Why Do People Love Katie Price?

Katie Price, formerly known as Jordan, is one of the most well-known glamour models and media personalities in the UK. She first gained fame as a topless model in the 1990s and was known for her surgically enhanced breasts. Over the decades, she has reinvented herself many times over – from model to author to reality TV star.

Katie has dominated tabloid headlines for over 20 years due to her tumultuous personal life, including failed marriages, divorces, bankruptcies, and drug issues. However, through it all, she has maintained a loyal fanbase who continue to support and admire her. Here is an in-depth look at why Katie Price is loved by so many.

Her Glamour Modeling Career

Katie Price became a household name in 1996 when, at age 18, she began modeling topless for The Sun’s Page 3 feature. Her voluptuous figure and striking looks made her an instant star. She adopted the alter ego “Jordan” for modeling, which helped her brand herself as a risqué, sexy figure.

Throughout the 90s and 2000s, Jordan was one of the most popular Page 3 models in the UK. Her surgically enhanced breasts became iconic symbols of her modeling career. Though she eventually discontinued topless modeling, her years as Britain’s favorite pinup cemented her status as a lad mag legend. Fans loved Jordan’s confident, unapologetic sexuality.

Her Savvy Self-Marketing Abilities

A huge component of Katie’s success has been her ability to relentlessly self-market the Katie Price/Jordan brand. She has created a merchandise empire selling calendars, autobiographies, perfumes, cosmetics, clothing, and more for decades.

Katie always stays on top of publicity opportunities. She frequently updates fans on social media and collaborates with magazines about the latest details of her love life and scandals.

Her supporters admire her business savvy and ability to continue reinventing herself and staying in the public eye. She has mastered the art of tabloid manipulation and turned it into successful enterprises.

Her Larger-Than-Life Personality

Fans are drawn to Katie’s brash, outspoken public persona. She is always unfiltered and outrageous, speaking her mind on every topic.

Katie embraces being an exaggerated, cartoonish version of femininity. From her love of pink, glitter, and tiaras to her massive high heels and skimpy outfits – everything about Katie is big and bold.

People appreciate that she is relentlessly and unapologetically herself. Price’s diva behavior, over-the-top fashion choices, and refusal to play by the rules makes her an entertaining character.

Her Devoted Mothering

While Katie is often painted as a party girl by the tabloids, fans also see her devotion as a mother. Katie has five children – Harvey, Junior, Princess, Jett, and Bunny.

She is a doting, hands-on mom who proudly showcases her family. Fans admire how Katie prioritizes her kids and provides them lavish lifestyles. Even during her darkest times battling drugs, relationships, or money issues, her love for her children shines through.

Many supporters became invested in seeing Katie’s journey with Harvey, her oldest son who has complex disabilities. She has been praised for her care, understanding, and advocacy for him. Katie’s parenting travails make her more relatable.

Her Perseverance Through Hardships

In recent years, Katie has faced many highly publicized struggles, including divorce, infidelity, plastic surgeries gone wrong, bankruptcy, stint in rehab and fights for custody.

However, fans root for and identify with her ability to pick herself back up after getting knocked down. No matter how many times Katie stumbles, she manages to dust herself off and carry on.

That resilience and survival instinct makes supporters admire her. They feel invested in her quest to turn her life around and get back on top. Katie serves as inspiration for overcoming challenges with tenacity.

Her Candidness about Mental Health

One of Katie’s most admirable qualities is opening up about her mental health battles. She has been diagnosed with PTSD and spoken about dealing with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts for years.

Fans find her candidness on taboo topics like rehab stints, psychiatric holds and late-night breakdowns to be brave and relatable. Katie’s vulnerability helps reduce stigma around mental illness.

By sharing her struggles, Price lets supporters with similar issues know they are not alone. Her outspokenness provides comfort and hope.

She Represents Rebellious Freedom

Ultimately, people love Katie because she represents fun, rebellious freedom. She lives completely on her own terms – for better or worse. Katie does what she wants without apology or regard for societal rules.

Fans are drawn to living vicariously through her wild adventures, glam lifestyle and soap opera-like scandals. She embodies a playful, subversive inner id that her supporters admire.

Price’s refusal to be tamed or defined makes her an aspirational figure. For decades, she has maintained an underdog spirit that her loyal fanbase finds inspirational.

Katie’s Staying Power

In today’s fickle world where celebrities rise and fall quickly, Katie Price remains a constant. While her scandals and drama will continue, it is her resilient spirit that fans really root for.

No matter what hits Katie experiences in life, she always comes back with a smile. She is the ultimate survivor who reinvents herself endlessly and maintains an aura of cheeky fun through it all.

After over 20 years in the public eye, Price has proven her enduring appeal. Her unique charisma continues to enthrall supporters who love her entertaining realness. That Teflon ability to shake off her haters and keep things moving is why Katie Price remains an icon.

What Does the Future Hold for Katie?

As Katie Price moves through her 40s, people are curious to see what her next era will bring. Here are some possibilities:

More Reality TV

Katie could continue starring in additional reality TV shows. Fans would welcome seeing more candid, uncensored access into Katie’s life at home. She thrives in that informal medium where she can be her unfiltered self.

