Why Do People Hate Odell Beckham Jr.?

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the most talented and controversial wide receivers in the NFL. Since being drafted by the New York Giants in 2014, Beckham has made headlines with his incredible on-field catches and often flamboyant behavior off the field.

While Beckham is adored by many fans for his skills, he has also become a polarizing figure that draws intense criticism from others. In this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons why Odell Beckham Jr. has his detractors and why he elicits such strong negative reactions from certain groups.

Immaturity and Lack of Composure

One of the biggest criticisms against Beckham is that he often displays a lack of maturity and composure during games. Throughout his career, he has gotten into confrontations with opponents, lashed out in frustration, and engaged in showboating celebrations after big plays. His fiery demeanor and emotional outbursts have rubbed many the wrong way.

Notable Incidents

  • In 2015, Beckham and Josh Norman of the Panthers got into a heated battle that led to Beckham spearing Norman after the play was over. Beckham was suspended 1 game for his actions.
  • In 2017, Beckham pretended to urinate like a dog to celebrate a touchdown against the Eagles. He was fined over $12,000 by the NFL.
  • In 2019, Beckham got into a verbal confrontation with Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey and appeared to throw a punch at him after a play. He was later fined over the incident.

Critics see these types of incidents as evidence that Beckham is immature and hurts his team by losing composure. His defenders argue he just plays with extreme passion. However, the constant drama and lack of restraint has caused many to grow tired of his antics.

Perceived Cockiness and Arrogance

Another complaint against OBJ is that he comes across as arrogant and cocky. Between his flashy pre-game outfits, first-down signal celebrations, and tendency to draw attention to himself, Beckham’s swagger and bravado have irritated some observers. They see his demeanor as self-aggrandizing and disrespectful to opponents.

Particular moments that have drawn ire:

  • In 2017, Beckham wore an expensive watch during a game, which some considered a sign of flaunting his wealth.
  • His frequent “look at me” touchdown celebrations have been perceived as taunting by some.
  • His comments like wanting to be NFL’s highest paid player have struck some as arrogant.

While his fans find his confidence endearing, OBJ’s perceived braggadocio and lavish lifestyle have alienated those wanting more modesty from their sports stars.

Perception He’s a “Me First” Player

One of the biggest knocks against Beckham is the belief that he cares more about personal accolades and stardom than team success. Critics point to his tendency to get visibly frustrated on the sidelines when he’s not getting the ball and his flashy off-field lifestyle as signs he’s not committed to the greater good of his team.

  • In 2018, a video surfaced of OBJ with what appeared to be drugs and an aspiring model. This raised concerns about his focus.
  • His requests for trades from Giants and Browns have signaled he puts himself before teams to some.
  • In 2016, he took a team flight to Miami to party before a playoff game, drawing criticism from teammates.

Beckham and his supporters contend he’s a good teammate invested in winning. But the perception persists in some circles that he’s a selfish and egotistical “diva” WR.

Injury History Raises Durability Concerns

For all his talent, Beckham has struggled to stay consistently healthy in the NFL. He has missed significant time with various injuries, including multiple hamstring strains, quad tears, and a fractured ankle in 2017.

Year Key Injuries
2014 Hamstring strain (4 games missed)
2015 Hamstring strain (1 game)
2016 Bruised knee (no games)
2017 Fractured ankle (12 games)
2018 Quad bruise (4 games)
2019 Hip/groin injury (5 games)
2020 Torn ACL (16 games)

Beckham’s many injuries have led to questions about his long-term durability and reliability. Teams wonder if he will be healthy enough to justify a massive contract. This uncertainty adds to frustration over his volatility.

Off-Field Drama and Distractions

Another complaint about Beckham is that his name too often shows up in off-field drama and controversies. His critics contend these distractions can negatively impact team focus and chemistry.

  • In 2018, an ESPN report detailed OBJ’s ties to celebrities and partying. This raised concerns about commitment.
  • His romantic relationships and breakups have spawned gossip blog fodder.
  • Feuds with stars like Josh Norman and Lil Wayne’s rap disses have created tabloid sideshows.

For fans wanting football to do the talking, Beckham’s talent too often seems overshadowed by his off-field tabloid exploits in their view. The dramaraises doubts about his character in some circles.

Giants and Browns Trades Fueled Backlash

The trades that sent Beckham from the Giants and Browns fueled resentment against him amongst fans. Many questioned whether Beckham was worth the headache despite his talent.

  • Giants fans blamed OBJ for the team’s decline after his departure, viewing him as a locker room problem.
  • Browns fans felt betrayed after the team acquired him in a blockbuster trade in 2019 then dealt him away just 3 seasons later.

The high-profile divorces from two franchises left many painting Beckham as a player who inevitably forces his way out. This eroded his standing in some fanbases.


Odell Beckham Jr. is an electrifying yet polarizing figure in pro football. For all his jaw-dropping skills, critics take issue with his perceived immaturity, arrogance, selfishness, drama, and durability problems.

However, OBJ remains beloved by many loyal fans who consider his flaws overblown and appreciate witnessing one of the most talented wideouts ever. The intense reactions Beckham elicits, both positive and negative, underscore his rare talents and magnetism. But until he transcends ongoing concerns, he will likely remain a player people love to hate for some.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of Odell Beckham Jr.’s most controversial moments?

Some of OBJ’s most controversial incidents include spearing Josh Norman, pretending to urinate like a dog to celebrate a TD, numerous sideline confrontations, and questioning his commitment after partying before playoff games and taking private jets to party mid-week.

Why do people think Odell Beckham Jr. is arrogant and cocky?

Beckham’s flashy clothing and touchdown celebrations, along with perceived “me first” comments about wanting to be the highest paid player, have struck many as signs of arrogance and cockiness. His swagger rubs some the wrong way.

Does Odell Beckham Jr. have problems staying healthy in the NFL?

Yes, OBJ has struggled with several injuries throughout his career, including hamstring strains, quad tears, a fractured ankle, and a torn ACL. These durability issues have cost him many games and raised concerns.

How have Odell Beckham Jr.’s relationships with teams contributed to backlash against him?

OBJ’s drama-filled departures from the Giants and Browns after pushing for trades made some fans in both cities resent him. They felt he forced his way out selfishly versus trying to make it work.

What kinds of off-field drama has Odell Beckham Jr. been involved in?

Beckham’s off-field drama includes partying controversies, high-profile relationships, celebrity feuds with stars like Josh Norman and Lil Wayne, and other tabloid exploits that some feel distract from football.

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