Why Do People Hate Sylvester Stallone?

Sylvester Stallone is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood history. He rose to fame with his starring roles in the Rocky and Rambo franchises, which turned him into a worldwide superstar. However, despite his massive success, Stallone has also attracted a considerable amount of hatred and criticism over the years. There are several reasons why some people dislike or even hate Sylvester Stallone.

His Acting Skills

One of the most common criticisms directed at Stallone is regarding his acting abilities. Many critics and film buffs argue that Stallone is a terrible actor with very limited range.

Wooden and Over-the-Top Performances

Stallone is often accused of giving wooden, stilted performances lacking in nuance. Especially in his earlier films like Rocky and First Blood, he frequently overacts in an exaggerated, over-the-top manner. His line delivery has been described as hoarse shouting rather than believable acting by detractors.

Perceived as a “One Trick Pony”

Another acting-related criticism is that Stallone essentially plays the same character in many of his films – a tough, emotionally repressed underdog who overcomes the odds. This has led to accusations that he is a “one trick pony” who found a niche and exploited it rather than actually being a talented, versatile actor.

Razzie Awards

Stallone has received numerous Razzie award nominations over the years for Worst Actor, indicating that many in the film industry view him as a poor actor. He has “won” the Worst Actor Razzie twice, for Rhinestone in 1985 and Rambo: Last Blood in 2020.

Questions About His Intelligence

In addition to acting skills, Stallone’s intelligence and cognitive abilities have sometimes been called into question.

Perceived as Dumb or Oafish

Some criticize Stallone as coming across as oafish or unintelligent in interviews. His slurred speech patterns have led to parodies and jokes about him being “punch drunk.”

Rocky Balboa Character

Stallone’s most famous character, Rocky Balboa, is portrayed as an uneducated, modestly intelligent boxer. It’s common for critics to conflate Stallone and Rocky as having the same intellect level.

Failed School and Turned to Acting

Biographical details fuel these perceptions – Stallone attended a school for troubled youth before dropping out of college to pursue acting. This had led to a narrative that he failed at school and only succeeded by playing to his physical strengths.

Questions About His Motivations

Besides intelligence and talent, Stallone’s motivations and principles have also come under fire over the years.

Perceived as Money Hungry

After the massive success of Rocky and Rambo, Stallone was criticized for apparently becoming too focused on big paychecks and franchising his star characters at the expense of quality films. He was perceived as a sellout who kept milking the Rocky and Rambo stories in a greedy manner.

Actions Contradictions

When Stallone has tried to speak about high-minded topics like justice and heroism, critics have argued it rings hollow coming from someone who seemingly has prioritized money over art. They allege he does not live by the virtuous ideals his characters represent.

PED Usage

Stallone’s extensive usage of performance enhancing drugs and steroids to maintain his physique has caused some to question whether he really lives by the inspirational self-improvement narratives around characters like Rocky and Rambo or simply took shortcuts.

His Right-Leaning Politics

Stallone’s conservative political beliefs and support of Republican figures has put him at odds with many in the liberal environs of Hollywood over the years.

Friends with Trump

Stallone’s friendship with Donald Trump predates Trump’s 2016 election but became more controversial after. Stallone failed to disavow Trump to the satisfaction of Trump’s liberal critics.

Fondness for Reagan

Stallone has been vocal in his admiration for former President Ronald Reagan, even starring as Reagan’s alter ego in a 2022 biopic. This nostalgia for Reagan remains unpopular with those on the left side of the political spectrum.

Support for Gun Rights

The violence in Stallone’s films combined with his opposition to gun control measures has earned him the ire of those who want tighter restrictions on firearms. They believe he is hypocritical in questioning gun laws while depicting gun violence in movies.


In conclusion, Sylvester Stallone has inspired intense hatred from some due to perceived flaws like poor acting skills, lack of intelligence, greed, friendships with divisive figures like Trump, and support for gun rights that some find objectionable.

While he has legions of loyal fans, he remains a polarizing figure with many detractors who take issue with his talent, life choices, and politics. Yet despite the hatred, Stallone’s cinematic cultural impact remains undeniable. The characters of Rocky and Rambo are forever enshrined in film history, even as the man who portrayed them continues to draw intense criticism.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about why people hate Sylvester Stallone:

Why do people say Sylvester Stallone is a bad actor?

Many criticize Stallone as a poor actor with limited skills, saying he delivers wooden performances, overacts in an exaggerated way, and essentially plays the same tough guy character in most of his films.

What evidence is there that Sylvester Stallone isn’t very smart?

Critics point to Stallone’s slurred speech, his popular but uneducated Rocky character, and his own background of failing school as reasons to question his intelligence level.

How has Sylvester Stallone been greedy or money hungry?

After early success, some believe Stallone began prioritizing big paydays over quality films by churning out numerous Rocky and Rambo sequels of declining quality.

Why was Sylvester Stallone friends with Donald Trump so controversial?

Stallone didn’t disavow Trump despite liberal Hollywood’s contempt for Trump, especially after Trump’s 2016 election victory. This friendliness with Trump brought Stallone criticism.

Why do people criticize Stallone’s support for gun rights?

Stallone opposes gun control laws, which some find hypocritical given the gun violence depicted in action movies he stars in like Rambo. They feel he glorifies gun violence on screen.

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