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Why Do People Love David Tennant?

David Tennant is one of the most popular and beloved actors of his generation. From his breakout role as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who to his Emmy-winning performance in Broadchurch, Tennant has developed a passionate global fanbase.

But what is it exactly about this talented Scottish actor that makes him so admired and adored by audiences? Here’s a deep dive into the many reasons why David Tennant has cemented himself as an acting icon.

David Tennant’s Wide Range and Strong Acting Ability

One of the key reasons why Tennant is so admired is his incredible versatility as an actor. Though he’s most associated with his role in Doctor Who, he has proven over his career that he can master any character across many genres.

Some highlights of David Tennant’s acting range include:

  • Comedy – He’s shown excellent comedic timing and wit in lighthearted roles like L.A. Noir, What We Did On Our Holiday, and DuckTales.
  • Drama – In addition to Doctor Who, he’s excelled in heavy dramatic roles in shows like Broadchurch, Deadwater Fell, and Jessica Jones.
  • Theater – Tennant is an accomplished stage actor, having earned rave reviews for performances in Hamlet, Richard II, and Much Ado About Nothing.
  • Animation – He’s voiced many animated characters over the years, from Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales to Lord Commander in Final Space.

No matter the genre or format, Tennant consistently impresses audiences and critics alike with his ability to completely inhabit any role. He has an outstanding emotional range and can make viewers laugh one minute and cry the next.

What Makes David Tennant Such a Great Actor?

So what is it specifically about Tennant’s acting skills that make him so beloved? A few key factors:

  • Expressiveness – Tennant uses his whole body when acting, conveying emotions through his eyes, face, voice, and movements. This makes his performances come off as very natural and human.
  • Comedic timing – He has fantastic comedic instincts and knows just how to deliver a joke or witty line for maximum impact.
  • Emotional depth – Beneath the humor, Tennant is able to depict genuine pathos and intimacy. This allows him to create multi-dimensional characters that connect with audiences.
  • Intensity – In intense dramatic or action scenes, Tennant makes you feel the stakes through the intensity of his performance.
  • Charisma – Tennant has an inherent likeability and charm that makes him fun to watch no matter the role.

Thanks to these skills, Tennant continues to impress fans and critics performance after performance.

David Tennant’s Iconic Role as the Tenth Doctor

For many fans, David Tennant will forever be associated with one character above all: the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who.

Serving as the Doctor from 2005 to 2010, Tennant has widely been heralded as one of the greatest to ever play the iconic time traveler. Some reasons Tennant made such an impact in the role include:

  • Enigmatic energy – As the Doctor, Tennant could shift between youthful exuberance, gravitas, and fury in an instant. This mercurial nature was a key part of the Doctor’s appeal.
  • Great chemistry with companions – Tennant had fantastic give-and-take with Billie Piper’s Rose and later Catherine Tate’s Donna, lending a playful and warm tone to the show.
  • Emotional range – Over his tenure, Tennant got to explore many of the Doctor’s emotional extremes, from giddy joy to crippling heartbreak.
  • Iconic moments – He had many indelible scenes that have stuck with fans, from “Allons-y!” to his heartbreaking regeneration scene.

For many fans, Tennant made the Doctor a more human and relatable hero while still being quintessentially alien. His tenure helped cement Doctor Who’s revival as a mainstream hit.

David Tennant’s Appeal as the Tenth Doctor

Specifically, what was it about Tennant’s take on the Doctor that appealed to so many viewers?

  • Passion – Tennant played the character with an intensity and passion that was magnetic to watch.
  • Humor – He used his comedic skills to make the Doctor funnier and more playful than previous incarnations.
  • Heart – Beneath the adventuring, Tennant’s Doctor cared deeply about his companions and injustice in the universe.
  • Loneliness – Tennant was able to depict the centuries-old Time Lord’s undercurrent of loneliness and loss.
  • Morality – This Doctor had a strong moral code and rejected violence when possible. This gave him a heroic appeal.
  • Flair – From his trainers to his “brainy specs,” Tennant’s Doctor had his own sense of style that fans loved.

