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Why Do People Hate Ricky Garcia?

Ricky Garcia is an American actor and musician who first gained fame as a teenager on the Disney Channel show “Best Friends Whenever.” While he developed a fan base from his acting roles, in recent years he has faced a growing number of critics and people who dislike him online. There are several reasons why Garcia has inspired animosity and criticism from some people.

Alleged Sexual Misconduct

One of the biggest reasons why some people have turned against Garcia stems from allegations of sexual misconduct that surfaced in 2019. Garcia was accused of sexually assaulting two underage girls in 2018 when he was 18 years old. While Garcia denied the accusations and was not charged criminally, the allegations seriously damaged his reputation.

The Allegations Against Garcia

In August 2019, two girls identified as H.W. and S.G. filed lawsuits alleging that Garcia had sexually assaulted them in separate incidents when they were both 16 years old. The girls claim that Garcia forced them to perform sexual acts at parties in Los Angeles. Garcia was accused of misconduct, sexual battery, and infliction of emotional distress.

Garcia’s Response

Garcia posted a statement on Twitter saying: “I adamantly deny any and all accusations. This was clearly a last ditch effort to continue the assault on my name and reputation which began with lies spread across social media. We have evidence directly contradicting what has been said.” Nonetheless, the public allegations sparked intense criticism of Garcia online, especially as the #MeToo movement has created less tolerance for sexual misconduct.

Social Media Presence Causes Backlash

Another reason why Garcia has drawn dislike online is related to how he uses social media and some of his posts that have rubbed people the wrong way. Garcia has over 2 million Instagram followers, but he has faced criticism for the content he shares.

Showing Off Wealth and Privilege

Some people accuse Garcia of showing off his wealth, privilege, and material possessions in a way that comes across as bragging or insensitive. This includes photos at luxury resorts, traveling via private jet, and showing off expensive homes and cars. While Garcia’s fans see this merely as sharing his lifestyle, his critics argue it’s alienating and unfairly flaunting his fortune.

Social Media Persona

Additionally, some people find Garcia’s overall social media personality and attempt to be an influencer to be inauthentic or annoying. From frequently posting shirtless selfies to his changing hairstyles and fashion choices, some see it as desperate for attention or dismiss him as a disingenuous Hollywood clout chaser trying too hard to go viral and become famous as an internet heartthrob.

YearInstagram Followers
20181.3 million
20202.1 million

Music and Acting Backlash

While Garcia first became famous for acting, he has faced some criticism and backlash as he has tried to transition into pursuing music and rap. As someone who found initial fame through children’s television, some see his shift to edgy hip hop music to be inauthentic or not matching his identity.

Music Style and Quality

The music itself has come under fire from critics arguing it’s derivative, vulgar for shock value, and lacks originality or depth. His songs and music videos are ubiquitous across TikTok and YouTube, but some see more style over substance without the talent to back it up.

Pursuing Music Over Acting

Some fans who enjoyed Garcia’s acting also dislike that he has moved away from TV and film to focus on music and being an influencer personality. Especially among those who became fans years ago during his Disney Channel days, they express disappointment he has abandoned the creative medium where they feel he showed actual promise.

Legal Issues Beyond Misconduct Allegations

While the sexual assault lawsuits represent the most inflammatory claims against Garcia, he has been involved in other legal disputes that shed negative light on his character for some people.

Dispute With Record Label

In 2021, Garcia’s record label Hook and Ladder claimed Garcia was in breach of his recording contract. This increased resentment from some people in the music industry who saw it as Garcia behaving diva-ishly after receiving support to launch his rap career.

Fight With Roommates

Also in 2021, Garcia got a restraining order against 2 of his former roommates in Las Vegas after alleging they assaulted him over a financial dispute regarding rent. The ugly fight and court case was seen by some as an example of Garcia shirking accountability with more concern about his image and ego than self-improvement.

