Why Do People Love Christian Louboutin?

Christian Louboutin is one of the most iconic luxury shoe brands in the world. Famous for their signature red-lacquered soles, Louboutin shoes are universally recognised as a symbol of style, luxury and sex appeal. But what is it exactly that makes this French shoe designer such a household name and coveted brand? Here’s a deep dive into understanding the Christian Louboutin phenomenon.

The Distinctive Design Elements

Several key design elements set Christian Louboutin shoes apart and create their signature look and feel:

The Red Soles

The vibrant red lacquered soles are undoubtedly Louboutin’s most famous trademark. Back in 1993, Louboutin was working on a pair of shoes when he felt they lacked energy. On a whim, he applied red nail polish to the soles – and a signature style was born. The red soles give each shoe a bold, attention-grabbing edge. They have become an instantly recognisable status symbol.

Sky High Heels

Louboutin shoes are synonymous with vertiginous high heels, ranging from 4 inches and beyond. The extreme arch of the heels elongates the legs and accentuates the calves, creating a seductive, feminine silhouette. Many designs incorporate a hidden platform to balance out the pitch of the heels.

Unique Shapes and Embellishments

From peep toes, to lace-ups, to ankle straps – Louboutin shoes come in a dazzling array of shapes that flatter the foot. Decorative embellishments like bows, crystals and studs add gorgeous finishing touches. The overall look is daring yet elegant.

Diverse Materials

Louboutin works with diverse high-quality materials from kid leather to velvet to patent leather, all lovingly crafted into the footwear. Exotic materials like python skin, eel skin and ostrich leather feature occasionally, taking luxury to the next level.

A Focus on Fit and Comfort

Louboutin shoes may look extreme, but comfort is not compromised. Key elements that ensure a pleasant wearer experience:

  • The brand offers options of different heel heights, ranging from kitten heels of 60mm to dramatic spikes of 150mm.
  • Although the heel heights are vertiginous, the actual shoe size runs half to one full size smaller to mold perfectly and securely to the foot.
  • The round toes provide plenty of toe room.
  • The insoles are well-cushioned yet supportive.
  • Sturdy heel counters provide stability for walking.
  • Most styles come with optional adjustable ankle straps for support.
  • Studying the lasts and contours of the foot are an important part of Louboutin’s design process.

Traditional French Craftsmanship

Christian Louboutin places great emphasis on traditional shoemaking techniques to produce the finest quality footwear. Some hallmarks of the meticulous craftsmanship:

  • Hand-drawn sketches are transformed into prototype molds.
  • Shoes are entirely handcrafted in the factory, not mass-produced.
  • A leather worker individually cuts the pieces that make up the upper, heel and insole.
  • The pieces are sewn together by hand using premium leather thread.
  • The iconic red lacquered soles are meticulously painted by hand.
  • A final pair undergoes multiple quality checks before leaving the workshop.

This old-world artisanal approach results in well-made shoes that last. Many owners report Louboutins staying in pristine condition for years with care.

Celebrity Endorsements and Pop Culture Icon Status

Louboutin shoes became a worldwide phenomenon thanks in large part to celebrity endorsements and pop culture influence.

Some notable moments that spurred Louboutin into icon status:

  • In the 1990s, Princess Caroline of Monaco was photographed wearing a pair at high profile events.
  • Throughout the 2000s and beyond, red carpet photos of celebrities wearing Louboutins splashed across tabloids, instantly recognisable by the flash of red soles.
  • Pop stars like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez referenced Louboutins in their hit songs and music videos in the early 2000s.
  • Louboutin got a further boost when mentioned in chart-topping songs by established artists like Kanye West and Jay-Z.
  • Mika’s song “Elle Me Dit” namechecks buying Louboutins as a symbol of success.
  • Blake Lively’s character Serena on TV show Gossip Girl was often shown lovingly putting on her Louboutins, even gifting a pair to her friend Blair.
  • Oprah listed Louboutin as one of her “favourite things” in 2003 and 2010.
  • In 2011, Louboutin shoes had a starring cameo in the heist film Ocean’s 8.
  • Numerous fashion icons and It girls have been captured out and about in Louboutins.

In the Hollywood and celebrity stratosphere, Louboutin shoes became associated with sex appeal, success, celebrity and living the luxe life. The brand power and widespread recognition spurred sales worldwide.