Thanks to these qualities, Tennant’s Tenth Doctor connected with audiences of all ages and remains extremely popular even years after his departure from the show.

David Tennant as a Lovable Goofball

Another reason viewers love David Tennant is that he comes across as very likable and down-to-earth in interviews and real life. Though a highly acclaimed actor, Tennant doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Some examples of his lovable goofball nature:

  • His delightful sense of humor and propensity for cracking jokes.
  • His affable talk show appearances where he’s always game for a laugh.
  • His endearing tendency to geek out over Doctor Who and other nerdy passions.
  • His willingness to dress in costume and have fun at fan conventions.
  • His lack of pretense or diva behavior on set.

Tennant seems to be a genuinely nice, humble guy who realizes how lucky he is to have achieved his level of success. This makes him endlessly appealing and relatable to fans. It’s why so many people would love to grab a pint with Tennant at their local pub if they ever had the chance.

David Tennant’s Cute Relationships with Co-Stars

Another part of Tennant’s lovable image is the cute friendship he’s formed with many co-stars over the years. For instance:

  • He had amazing on-screen chemistry with Catherine Tate in Doctor Who. Off-screen Tate admits Tennant has been like a mentor to her.
  • He became great pals with Broadchurch co-star Olivia Colman. They’ve even gone on vacation together with their respective spouses.
  • He had an adorable friendship with the late great Sir Michael Gambon when they worked together in series like The Escape Artist.
  • Many of his fellow Doctor Who stars like Alex Kingston and John Barrowman recall Tennant warmly and speak of his welcoming energy on set.

The fact that Tennant seems to get along so well with his peers and forge lasting bonds makes him even more lovable in the public’s eye.

David Tennant Takes His Craft Seriously

Though adored for his humor and warmth, the other crucial aspect of Tennant’s appeal is that he takes the craft of acting extremely seriously. Fans respond positively to his clear dedication to always doing his best work.

Some examples of Tennant’s stellar work ethic include:

  • The intense research and rehearsal he did to master his Shakespearean theater roles.
  • His willingness to take on challenging indie films and TV projects between big blockbusters.
  • How he credits stage work for making him a better screen actor.
  • His tendency to playfully improvise on sets to get the most natural results.
  • The care and commitment he puts into even small cameo roles.

Tennant makes it clear in interviews that he sees acting as his vocation. This gives his work an integrity and richness that audiences pick up on. Even in popcorn flicks like Fright Night, he finds interesting layers in each character.

In the end, while fame and fortune are nice, it’s Tennant’s sheer love of acting that shines through most. That passion for his craft makes audiences connect with both him and the diverse characters he plays.

David Tennant’s Handsome Good Looks Don’t Hurt Either!

Alright, let’s state the obvious – David Tennant is a very handsome fella! Those dashing good looks certainly don’t hurt in earning him an adoring fanbase over the years.

Some of the physical qualities that make Tennant so easy on the eyes include:

  • His tall, thin frame that he uses so expressively.
  • That iconic spiky hair that somehow looks modern and retro all at once.
  • His warm smile and endearing laugh.
  • The open and emotive way he uses his eyes and whole face when acting.
  • His crisp voice that lends itself well to comedy, drama, and voiceover work equally.
  • His stylish fashion sense on and off-screen.

Despite being in his 50s now, Tennant has aged wonderfully and still makes many a heart flutter when he steps on screen or red carpet. While fans admire him primarily for his abundant acting talents, it’s safe to say his striking appearance hasn’t hurt either in making him an icon.

David Tennant Keeps Himself Busy and Ambitious

Another reason Tennant is so respected in the industry is that he continues to challenge himself with a diverse array of projects across multiple mediums. He seems to actively enjoy keeping busy with ambitious goals.

Some examples of David Tennant’s enterprising work ethic since becoming a star include:

  • Jumping between cult TV shows, Hollywood movies, indie films, theater, and voiceover work rather than sticking to one lane.
  • Starting his own successful production company, Bad Wolf, to have more creative control over his projects.
  • Voicing Scrooge McDuck in Disney’s new DuckTales series and hosting a corresponding podcast.
  • His recent return to Doctor Who and indications he’d be open to playing the Doctor again someday.
  • Discussing his dream roles, like playing Hugh Hefner in an upcoming biopic.

