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Why Do People Hate Steve Buscemi?

Steve Buscemi is an acclaimed actor known for his distinctive look and memorable roles in films like Fargo, Reservoir Dogs, The Big Lebowski, and Ghost World.

However, some people have expressed dislike towards Buscemi over the years. This article explores the possible reasons behind this phenomenon.

Unconventional Look

One of the most commonly cited reasons for disliking Steve Buscemi is his unique physical appearance:


Buscemi has very sharp facial features, including:

  • Deeply set, piercing eyes
  • Heavy eyelids
  • Gaunt cheeks
  • A long, narrow nose
  • Jagged teeth

This gives him an unusual, almost sinister look according to some.


In addition to his face, Buscemi has:

  • An extremely slender, almost frail frame at 5’9” and just 130 pounds
  • Protruding Adam’s apple
  • Very little muscle mass or body fat

His arms and legs are particularly thin and spindly.

Some people find his narrow physique unappealing or even off-putting.

Intense Acting Style

In addition to his physical appearance, Steve Buscemi’s acting style tends to be very intense. Some examples include:

Portraying Unlikable Characters

Buscemi often plays unstable, neurotic, or even despicable characters, such as:

  • Carl Showalter in Fargo
  • Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs
  • Donny in The Big Lebowski

While these roles showcase his acting talent, the characters themselves may rub people the wrong way.

Creepy/Weird Vibes

Many of Buscemi’s characters exude an air of creepiness or weirdness, making some viewers uncomfortable:

  • Seymour in Ghost World
  • Randall in Mr Deeds
  • Daffy veteran in The Wedding Singer

So while he convincingly inhabits these roles, they may weird out certain audience members.

Over-the-Top Emoting

Buscemi tends to emote in an exaggerated, over-the-top manner in some of his performances:

  • Wide, crazy eyes
  • Manic energy
  • High-strung delivery

This acting style suits certain comedic or unhinged characters. But some may find it too intense or off-putting.

Non-Traditional Leading Man Status

Steve Buscemi rose to fame playing supporting “character actor” roles rather than traditional heroic leading men. Reasons for this include:

Lack of Leading Man Looks

As previously discussed, Buscemi has never had conventional Hollywood heartthrob charm or aesthetics.

Specializes in Eccentrics & Misfits

Rather than pursuing roles as straightforward protagonists, Buscemi gravitated towards eccentric misfits and villains.


After establishing himself playing a string of memorable weirdoes, psychopaths and neurotics, Buscemi became typecast in these parts.

While Buscemi has proven adept at these types of roles, some audience members prefer their central stars to be traditional square-jawed heroes they can easily admire or vicariously identify with.

Political Activism

Steve Buscemi is openly politically liberal and champions various social justice causes. For instance:

Supports Liberal Politicians

Buscemi publicly campaigned for left-wing candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Bill de Blasio. Such advocacy may rub conservative viewers the wrong way.

Controversial Social Commentary

He’s made films and delivered talks criticizing sexism, income inequality, the death penalty and America’s penal system. These politicized stances court controversy.

Sarcastic Humor

Buscemi frequently mocks groups like the NRA and Tea Party using biting, sarcastic humor. Such rhetoric tends to produce negative reactions.

While free speech is his right, these actions may prompt dislike from those on the other side of the political aisle.

Unique Voice & Speech Patterns

One other attribute that contributes to audience division regarding Steve Buscemi is his distinctive voice and speech cadences:

Nasal Tone

He has a high-pitched nasal voice that some perceive as unpleasant or grating over long stretches.

New York Accent

Buscemi retains the classic “New Yawk” accent of his Brooklyn upbringing, which screams East Coast more than Hollywood leading man.

Fast, Stuttering Delivery

He often rattles off dialogue rapidly in a nervous, stuttering rhythm. While this suits unstable characters, some may wish he’d slow down and enunciate.

Face & Eyes Inspire Internet Memes

Unfortunately for Steve Buscemi, people on the internet have singled out his appearance to create unflattering memes:

Steve Buscemi “Woll Smoth” meme makes fun of his eyes/face

This meme mocks his heavily lidded, shifting eyes and weathered face. Some fans likely dislike seeing him cruelly ridiculed this way. But the presence of such viral jokes almost certainly negatively colors public perception overall.

People Resent Him Working Less Post-9/11

After 9/11, Steve Buscemi temporarily put acting on hold to volunteer with NYC firefighters digging out rubble looking for missing first responders. Ever since, he’s been less prolific:

2011-2020 = 8 movies

Some people appear to resent what they perceive to be him semi-retiring or losing passion for acting after his firefighting. Hence this contributes to waning popularity/dislike of his recent work.

Characters Can Be Too Dark or Negative

As evidenced in several aforementioned examples, Steve Buscemi has portrayed his fair share of very dark, disturbing characters:


  • Carl Showalter in Fargo
  • Garland Greene in Con Air
  • Francis Dolarhyde in Home Room (short)


  • Mr. Pink in Resevoir Dogs
  • Nick Reese in Armageddon
  • Dink in Double Whammy


  • Vinny in Twenty Bucks (short)
  • Ed in Trees Lounge
  • Seymour in Ghost World

All-Around Creeps

Too many to list!

Some audiences feel these recurring creepy roles contribute negatively. Sure they highlight his talent. But after the 10th psycho killer, people may understandably grow tired or formed a distorted perception.


In summary, Steve Buscemi is a polarizing Hollywood figure who elicits strong reactions from both fans and detractors. His unusual physical appearance, intense acting style, offbeat role choices, liberal politics, distinctive voice, viral internet mockery and dark character portrayals all contribute to a certain segment of the population disliking him.

However, he’s also beloved as a peerless character actor with brilliant comedic and dramatic talents and range. His memorable performances and scene-stealing gusto endear him to scores of loyal cinephiles. Plus his legendary humor and principled post-9/11 first responder volunteer work further cement his admirable reputation.

Ultimately individual audience members will react to Buscemi based on their personal preferences and values. But regardless of where one stands in the love-him vs hate-him debate, there’s no denying Steve Buscemi stands out as a compelling, one-of-a-kind Hollywood dynamo.


Why do some people dislike Steve Buscemi’s appearance?

His unconventional physical appearance – sharp facial features, gaunt frame, deep-set eyes, jagged teeth – bothers people who prefer traditional Hollywood leading man looks and aesthetics. He violates norms of conventional handsomeness.

What is it about Buscemi’s acting style that puts off certain audiences?

Factors like his tendency to portray unstable/unlikable characters, give off weird vibes, and emote intensely in an over-the-top offbeat manner may make some viewers uncomfortable or prompt dislike.

How has Steve Buscemi courted political controversy over the years?

He has campaigned for left-wing candidates, delivered speeches criticizing groups like the NRA, and frequently mocks right-wing factions using sarcastic humor – all of which draws ire across partisan lines.

Why might someone be annoyed by Buscemi’s voice and speech patterns?

His naturally high-pitched nasal voice coupled with a classic New York accent and fast, stuttering rhythmic delivery may irritate audience members who prefer a smoother baritone and cadence from their stars.

In what ways has Steve Buscemi been cruelly mocked on the internet by meme creators?

Unflattering viral memes zeroing in on mocking Buscemi’s unusual eyes/facial expressions demonstrate the harsh criticism he’s attracted online simply for his appearance.

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