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Why Do People Hate Ella Purnell?

Ella Purnell is an English actress known for roles in films and TV shows like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Sweetbitter, and more recently as the adult Jadis in The Walking Dead franchise. However, Purnell has faced some backlash and hatred from fans for various reasons. This article explores potential reasons why people may dislike or hate the actress.

Claims of Bad Acting

One reason Purnell has detractors is complaints about her acting ability. Some criticism stems from her performance in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, with claims that:

Wooden, Stiff Performance

Fans felt her portrayal of Emma Bloom lacked depth and emotion. Her line delivery and reactions have been described as wooden, stiff, and lacking nuance by critics.

Poor Chemistry With Co-Stars

Additionally, some claim Purnell lacked chemistry with co-stars Eva Green and Asa Butterfield, resulting in awkward interpersonal scenes.

Miscast Role

More broadly, some argue Tim Burton made a mistake casting her as Emma Bloom, pointing to her youth and inexperience for such a significant role at that point in her career.

However, Purnell has won praise from other critics for her talents. Advocates argue she shone given the role and material provided in Miss Peregrine’s. As her career progresses, she continues showcasing impressive versatility and range.

Backlash for “Star Power” Casting as Adult Jadis

More recently, hatred has emerged from Purnell being cast as the adult Jadis in The Walking Dead franchise – a hugely popular role originially played by Pollyanna McIntosh. Some of the criticisms of this controversial recasting include:

Lacks Star Power

Fans argue Purnell lacks the “star power”, acting ability, presence and charisma to replace someone as iconic as McIntosh in the Jadis role.

Looks Too Young

Additionally, many note that with her youthful looks, she fails to convincingly portray a battle-hardened adult Jadis who has survived years in the apocalypse.

Sense of Disloyalty Among Fans

Fans are very protective over beloved TV franchises. Some feel recasting such an iconic role shows disloyalty to earlier actresses that have developed the role from the start.

Of course, only time will tell whether Purnell can make the role her own. Early glimpses received mixed reactions, so fan opinion will likely depend greatly on how her interpretation of adult Jadis evolves.

Criticisms Over Looks and Success at Young Age

Unfortunately, Ella Purnell has also faced anger, jealousy, and resentment from some due to her looks and achieving fame/success during her youth and rise to stardom. Some of these more ugly criticisms stem from misplaced anger and are unmerited, including:

Accusations of Nepotism

Purnell is the daughter of noted photojournalists, leading to misleading accusations that she relied on nepotism rather than merit and talent alone early in her career. However, insiders refute these allegations.

Claims She Lacks Life Experience

Tied to the above, some argue that she could not have honed strong acting abilities at such a young age without sufficient life experience. However, her talents emerged on stage from childhood.

Anger Over Beauty, Looks

Cruelly, others attack her appearance out of anger and resentment over her beauty – an unfortunate reality many young talented actresses face during their rise to fame.

Belittling Youth, Success

Other comments downgrade and dismiss her success to date as solely due to luck or advantage of breaking through to roles when young rather than a result of hard work and skill.

While jealousy aimed at young successful actresses sadly occurs frequently from subgroups, most fans reject spreading such harmful narratives and support Purnell’s acting work.

Ongoing Criticism Within Fandoms Can Become Groupthink

A final contributor towards dislike aimed at Ella Purnell emerges from bandwagon tendencies once criticism gains momentum among portions of various fan communities.

Confirmation Bias

For those already predisposed to see an actress unfavorably, interactions or performances later judged even slightly negatively get magnified and overblown.

Groupthink Mentality

Within wider fandoms surrounding content like The Walking Dead franchise, subgroup dislike can spread more widely through groupthink tendencies.

Vocal Minority Impact

While actually representing a minority, negative views toward actors/actresses spread easier on forums/social media. A vocal minority dominates and seems amplified beyond reflecting most fans’ opinions.

Anonymity Promotes Cruelty

Anonymity online sadly encourages some subgroups to make vicious attacks they’d avoid using names.

Positive Fan Sentiments Toward Ella Purnell

However, it is important recognizing Ella Purnell maintains many enthusiastic supporters and fans as well from strong performances in various breakout roles:


Purnell shone brightly and won over fans starring alongside Angeline Jolie in Maleficent, showcasing her talents on a big stage early on.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

While facing some criticism too, many fans passionately defend her performance as Emma Bloom.


Purnell also earned great praise from fans and critics alike for her performance as Tess in the TV adaptation of Sweetbitter.

And her fan base continues growing with her ongoing roles. So while dislike sadly exists among subgroups, remember numerous fans remain staunch supporters valuing Purnell’s past and ongoing acting contributions across her career.


In summary, Ella Purnell faces dislike from some fans for a variety of reasons. Criticism includes claims of stiff acting and range limitations, anger over starring roles in major franchises like Miss Peregrine and Walking Dead, and general resentment over her quick success at a young age.

However, these negative sentiments fail recognizing her talents in roles like Sweetbitter and Maleficent, along with possessing the versatility and promise for growth as her career continues.

While bandwagon tendencies can spread negativity further once gaining momentum, it’s critical remembering a vocal minority’s views never represent entire fandoms. And Purnell maintains numerous enthusiastic supporters valuing her past and future contributions.

Sadly dislike aimed at successful young actresses frequently occurs partially stemming from misogyny and jealousy rather than fair critique. Rather than breed more anger through groupthink, it’s important fans recognize talents balancing constructive criticism, spread positive fan sentiment, and combat misinformation that discourages rising stars like Ella Purnell.


Still unsure why dislike toward Ella Purnell exists among some subsets of fans? Here are answers to several frequently asked questions:

Why do some Walking Dead fans dislike Ella Purnell as adult Jadis?

Many Walking Dead fans deeply loved Pollyanna McIntosh’s portrayal of Jadis. Additionally, some feel Ella lacks sufficient hardened edge so far for this role based on early glimpses.

What stoked backlash from her Miss Peregrine’s role?

Some fans felt her portrayal of Emma lacked depth, maturity, and chemistry with Jacob. Certain critics also argue she was miscast due to inexperience at that point.

Is nepotism or luck why she achieved success so young?

No – while she had some advantage from her photojournalist parents, insiders refute relying solely on nepotism or luck rather than natural skill and talent driving her ascent.

Do critics mainly take issue with her acting range or abilities?

Some critics argue range limitations. But advocates counter she succeeded well in certain roles but was miscast or lacked proper guidance/material in some other major franchise roles so far.

Why the extra anger toward Purnell around looks and early success?

Sadly, early fame and success for talented young actresses often breed jealousy. Some direct unfair anger stemming from resentment and misogyny rather than merit-based critiques.

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