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Why Do People Love Ella Purnell?

Ella Purnell is a talented British actress who has captured the hearts of audiences with her magnetic performances on screens both big and small. Here’s a deep dive into the qualities and career moments that have made Ella such a widely beloved star.

What Makes Ella Purnell So Appealing to Audiences?

There are several key factors that make Ella Purnell so appealing and contribute to her growing fanbase:

Acting Range

Ella Purnell burst onto the scene as the young Maleficent in the 2014 Disney film of the same name. Since then, she has demonstrated exceptional acting range across very diverse roles:

  • The plucky Peggy Carter in the Marvel show “Agent Carter”
  • The free-spirited Jules in “Sweetbitter”
  • The troubled Katie Bowman in “Intruders”

She disappears completely into each character, showcasing impressive emotional depth and control. Audiences love seeing what Ella will do next as she continues taking on new challenges.

Likeable Personality

While Ella Purnell has played her share of darker characters, fans are always quick to note how bubbly, friendly, and down-to-earth she comes across in real life. She has a wide, giddy smile that instantly makes people smile along with her during interviews and appearances.

Rather than seeming aloof, Ella is very approachable to fans and happy to stop and chat when possible. This endearing personality translates through the screen as well.

Close Relationship with Fans

Ella goes out of her way to have a good rapport with her fanbase. She regularly responds to Instagram comments from fans and hosts impromptu Q&As on her Stories where followers can ask whatever they like.

During the pandemic, she did video calls with fans who were isolated at home, playing games and making crafts with them to cheer them up when they said they were struggling. These personal touches make people feel truly valued by Ella.

Advocacy and Activism

Beyond acting, Ella uses her platform to support causes she feels passionate about like environment conservation, mental health awareness, and animal rescue.

Her sincerity connecting with fans about issues affecting young people has particularly resonated. Audiences today expect celebrities to stand for more than just entertaining, and Ella’s thoughtful activism draws increased appreciation.

Career Moments that Boosted Ella’s Fame

While Ella Purnell has been acting from a young age, these breakthrough film and TV roles took her career to the next level and expanded her fanbase exponentially:

Young Maleficent in “Maleficent”

Playing the teenage version of Angelina Jolie’s iconic Maleficent was Ella’s big screen debut at age 11 in the 2014 Disney film. Even opposite a powerhouse star, Ella held her own and delivered huge on bitterness, vengeance, and ultimately softness as the complex title character.

Reviews singled out her performance and the film was a major box office smash. This dynamic intro put Ella on Hollywood’s radar in a big way moving forward.

Maleficent Box Office Revenue $758.5 million

Peggy Carter in “Marvel’s Agent Carter”

Ella’s popularity grew exponentially when she took on the role of fan favorite Peggy Carter as a teenager in the second season of Marvel’s series “Agent Carter” in 2016.

She embodied the determined, witty, and fearless spirit audiences loved in Peggy. The show gained strong word-of-mouth and cult status after its run, expanding Ella’s Marvel fandom.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score for Agent Carter 91%

Jules in “Sweetbitter”

As the vivacious lead character in Starz’s 2018 “Sweetbitter” drama, Ella charmed viewers with her portrayal of Jules – a young woman navigating life and love while training to be a top NYC restaurant server.

The show was acclaimed for Ella’s breakout star turn depicting a complicated, flawed, very real heroine. It cemented her ability to carry a series and shaped public perception of her talent and appeal.

What Are Ella Purnell’s Most Endearing Traits to Fans?

Through her impressive acting work, engaging public persona, and activist spirit, Ella Purnell continues attracting more devoted, passionate fans. What do people love most about Ella Purnell as a celebrity figure?


Ella comes across as genuine and real. In an entertainment landscape filled with seemingly perfect unattainable stars, Ella is refreshingly candid about her flaws, quirks, and passions without pretense. Fans express that following her feels like cheering on a friend, not observing an untouchable celebrity.


Ella has been open about her struggles with dyslexia, anxiety, depression, and grieving her father’s death when she was young. Fans comment on how motivating and comforting her stories are about overcoming adversity. Her will to keep chasing her dreams no matter what resonates deeply.


Ella uses her platform to amplify diverse causes close to her from environmental protection to youth wellbeing rather than solely self-promotion. Fans feel she truly cares and is trying to make the world brighter in her own small way, which feels rare and special.

