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Why Do People Hate KJ Apa?

KJ Apa is a New Zealand actor best known for playing Archie Andrews on the hit CW show Riverdale. While he has many fans, Apa has also faced some backlash and criticism from viewers. There are a few reasons why some people have expressed dislike or hatred towards Apa.

Controversial Comments

In 2018, Apa did an interview with The Zach Sang Show where he made some controversial comments about women and the Me Too movement. When asked about how he approaches dating and if he was worried about false accusations, Apa said:

“For me it’s not an issue, man. I’m not stressed about it because I know that’s not me. I guess it’s an important movement, you know? And long overdue, a realization that there’s some fucked up shit going on in Hollywood. But at the same time, innocent until proven guilty, I guess, is the way I see it.”

Many felt his comments dismissed the importance of the Me Too movement and women coming forward with accusations. This led to a significant social media backlash against Apa.

Perceived Dismissiveness Towards Social Issues

In the same Zach Sang interview and other interviews, Apa has come across as indifferent or flippant when asked about social issues like racism, equality, and sexual assault. Some feel his responses lack awareness and depth when speaking about important societal problems.

Controversial KJ Apa Interview Comments

Interview CommentBacklash & Criticism
Dismissiveness about Me Too movementSeen as not caring about women’s rights and experiences
“Innocent until proven guilty” stancePerceived lack of support for women making accusations
Indifference on race issuesLack of awareness on discrimination and racism
Flippant tone on equalityTrivializing serious societal issues

This perceived apathy and ignorance on various social matters has contributed to the dislike some have towards Apa.

Questions About His Commitment to Acting

Apa is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter – music is his long-time passion. Some question if he has a bigger commitment to his music career than acting. He put out several singles and EPs during Riverdale breaks and has said music is his “therapy” and way to express himself.

Some fans think this implies he doesn’t take his acting career as seriously. There is a sense he views Riverdale as more of a stepping stone or road to music success.

Risky Stunts and Injuries

Apa performs most of his own stunts as Archie on Riverdale. However, he has gotten injured multiple times doing these risky stunts, requiring production to shut down.

In 2017, he was hospitalized after an on-set car crash. In 2018, he suffered a hand injury that halted filming. And in 2021, he received a head gash that needed staples.

These incidents led to criticisms that Apa pulls dangerous stunts without considering how it impacts the whole cast and crew. Some feel it shows selfishness and lack of care for others relying on him.

KJ Apa’s Riverdale Injuries From Stunts

2017Car accident resulting in hospitalizationProduction shut down for 2 days
2018Badly cut handProduction shut down for 1 week
2021Head gash requiring staplesProduction shut down for 5 days

Between the music passion and stunt injuries, some fans question if Apa takes his lead acting role seriously.

Perceived Lack of Gratitude

Another complaint about Apa is a perceived sense of entitlement and lack of gratitude. Some examples that feed this perception:

Early Struggles Downplayed

Apa has shared little about his early struggles trying to make it as an actor. Some believe he downplays how Riverdale changed his life and doesn’t acknowledge his luck in landing the role.

Takes Role for Granted

Fans criticize Apa for appearing dismissive towards Riverdale and taking his Archie role for granted. They want to see more appreciation for the show’s impact.

Ignores Fans

There’s a sense that Apa does the bare minimum fan interactions. He rarely engages on social media and has been accused of ignoring fans at public events. This feeds the narrative that he’s arrogant.

Ungrateful On-Set Behavior Rumors

Tabloids have published rumors (though unconfirmed) that Apa is often late, keep people waiting, and acts entitled on the Riverdale set. If any truth to these rumors, it’d further the perception he’s ungrateful.

While only speculation, these factors contribute to a narrative that Apa lacks humility and doesn’t appreciate his success. This rubs many fans the wrong way.

Is the Dislike Towards KJ Apa Warranted?

The criticism and hatred targeted at Apa stems primarily from a few interviews, unconfirmed rumors, and likely some jealousy of his rapid success at a young age. He does not have any major scandals or proven egregious behavior.

Much of the backlash comes from reading into vague comments or perceiving a certain arrogance – when no one can fully judge someone’s intentions and inner thoughts.

Apa is a young actor thrust into a lead role who may still be figuring out fame. The dislike seems more mob mentality than warranted. There are certainly far more controversial and problematic Hollywood figures deserving of scrutiny.