Perceived Lack of Talent

Some of the more straightforward criticism against Garcia is that he simply lacks talent to justify his fame. Beyond not enjoying his music, some argue his acting was mediocre even as a cute teen on Disney Channel. And despite having legions of obsessed, supportive fangirls, others counter that he has minimal sex appeal or genuine star presence to make it long-term in Hollywood.

Mediocre Acting Skills

As Garcia was launching his rap career, some film and TV critics looked back at his acting performances more objectively. While his Disney show was silly teen comedy fare, reviewers note his limited emotional range, stale reactions, and inability to deliver complex performances with nuance.

Unearned Music Career

Furthermore, his attempt to reinvent himself as a recording artist draws criticism from those who see it as an unearned music career just from having a built-in fanbase. The disdain isn’t just over the music quality itself but also the industry politics of platforms heavily promoting his songs due to his follower count rather than radio airplay or critical acclaim.

Reliance on Image Over Substance

Across acting, music, and his online presence, some conclude that Garcia relies more on an edgy heartthrob image rather than actual talents. Once his looks fade and teen fans grow up, these critics argue he lacks the substance to maintain relevance.

Infamous Membership in Hype House

Ricky Garcia’s affiliation with the controversial online content creator group Hype House also shapes some people’s poor perception of him. Garcia is one of the collective’s most infamous members.

Reputation for Partying and Recklessness

As a Los Angeles influencer collective, Hype House is mostly known for throwing ragers, pranking each other for YouTube views, and general debauchery. Garcia’s participation only fueled more rumors of him being an out-of-control bad boy.

Focus on Drama Over Creating Value

Moreover, the disjointed group itself has faced backlash for being more about drumming up personal drama off-screen rather than collaborating to create entertaining content. With Garcia embroiled in other controversies already, his membership aligned him with accusations that Hype House was just about chasing fame through manufactured controversy.

Common SERP Questions Around Garcia Backlash

Why did Ricky Garcia leave Hype House?

By mid-2020, most key Hype House members had moved out after various fights or deciding to pursue solo careers and projects. For Garcia specifically, his sexual assault scandal likely made remaining affiliated too controversial.

What happened with Ricky Garcia allegations?

While denying the misconduct claims, Garcia has not provided convincing evidence to disprove them. The accusers have not backed down from their lawsuits. Without more facts, many still question Garcia’s innocence while advocates argue to avoid rushing to judgment either way.

Is Ricky Garcia in jail?

No, Garcia has not served any jail time nor been sentenced to prison. As he has not been convicted of any crime, he continues to be a free citizen pursuing his career. Nonetheless, the allegations still damage his reputation.

Where is Ricky Garcia now?

Currently Garcia still lives in Los Angeles and he continues releasing new music and actively posting social media content. He has suggested some future acting roles but for now his focus remains on music and maintaining his influencer fame online.

Why did Ricky Garcia get a restraining order?

In 2021 Garcia received a temporary restraining order against Vegas roommates Nestor Delgado and Cody Ornellas, alleging they beat him in a parking garage. Garcia accused them of being upset over missed rent payments. The police investigation remained inconclusive on who was the aggressor.


In summary, Ricky Garcia faces significant backlash and dislike online stemming from sexual assault lawsuits, a misguided social media presence to some, lack of proven talent beyond his Disney fame, and general perceived immaturity in his actions and work.

Fair or not, Garcia combatting the sexual misconduct allegations represents his biggest challenge. If evidence confirmed those transgressions, that would cement him as canceled in the eyes of the general public regardless of his young age at the time. Even without more facts, the graphic nature of the accusations in the #MeToo era damages his already shaky reputation.

Beyond definitive proof either way regarding sexual assault claims, Garcia battling criticisms that his stardom outstrips his abilities will continue. As he tries reinventing himself musically and stylistically, he has drawn accusations of being an inauthentic, annoying poser chasing fame and controversy more than focusing on developing his craft.

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