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Why Do People Love Isabella Sermon?

Isabella Sermon is a young and rising actress who has recently stolen the hearts of audiences with her portrayal of Maisie Lockwood in the Jurassic World films. Her charm, talent, and relatability have garnered her a passionate fanbase eager to see more. But what exactly is it about Isabella that makes her so lovable?

Endearing Personality Shines Through On-Screen and Off

Audiences were first introduced to Isabella Sermon’s delightful screen presence and personality with her performance as Maisie Lockwood in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

As the mysterious young clone hiding a traumatic past, she displayed an emotional range and maturity beyond her years. Yet despite the darkness of her role’s backstory, Isabella’s inherent sweetness and optimism could not be dimmed.

In interviews and candid behind-the-scenes footage, fans get to see more of Isabella’s funny, kind-hearted, and bubbly personality. Her radiant smile and cutesy laugh are simply infectious. Isabella comes off as someone relatable you’d love to be friends with in real life. This authenticity and magnetic likeability made audiences root for her on-screen character and become attached to the actress herself.

Year Film Role
2018 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Maisie Lockwood
2022 Jurassic World Dominion Maisie Lockwood

Impressive Early Acting Chops

Displaying emotional subtlety and depth is no easy feat for the most seasoned adult actors. So for a then 10 to 12-year-old to captivate audiences with a vulnerable yet fierce performance was truly a revelatory sight. Viewers were blown away by Isabella’s acting chops from her first scene opposite screen legends Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Clearly wise beyond her years when it comes to her craft, Isabella drew from her stage experience prior to her star-making film debut. She has spoken about doing tons of preparation with her acting coaches before shooting her big scenes in Jurassic World. Her diligent commitment to understanding a character truly pays off with an authenticity that seems effortless on screen.

For many working actors, it takes years or even decades scoring minor roles before getting a big breakout. So Isabella’s major blockbuster debut lead performance generated admiration for her preternatural talents. It feels like we are witnessing the rise of a young Jodie Foster level of talent who belies her youth.

She Represents Inspiring Confidence in Young Girls

Isabella was only nine years old when she landed her Jurassic World role after a few rounds of auditions. Now on talk show interviews, she exudes confidence befitting young Hollywood royalty as she rubs elbows with the likes of Chris Pratt and Ellie Goulding. Yet she maintains endearing humility, giggling frequently like the sweet kid she still is at heart.

For young girls watching Isabella on screen and seeing her embrace the spotlight off screen, it is truly empowering. In an industry so cutthroat and critical towards women, Isabella represents promise. She refuses to conform to the media’s narrow beauty standards, wearing little if any makeup with proudly barefaced glowing skin. The message it sends is for girls to carry themselves with self-possession in their own skin.

Like her character Maisie, Isabella Sermon channels both strength and sensitivity on her rise to fame. She is setting the kind of example that makes audiences cherish her – a confident, hard-working, rising talent who stays true to herself.

What Does The Future Hold for Isabella’s Rising Star?

With just two major film roles under her belt so far, Isabella Sermon has already shown incredible range and depth as a performer. Audiences are left eager to see her tackle new roles that further highlight her talents. Many hope to see her star in more films that put complex, dimensional young women front and center.

Until the next installment of her blossoming career, fans continue to show support by following the young star’s Instagram account and YouTube channel. They eagerly anticipate any glimpse they can get of the charming, fun-loving girl behind the scenes.

One thing is certain: Isabella has tapped into something special in her short time as an actress thus far. She obviously has all the talent and charisma of a star in the making. But perhaps more importantly, she radiates a warmth and authenticity that makes people connect with and care about her on a more personal level.

Both children and adults alike feel invested not just in Maisie Lockwood, but in the gifted performer who brings her vividly to life. So Isabella’s future indeed looks bright and wide open with possibility as audiences impatiently await her next move.


In just a few short years, young Isabella Sermon has won over audiences with her memorable film debut and grown into a rising star before our eyes. With an endearing off-screen presence matching her captivating on-screen talents, she shines as a refreshingly authentic role model for kids.

Displaying a preternatural acting skill beyond her years, Isabella sank her teeth into the complex and demanding lead role of Maisie in Jurassic World. Yet seeing her sweet smile and playful personality in real life interviews, her genuine warmth and spirit connect with viewers in a meaningful way. She redefines what it looks like to grow up in the spotlight with grace and authenticity.

Her fans eagerly anticipate what exciting projects Isabella will take on next to showcase her talents. But almost more importantly, they root for the joyful, humble soul they’ve come to cherish behind the scenes. While now a celebrity role model inspiring young girls worldwide, she retains small-town charm reminding fans of the special person she still is at heart – just a talented rising star chasing her dreams.

Wherever her flourishing career journey leads, Isabella Sermon’s admirers will surely be captivated watching her continued growth and success with pride and support.

Frequently Asked Questions about Isabella Sermon

What is Isabella’s background and how did she get started as an actress?

Isabella is from a small village near Bath, England. She became interested in acting from a young age, performing in local theater productions. At 7 years old, she signed with the professional acting agency Sue Latimer. Two years later, she landed the career-making role of Maisie Lockwood in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom shortly after turning 10.

What was casting and filming like for Isabella playing Maisie?

Isabella has shared about the intense audition process involving multiple callbacks over several months. She formed a strong bond early on with her on-screen guardian Bryce Dallas Howard. Training herself to cry on cue was the hardest challenge in preparing to play Maisie. Overall she has warmly described making the Jurassic World films as one big fun family.

Does Isabella have any other talents or hobbies off-screen?

A star student at school who also competed in gymnastics for 7 years, Isabella seems as bright and talented athletically as she is artistically. Equestrian horseback riding is a newer hobby she took up while shooting Dominion. And as seen in behind-the-scenes footage goofing around on set, she even seems adept at imitating dinosaur screeches!

What is Isabella’s family and home life like?

Isabella has a very close and supportive relationship with her parents Jessica and Christopher, as well as an older sister named Annabel and brother Jago. She splits time living a pretty normal small-town British childhood while not away filming. Cooking, ballet, and trips abroad with family are some of the low-key activities she enjoys.

Has Isabella spoken about dealing with fame at a young age?

While grateful for the opportunities acting has brought her, Isabella admits struggling at times to adapt to sudden fame. The increased attention and scrutiny on social media has been an adjustment as well. But she focuses positive energy onto being a role model through charities like the Anti-Bullying Pro organization.

What does the future look like for Isabella’s acting career? Will she be in more Jurassic World movies?

While it’s unclear if she will reprise her iconic role as Maisie Lockwood again, the sky’s the limit for Isabella’s future roles. With Hollywood already taking notice of her immense talents, fans are hopeful Isabella will continue shining in complex lead roles for years to come. She aspires to keep growing as an actress and to make her home country of England proud.

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