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Why Do People Hate Rebel Wilson?

Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress, writer, and producer who has become well-known for her comedic roles in films like Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, and Isn’t It Romantic.

However, despite her success, Rebel has faced quite a bit of backlash and criticism from some people over the years. In this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons why certain groups have expressed hatred or strong dislike towards Rebel Wilson.

Why Do Some Dislike Her Humor and Persona?

One of the biggest reasons why Rebel Wilson has detractors is that her outrageous, slapstick style of comedy and acting is not enjoyed by everyone. She is unapologetically crass, loud, and willing to do whatever it takes to get a laugh.

While many find this brand of shock humor funny, others see it as low-brow, offensive, or overly obnoxious. Her persona as the brash, party girl who indulges in crude humor rubs some people the wrong way.

Perception She Plays Up Stereotypes

Some have accused Rebel of leaning too heavily on stereotypes of overweight people in her self-deprecating humor. By constantly making jokes about her weight and appetite, critics argue she is reinforcing negative stereotypes about plus-size individuals.

However, Rebel has refuted this, saying she proudly reclaims these stereotypes to empower herself. Still, certain groups believe she perpetuates unflattering stereotypes.

View Her as Disrespectful or Arrogant

Another complaint about Rebel is that her bold, tell-it-like-it-is style can come across as disrespectful, arrogant, or lacking self-awareness at times. For example, her tendency to crack jokes at her own expense during interviews has struck some as inappropriate or flippant.

She also has a habit of making rather outrageous and controversial statements that rub people the wrong way. While she sees it as confident and unfiltered, detractors find it arrogant or tasteless.

Criticisms About Her Representation as a Plus-Size Woman

Some plus-size advocates and body positive supporters take issue with Rebel Wilson representing plus-size women in mainstream Hollywood. They argue she reinforces unflattering stereotypes and representations of larger women that are not helping the body positive movement.

Rather than using her platform to challenge beauty standards and portray a more empowering image of plus-size women, they feel her slapstick persona sets a bad example.

Weight Loss Seen as Selling Out

When Rebel lost a substantial amount of weight in 2020, many fans praised her health journey. However, she also faced backlash from some plus-size supporters who felt she was betraying the community and bending to pressure to be thin.

Rebel defended her choices about her own body. But some saw her weight loss as giving in to expectations and no longer representing plus-size women positively.

Doesn’t Use Her Fame to Advocate for Plus-Size Women

Some feel Rebel does not use her unique position as one of the few famous plus-size actresses to advocate for the plus-size community. Critics argue she could speak out and fight back against fatphobia, size discrimination, lack of representation, and other issues.

The fact that Rebel doesn’t vocalize support or seem to align herself with body positive activists has angered some who want her to do more.

Perceptions About Her Private Life and Behavior

In May 2022, a journalist revealed Rebel had been lying about her age for years, and was actually 6 years older than she claimed. Many fans did not take kindly to being misled, seeing it as dishonest.

Rebel defended herself by saying Hollywood forced her to misrepresent her age out of ageism. While some understood, others saw it as a major betrayal of trust from her fans.

Criticisms of Her Dating Patterns

Rebel Wilson’s dating habits have also sparked backlash from some. She has stated a preference for conventionally attractive men without commenting on their personalities or intelligence.

Some see this as hypocritical for someone who complains about Hollywood’s beauty standards. The large age gaps in her relationships have also been side-eyed, along with the short timespans of her romances. Many find her approach to dating problematic.

Backlash for Comments About Her Fertility Journey

In 2022, Rebel spoke about using IVF to freeze her eggs and hopefully start a family as a single woman. However, some took issue with her wording about wanting to get embryos that would have the “best shot” and her emphasis on looks and intelligence.

Critics said she sounded like she wanted to design “perfect” children and that her comments promoted ableism and eugenics. She later apologized and clarified her intentions.

Accusations of Cultural Appropriation

As she is not a person of color, Rebel has faced criticism for portraying Asian and Latina characters in certain films like Pitch Perfect and Super Fun Night.

Despite claims she was just playing interesting characters, she was accused of cultural appropriation and taking opportunities from ethnic minority actresses. These casting choices rubbed many the wrong way.

Backlash for Joke About Being First Plus-Size Lead

In promoting Isn’t It Romantic, Rebel made a joke about being the first plus-size lead in a rom-com since Queen Latifah.

However, Queen Latifah is not plus-sized, and Rebel was called out for the insensitive inaccurate comment. She apologized, but some saw it as ignorant and disrespectful of an acclaimed Black actress. The joke struck a nerve with many.


In summary, while Rebel Wilson has amassed a sizeable fanbase with her unique brand of comedy, she has also generated considerable backlash from certain groups over the years. Key reasons include:

  • Her outrageous humor and persona rubbing some the wrong way
  • Playing into unflattering stereotypes about plus-size people
  • Weight loss seen as selling out the plus-size community
  • Revelation she lied about her age for years
  • Insensitive comments about heritage and fertility
  • Controversy over her dating life and casting choices

However, Rebel has also pushed back against some criticisms, arguing she simply tries to live authentically. She rejects accusations she is required to be a perfect role model or solely represent any group. While the debates around Rebel will likely continue, she remains one of the most well-known plus-size actresses in Hollywood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rebel Wilson Backlash

Why do some find Rebel Wilson’s comedy offensive?

Some people take issue with Rebel Wilson’s outrageous slapstick humor and crude jokes, which they view as low-brow, obnoxious, or reinforcing unflattering stereotypes. Her brash persona rubs certain groups the wrong way.

How has Rebel’s weight loss been received?

When Rebel lost weight in 2020, she faced some backlash from plus-size advocates who felt she was conforming to expectations to be thin and no longer representing larger women positively. However, many others supported her personal health journey.

What ageism controversy did Rebel Wilson spark?

It was revealed in 2022 that Rebel had lied about being 6 years younger than she really was earlier in her career. She said this was due to ageism in Hollywood, but some fans saw it as dishonest.

Why was her comment about Queen Latifah a problem?

Joking she was the first plus-size rom-com lead since Queen Latifah was called out for being incorrect and disrespectful, as Latifah is not plus-sized. Critics saw it as ignorant and insensitive.

How has Rebel Wilson responded to accusations she perpetuates stereotypes?

Rebel argues comedy is meant to entertain and she does not claim to represent any group perfectly. She says she tries to reclaim stereotypes to empower herself but understands comedy is subjective.

Could Rebel do more to advocate for body positivity?

Some activists argue Rebel could use her fame to speak out for plus-size women’s rights and body acceptance. However, Rebel has not made this a focus and rejects pressure to be a flawless role model.

Why was her portrayal of non-white characters called out?

As a white actress, Rebel playing Asian and Latina characters was seen as cultural appropriation by taking opportunities from ethnic minority actresses. She claims she was just playing interesting roles.

How did people react to Rebel’s fertility comments?

Saying she wanted embryos with the “best shot” at success was interpreted as designing perfect children. Rebel apologized for the ableist and eugenic implications, clarifying she just wants a healthy baby.

Is Rebel Wilson hypocritical in who she dates?

Some believe Rebel complaining about beauty standards while preferring very attractive male partners seems hypocritical. Also criticized are the wide age gaps in her relationships.

Does Rebel have a right to share her personal life?

While Rebel’s choices invite criticism, she argues she is living her life openly and does not claim perfection. Fans are invested, but Rebel reminds she ultimately does not owe them anything about her dating or health.

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