For fans, Tennant’s constant activity and pursuit of passion projects is inspiring to watch. It’s clear that even after becoming famous, he still has a creative restless spirit. He never seems content to rest on his laurels or past successes.

David Tennant Comes Off as Genuine and Gracious

The final key ingredient to Tennant’s appeal is that he comes off as remarkably genuine and down-to-earth for a star of his magnitude. Despite his fame, he seems to have stayed humble.

Some examples of his graciousness include:

  • He always thanks fans effusively and takes time to sign autographs.
  • In interviews, he seems genuinely self-deprecating and modest about his skills.
  • He speaks often about how grateful he is for every opportunity that comes his way.
  • He credits his collaborators and co-stars for his success as much as his own talents.
  • He interacts warmly with crew members on sets as an equal, not a star.

Additionally, Tennant places high priority on his wife, Georgia Moffett, and their five children. He keeps his family life private and grounded.

Between his authenticity, humility about his fame, and focus on his loved ones, Tennant comes off as a sincere person despite his immense success. This grounded nature is very appealing to fans.


David Tennant has become one of the most beloved actors of his generation thanks to his diverse skills, memorable roles, professionalism, warm lovability, ambition, and genuine personality. For audiences ranging from Doctor Who fans to Shakespearean theater buffs, Tennant represents an ideal combination of extraordinary talent and down-to-earth appeal.

While his dashing looks and Scottish brogue charm viewers, it’s Tennant’s superb acting range, work ethic, and gracious spirit that have cemented his reputation as a true icon. From the Tenth Doctor to Hamlet to Scrooge McDuck and beyond, Tennant continues to surprise and delight us. That’s why people will surely keep loving David Tennant for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About David Tennant’s Appeal

What was David Tennant’s big breakout role?

David Tennant’s true breakthrough role was playing the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who from 2005 to 2010. Though he had acted for years in theater and TV prior, his Doctor Who fame made him a global star.

What are David Tennant’s most acclaimed roles?

In addition to Doctor Who, some of Tennant’s most acclaimed roles include DI Alec Hardy in Broadchurch, Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, and performances in Shakespeare plays like Richard II, Hamlet, and Much Ado About Nothing.

Why does David Tennant do so much voice acting work?

Though loved on screen, Tennant also enjoys voiceover work in films, video games, and shows like DuckTales because it allows him to play a wider variety of characters. His expressive voice lends itself well to animation and radio plays.

Is David Tennant married and does he have kids?

Yes, David Tennant has been married to actress Georgia Moffett since 2011. Together they have five children, including Moffett’s son Ty from a previous relationship who Tennant later adopted. Tennant keeps his family life very private.

What are David Tennant’s most beloved Doctor Who moments and episodes?

As the Tenth Doctor, some of Tennant’s most popular moments and episodes include “Allons-y!,” meeting Queen Elizabeth I, reuniting with Sarah Jane Smith, the “Weeping Angels” episode “Blink,” and his final heartbreaking regeneration scene.

Why did David Tennant leave Doctor Who?

Though he loved the show, Tennant felt after three seasons and a number of specials that the time was right to leave on a high note and not risk the quality declining. However, he’s returned in anniversary specials and says he’d potentially play the Doctor again someday.

What is David Tennant’s next project after Doctor Who anniversary?

After returning to Doctor Who for the 60th anniversary special in 2023, Tennant’s upcoming projects include starring in the thriller series Litvinenko, the spy series Strangers, and the comedy This Golden Fleece. He also voices Scrooge McDuck for Season 3 of DuckTales.

Does David Tennant do conventions and interact with fans?

Yes, though busy with acting work, Tennant attends fan conventions when he can and enjoys meeting fans. His warm interactions and willingness to dress up in costumes has made him a favorite on the convention circuit.

What are David Tennant’s hobbies and interests besides acting?

Outside of acting, Tennant has said he enjoys football, reading comics, listening to music, going to the theatre as a patron, playing video and board games, and spending time with his wife and children. By all accounts, he leads a fairly low-key life at home.

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