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Why Do People Hate Dean Norris?

Dean Norris is an American actor best known for his roles as DEA agent Hank Schrader on the acclaimed TV series Breaking Bad and as Big Jim Rennie on Under the Dome.

Despite his popularity and success as an actor, Norris has faced some backlash and hatred from certain groups over the years. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the reasons why people hate Dean Norris.

Criticism of His Breaking Bad Character

One of the main reasons why some people dislike Dean Norris is due to his unlikable character Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad. As Walter White’s brother-in-law and a DEA agent, Hank serves as an antagonist who is determined to take down Walter’s drug empire.

While Hank is simply doing his job, some fans saw him as an obnoxious jock type who bullied and belittled Walter. His cocky, arrogant manner led many viewers to root against him. Even after Hank was paralyzed by the Salamanca twins, some still hated him for relentlessly pursuing Walter.

Why People Saw Hank as Annoying and Cocky

  • His taunting and teasing of Walter made him unlikable to some
  • Fans saw him as a meathead bully who didn’t respect Walter
  • His arrogance and overconfidence rubbed viewers the wrong way
  • Some wanted Walter to evade capture and saw Hank as an obstacle
  • His obsessive pursuit of “Heisenberg” felt over-the-top to some

His Right-Wing Political Views

Another reason why Dean Norris rubs some people the wrong way is due to his outspoken conservative political views. He has publicly supported right-wing figures like George W. Bush and Fox News personalities.

In left-leaning Hollywood, his unabashed pro-Republican stances stand out. Some see him as a mouthpiece for the Tea Party movement and hardline GOP policies. He has faced backlash on social media for tweeting views perceived as anti-immigrant and anti-vaccine mandate.

Examples of His Controversial Conservative Views

  • Supported George W. Bush’s presidency and decision to invade Iraq
  • Defended profiling by the TSA to target likely terrorists
  • Against vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and business closures during COVID-19
  • Made comments seen as anti-immigrant regarding border policies
  • Criticized Democrats and gun control policies after mass shootings
YearControversial Tweet
2021“Vaccine mandates and mask mandates do not work.”
2019“Why should taxpayers pay for college for illegal immigrants?”
2018“We need the travel ban until we can properly vet people coming from terrorist nations.”

Perceived Lack of Range as an Actor

Some critics feel that Dean Norris has a limited acting range and tends to play similar roles. Beyond Breaking Bad and Under the Dome, he often portrays stern authority figures like police officers, federal agents, or politicians.

To some, his straight-laced, ultra-serious vibe can make him seem one-note. They feel he lacks versatility and tends to play the same basic character in law enforcement or positions of power. This could contribute to disinterest and dislike from audiences.

His Common Character Tropes

  • Gruff, no-nonsense federal agents and cops
  • Politicians and political operatives
  • Military and ex-military men
  • Authoritarian father figures
  • Wild west lawmen and outlaws


In summary, Dean Norris faces criticism and hatred for a variety of factors related to his unlikable Breaking Bad character Hank Schrader, his conservative political views, a perceived lack of acting versatility, and possible jealousy over his success.

While the overbearing, arrogant Hank is the predominant source of Norris hate, his partisan commentary on issues like immigration, his limited range, and privilege as a top actor also play a role. However, he still enjoys a considerable fan following, particularly among those receptive to his right-wing stances.

The intensity of feelings towards Norris, both positive and negative, demonstrate his talent for evoking reactions through memorable character portrayals. But the same abrasive attributes that make his characters compelling also rile up detractors in real life. At the end of the day, Norris’ ability to incite passion, whether adoration or loathing, is a testament to his skills as a creator of polarizing characters.

FAQ About Dean Norris Hate

Here are some frequently asked questions about why people dislike Dean Norris:

Is the hatred just because of his Breaking Bad character?

No, while many associate Dean Norris with the unlikable Hank Schrader, there are other reasons behind the anti-Norris sentiment like his conservative views and perceived lack of acting range. However, Hank is likely the main driver of dislike.

Does Dean Norris bother fans with his political tweets?

Yes, some fans feel Dean Norris overshares his right-wing political stances on Twitter and yearn for entertainment without partisan commentary from actors. This distaste for his vocal conservative takes fuels animosity from progressive fans.

Are some people just jealous of his success?

Quite possibly. As with any highly successful actor, some of the hatred likely stems from jealousy over Dean Norris “making it big” with his Breaking Bad role. Perceived arrogance or privilege due to fame and wealth often breeds resentment.

Is Dean Norris disliked for his acting skills or characters?

It’s a mix of both. Some solely hate the characters he portrays like Hank and Big Jim, finding them obnoxious and overbearing. But others critique his limited acting range itself, feeling he gets stale quickly since he plays similar roles.

Does Dean Norris have any dedicated fan base?

Absolutely. While the loudest voices may be critics, Norris still has a sizable fan base that enjoys his work. Many supported Hank in Breaking Bad and applaud Norris’ subsequent roles. He maintains dedicated fans, especially among more conservative-leaning viewers.

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