Louboutin Sales Growth Year on Year

YearSales Revenue
2007€150 million
2011€225 million
2016€400 million
2019€500 million

Table data sourced from Forbes and The Business of Fashion

A Shoe for Every Occasion

Louboutins transition seamlessly from day to night, adding a hint of glamour whatever the occasion:

  • Daywear – lower heeled pumps and flats lend polish to daytime workwear and weekend casual outfits. Popular picks are the nude and red Simple Pumps and Ballerina Flats.
  • Cocktail Parties – strappy heels, slingbacks and booties bring heightened elegance to cocktail dresses and evening separates. The Christeriva and Pigalle Follies styles are perfect for cocktail parties.
  • Gala Events – extravagant embellished platform heels, jeweled pumps and strappy sandals complement floor-sweeping gowns on the red carpet. Go ultra glam in styles like the So Kate Crystal Strass.
  • Weddings – brides choose Louboutin shoes to complement their dream wedding dress, either in minimalist white/ivory or in a pop of color. The white satin Follies Strass are a bridal favorite.

It’s All About the Pleasure and Joy

For all their fashion cachet and luxury appeal, Louboutins bring wearers sheer pleasure. Many fans report feeling elevated joy, confidence and empowerment when wearing a pair.

Louboutin himself is focused on spreading joy through his creations. Some sources of joy in Louboutin shoes:

  • A sense of indulgence in owning an iconic luxury product.
  • The immediate mood-boosting effect of the red soles.
  • Confidence from the leg-elongating silhouettes.
  • Pure, tactile pleasure in the quality of craftsmanship.
  • Fun, wearable art blending form with function.
  • The limitless versatility – there’s a perfect Louboutin for every moment.
  • Longevity that allows the shoes to be enjoyed for years.
  • The joy of sharing a love for Louboutins with other fans worldwide.

Are Louboutins Worth the Investment?

Louboutin shoes range in price from around $500 for more basic styles up to several thousand for highly embellished designs.

The key considerations around cost come down to:

  • Quality – they are handcrafted using fine materials to last. Many owners report wearing Louboutins for decades.
  • Versatility – their timeless styles work for myriad occasions. Cost per wear goes down.
  • Resale value – well-kept Louboutins retain a high resale value, should you choose to let go of them.
  • Emotional value – for Louboutin devotees, the sheer joy and confidence of wearing them makes the cost worthwhile.

So in short – yes, Louboutins are worth the money if owning an iconic luxury product sparks happiness in you. They deliver lasting quality and versatility. But the outlay only makes sense if you have the disposable income and you feel genuine joy in wearing Louboutins.


In conclusion, Christian Louboutin shoes earn their status as cultural icons due to the brand’s instantly recognisable signature style, meticulous French craftsmanship, celebrity hype and pop culture dominance.

For Louboutin enthusiasts, owning a pair sparks joy and confidence worth the splurge. Their versatile flair for day to night gives cost per wear value. While not the most sensible everyday shoes, Louboutins deliver transformative luxury and pleasure for special occasions in the lives of those captivated by their magic.

Are Louboutins Comfortable? Your FAQs Answered

Louboutin beginners often have questions around comfort. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to break in Louboutins?

  • On average, Louboutins take 1-2 wears to fully break in. The structured leather upper molds to your foot shape. Any stiff padding also softens.

Can you walk in Louboutins all day?

  • While Louboutins aren’t designed for all-day treks or long distance walking, the well-balanced designs do allow for multi-hour wear. Opt for styles with a platform and wider heel for maximum comfort.

Do Louboutins stretch with wear?

  • The leather does gradually stretch and give a little over time, though sizing still runs small. Your toes shouldn’t feel painfully crunched. Go up half a size if needed.

How can you make Louboutins more comfortable?

  • Add cushioned insoles or gel pads for extra shock absorption.
  • Use a shoe stretcher to gently ease any tight spots.
  • Apply moisturizer to soften stiff leathers.
  • Take them for a trial walk at home to break them in before wearing all evening.

Are the heels easy to walk in?

  • Signature Louboutin heels range from 3 to 5 inches. The angled arc of the heels makes them surprisingly easy to balance in, especially platforms. Practice at home before wearing out.

Do Louboutins rub and cause blisters?

  • Any stiff, non-broken-in shoe can cause blisters. To minimize risk, wear with tights or socks until shoes stretch to your feet. Apply plaster/band-aids to rub spots proactively.

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