following through on debt repayment, obeying driving bans, and fixing her finances would prove her critics wrong.
  • Using social media positively – Sharing honest reflections rather than staged antics could help endear Katie to fans.
  • Time and maturity – The British public loves a redemption story. Remaining scandal-free as she enters her later years could revive goodwill.

On the other hand, Katie remains addicted to fame and media attention. She is unwilling to shy away from controversy if it keeps her in the headlines. While the public may tire of Kate’s constant drama, she shows no signs of changing her ways.


Katie Price’s fall from public grace has been dramatic and spectacular. While she was once the nation’s fantasy, she’s now derided as an embarrassment. But has the backlash gone too far? Is it unfair we hold Katie to standards we wouldn’t apply to male celebs?

Regardless, Katie provokes extreme reactions unique among celebrities. She reflects the best and worst of contemporary celebrity culture. Though some “Pricey” super fans remain loyal, her popularity has certainly plunged. It remains to be seen whether Katie can ever revive her battered reputation. For now, she remains one of the most ridiculed figures in British showbiz.

FAQs about Why People Hate Katie Price

Why do people say Katie Price is a bad mother?

Critics argue Katie’s chaotic love life and focus on fame shows irresponsibility as a mother of five. She has missed school runs and holidays to party abroad. In 2022 she missed her daughter Princess’ 15th birthday during her community service.

What plastic surgery procedures has Katie Price had?

By her own admission, Katie has had at least 8 boob jobs, a Brazilian butt lift, veneers, chin liposuction, multiple nose jobs, several facelifts, and constant Botox and fillers.

How much debt does Katie Price have?

Katie was declared bankrupt in 2021 with debts of over £3.2 million. She owes money to creditors and exes. In 2022 Katie avoided having to sell her ‘Mucky Mansion’ through a debt management plan.

Why did Katie Price’s marriage to Peter Andre end?

After four years of marriage, Katie and Peter’s romance fizzled out. Katie admitted Peter struggled to deal with her alter ego “Jordan” and didn’t like her flirtatious friendship with model Dwight Yorke.

What impact did Katie Price’s drink driving crashes have on her reputation?

Katie’s driving bans for drink driving offended many. She was seen as reckless and lucky not to have killed anyone after her car flipped in September 2021 while under the influence.

In Closing

Katie Price is undoubtedly a divisive figure who provokes extreme reactions across Britain. As her scandals and money issues mount, public goodwill has all but evaporated. Yet she has shown incredible resilience against relentless criticism and somehow remains in the spotlight.

Price has become shorthand for modern celebrity excess and ridicule. However, she seems determined not to fade away quietly. Love or loathe Katie Price, she ensures she’s never far from the headlines.

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