Examples of Ella’s Impact on Fans

A scan of fan comments and testimonials shows just how much Ella Purnell has uplifted people with her acting and activism:

Helping Fans Through Hard Times

“Ella, you inspire me so much sweet girl. I’ve struggled with depression since middle school and your advice and openness about coping with sadness/loss is something I’m so thankful for. You’re helping me learn it’s okay not to always be okay.”

Motivating Fans to Pursue Dreams

“Watching you thrive through dyslexia makes me believe I can too. I start uni soon to study film and have always struggled with reading/writing. Thank you for being so open and proving we still have so much potential.”

Building Confidence in Young Fans

“Seeing someone as real and humble as you shining in Hollywood helps me feel confident in who I am at 15. Being a fan of yours makes me feel happy about the future.”

Why Does Ella Have Staying Power Compared to Other Young Stars?

As a star who broke out as a child, Ella Purnell stands apart from one-hit wonders due to key factors:

Trait How Ella Differs From Typical Young Stars
Acting Range Rather than getting typecast, Ella actively seeks diverse, risky roles to expand her talent and maintain interest.
Public Image Ella focuses more on being genuine vs perfect, avoiding the pitfall of young stars who fade away when their “sparkly” facade cracks.
Behind-the-Scenes Conduct You never hear negative stories about Ella from coworkers. She has avoided the reputation for being entitled or difficult that has hindered other young starlets.

Ella’s steady career climb rather than quick flash-in-the-pan success can be attributed to intentionally laying this foundation for longevity.

What Does the Future Look Like for Ella Purnell?

As she continues mesmerizing audiences, Ella Purnell’s star is certainly still rising. What can fans expect to see her talent and influence expand into in the years ahead?

Diverse FilmRoles

Having proven her dramatic chops, look for Ella to start being cast in more leading lady film roles across genres from romance to comedy to thrillers. Fan dreams of seeing her star opposite Timothee Chalamet or Zendaya may manifest into reality before long.

Prestige Television

With iconic TV performances already under her belt, anticipate Ella landing recurring or regular roles on buzzy, award-winning series to further elevate her status like Killing Eve, Euphoria, or The Crown.

Activism Projects

As Ella clarifies her advocacy focus, expect creative partnerships and campaigns bringing activism into her acting work similar to Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate efforts. Using media for good feels aligned with her passions.

The possibilities seem endless for Ella Purnell’s future. If early glimpses of her talent are any indication, audiences are eager to follow wherever her star takes her next.


Ella Purnell is clearly an exciting Hollywood talent to watch closely in the years ahead. With outstanding acting ability, magnetism, and authenticity, she has captivated a passionate fanbase that only continues expanding with each new performance.

But beyond acclaim for her on-screen work, what truly makes Ella Purnell so beloved is the way she conducts herself in the real world: staying grounded, getting involved in causes that matter, and always taking time to make her supporters feel seen.

In an industry where it’s easy to lose one’s way, Ella Purnell’s shine comes from within and fans connect deeply to her spirit. That rare spark is why her star rises higher with every next step, poised to make a massive impact both in entertainment and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions fans have about why Ella Purnell is so widely adored:

What movie or show made Ella Purnell famous?

While Ella had acted in British TV and films from a young age, her breakout Hollywood role that brought wide acclaim was playing teen Maleficent in Disney’s 2014 movie “Maleficent” opposite Angelina Jolie.

Is Ella Purnell on social media?

Yes! Ella is very active sharing updates from her latest projects to behind-the-scenes peeks into her personal life on Instagram and Twitter especially.

What is Ella Purnell’s net worth?

As of 2023, multiple entertainment sites estimate Ella Purnell’s net worth between $3 million to $5 million dollars. At just 27 years old, this net worth is expected to rise significantly as her fame and career opportunities continue escalating.

What accent does Ella Purnell have?

Ella speaks with a traditional London British accent from growing up in the UK. In various acting roles, she has mastered American and other dialects as well.

Who are Ella Purnell’s acting inspirations?

In interviews, Ella names unlikely muses like Daniel Day-Lewis for his total character immersion and Beyonce for her impressive work ethic and discipline. She also expresses admiration for talents like Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton.

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