Beauty and Fashion Lines

Given her career start as a model, it would make sense for Katie to leverage her fame with branded fashion, beauty or cosmetics collections again. She has proven she can sell her own stylized merchandise that reflects her personal brand.

Advocacy and Activism

In recent years, Katie has used her platform to advocate for causes like disability rights and mental health awareness. She could grow this philanthropic work and speak out on more societal issues. Her fearless voice would draw positive attention.

Tabloid Presence

Katie will likely continue being tabloid fodder regarding her relationships and family life. Fans undoubtedly want to follow along with the next chapter of her romantic sagas and parenting journey. Katie is unlikely to shy from the limelight.

Comeback Tour

Don’t count Katie out yet – she has risen from the ashes many times before! Once she overcomes current hurdles, supporters would love to see her mount a fierce comeback tour in typical fun Price style.

Katie’s Cultural Impact

There is no denying Katie Price has left a lasting mark on pop culture during her decades in the public eye. Here are some of the key ways she made history and influenced society:

  • Normalized cosmetic surgery and botox fillers. Katie was open about enhancements at a time when it was taboo. Her candor helped remove stigma.
  • Ushered in reality TV era. Katie’s show was one of the first intimate looks into a celebrity’s real life. She sparked public obsession with reality stars.
  • Inspired lad mag models. Katie’s success opened the floodgates for hundreds of models seeking lucrative Page 3 and glamour modeling careers.
  • Created modern day tabloid culture. Katie’s antics generated sensationalized coverage that fueled public obsession with gossip magazines.
  • Served as a gay icon. With her OTT image and diva attitude, Jordan became a beloved figure within the LGBTQ community.
  • Paved the way for WAG culture. As a footballer’s wife, Katie gained access to elite circles and brought visibility to the glamorous WAG lifestyle.
  • Launched star-branded merchandise. Katie proved the public appetite for celebrity perfume, clothes, books and other products. She commercialized the reality star industry.
  • Provided a case study of how traditional gender roles affect women in the public eye. The contrast between Jordan’s sexualized image and Katie’s domestic roles illuminated a cultural double standard.

No matter what you think of her, there’s no denying that Katie Price has made an unforgettable impact during her career. She has skillfully maneuvered fame to keep the public enthralled by her charismatic, unpredictable spirit for decades.

Frequently Asked Questions about Katie Price

Katie Price’s life and career have sparked endless public curiosity over the years. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this tabloid fixture:

How many times has Katie Price been married?

Katie has been married three times. She was married to singer Peter Andre from 2005-2009. Her second marriage to Alex Reid was in 2010 and lasted 11 months. She married her third husband Kieran Hayler in 2013, separating in 2018.

What plastic surgery procedures has she had done?

By her own admission, Katie has had at least 12 boob jobs to enhance and maintain her breast size. She’s also openly undergone liposuction, butt lifts, nose jobs, botox, fillers and several facelifts.

How much money did she make during her modeling career?

At the peak of her glamour modeling days in the early 2000s, Katie reportedly earned around £5 million per year posing for magazines and calendars. She also earned hefty sums as the face of brands like Asda and Argento Jewelry.

What businesses does she own?

Katie runs her own clothing, beauty, equestrian and children’s toy brands. She has launched 25 fragrances and also owned a boutique, salon and bar. At one point, her empire was estimated to be worth over £45 million.

How did she become famous originally?

Katie was just 17 when a photographer spotted her and initiated her modeling. She quickly became a tabloid fixture for dating celebrities. Her surgery enhancements and Page 3 photos propelled her to household name level fame.

Why did she change her name to Katie Price from Jordan?

As Katie transitioned from modeling to other ventures like television and books, she wanted to be known by her real name rather than her Jordan alter ego. The “rebrand” helped Katie forge a more mainstream family friendly image.

What television shows has she appeared on?

Some of Katie’s most popular shows include I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here; Katie & Peter; What Katie Did Next; Signed by Katie Price; and My Crazy Life. She has appeared on over a dozen reality programs showcasing her personal and professional lives.

How many children does she have?

Katie has five children. Her first child, son Harvey, was born in 2002. She had Junior and Princess with Peter Andre. Her two youngest, Jett and Bunny, are from her marriage with Kieran Hayler.

Why did she divorce Peter Andre?

The pair seemed blissfully happy initially before tensions arose. There were reports that Katie was struggling with the domesticity while Peter wanted her to tone down her sexy image. Clashes over work schedules added stress that led to their split.


Katie Price’s longevity as a public figure is truly remarkable given her scandal-filled history that would have sunk most celebrities. But the model-turned-media personality has always maintained a connection with her supporters.

Fans are invested in Katie’s chaotic life journey – relating to her struggles while admiring her tenacity. No matter how many times she falls, she always rises like a phoenix from the ashes.

At her core, Katie Price represents resilience. She is outspoken, unfiltered, cheeky and refusal to conform or be tamed. The public will undoubtedly remain fascinated by her rollercoaster life for years to come.

Love her or hate her, Katie Price has cemented her position as a legendary British pop culture icon. She broke barriers in the 90s as a candid, empowered glamour model. Today, she inspires others with her perseverance through life’s highs and lows.

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