While people can disagree with Apa’s interview takes, it does not justify the extreme hatred that prevents objectively viewing his acting skills. Outright hatred based on superficial impressions and groupthink mentalities is unwarranted without solid proof of real wrongdoing.

What Do Fans Want to See from KJ Apa?

For KJ Apa to restore his reputation and win over more fans, here are some things people likely want to see from him:

More Transparency

Fans would appreciate Apa opening up more about his early struggles, how he got started with acting, and his passion for music. Being transparent about his background could help flesh out his story and make him more relatable.

Gratitude and Humility

If Apa expressed gratitude for his opportunities and loyal fans, it could markedly shift perceptions of him. More humility and acknowledging Riverdale’s impact on his career could lessen the arrogance impressions.

Responsiveness to Fans

Simply taking more time to engage fans on social media or at events could build goodwill. More fan interaction and not ignoring admirers seeking photos/autographs could help improve his image.

Commitment to Set Safety

Apa doing his own stunts adds realism. But he must exercise restraint and follow safety precautions to avoid endangering the whole cast and crew. Showing he cares about others’ well-being is important.

Nuanced Social Issue Understanding

Fair or not, actors today are expected to be socially aware on important issues. While Apa need not be an activist, showing nuance and empathy on complex problems could gain respect.

How Can KJ Apa Move Forward Positively?

Trying too hard to change public opinion often backfires. Apa may be best served keeping his head down and focusing on delivering great performances as Archie. Let the work speak for itself.

Open Up Through Interviews

Sitting for in-depth interviews could allow Apa to thoughtfully expand on misinterpreted comments, his background, passion for Riverdale, and approach to fame. Getting his full perspective out there clearly could help.

Use Social Causes Thoughtfully

Aligning with and promoting certain social causes when it feels authentic, not just for PR, could highlight his character. But it must be done carefully to avoid coming off as inauthentic.

Build Camaraderie with Cast

Showing he has strong camaraderie with the cast could reinforce he’s a team player. More joint interviews/photos highlighting his close relationships could combat negative set behavior rumors.

Create Boundaries

Apa should set boundaries between his personal and professional lives. Keeping some distance from the limelight when not actively promoting could let him focus.

The reality is Apa is still early in his career with room to grow and mature. These steps could help him tune out unwarranted hatred and instead win over fans with his work and genuine personality.


KJ Apa is a talented yet polarizing actor who faces strong dislike from some viewers. Main criticisms include controversial comments, passion for music over acting, risky stunts, and a perceived arrogance and lack of gratitude.

However, the extreme hatred towards Apa appears largely unwarranted, stemming from vague impressions versus proven egregious acts. Apa can seemingly overcome this by focusing on his work, opening up more in interviews, building stronger bonds with his team, and finding thoughtful ways to spotlight his character off-screen.

For young actors thrust into the spotlight like Apa, fame often comes before they have fully matured. They deserve room to learn and grow without excessive maligning. And fans could benefit from giving them space rather than attacking every perceived flaw.

Ultimately Apa has proven himself a skilled actor with potential for an long career. With grace from fans and demonstrating his positive qualities, he can move past exaggerated hate to instead be known for his talents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About KJ Apa Hate

Why do some fans think KJ Apa is arrogant?

Some fans perceive Apa as arrogant due to a sense he downplays his early struggles, takes his Riverdale role for granted, ignores fans requests, and has an entitled attitude on set based on rumors.

What controversial comments has KJ Apa made?

In interviews, Apa has faced backlash for comments viewed as insensitive or dismissive regarding topics like the Me Too movement, racism, and sexual assault. His remarks seemed to lack awareness on serious social issues.

How has KJ Apa getting injured impacted Riverdale?

Apa’s insistence on doing his own stunts has resulted in multiple injuries requiring Riverdale production to shut down for days or weeks. This has led to criticism that Apa is selfish and doesn’t consider others.

Is KJ Apa more passionate about music or acting?

Some fans believe Apa is more invested in his music career, releasing several singles and EPs. They feel he doesn’t take his lead Riverdale role seriously and see music as his priority.

Why don’t some people think the KJ Apa hate is warranted?

Much of the intense criticism of Apa stems from vague impressions versus proven bad behavior. As a young actor navigating fame, many believe giving Apa grace to mature could lessen excessive maligning.

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