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Why Do People Hate Rebecca Ferguson?

Rebecca Ferguson is a British actress who rose to prominence after starring in the BBC One series White Queen in 2013. While she has many fans and supporters, Ferguson has also faced some criticism and backlash from certain groups over the years. Here is an overview of some of the potential reasons why some people express dislike or hatred towards Ferguson.

Criticism of Her Acting Skills

One of the most common critiques of Ferguson is regarding her acting abilities. Some critics have called her acting wooden, stilted, and lacking in depth.

Her detractors claim she shows limited emotional range in her performances and can come across as stiff or awkward on screen at times. Fans of other actresses may dislike Ferguson if they feel she has been undeservingly elevated over performers they believe show superior skills.

Perceived Lack of Humility

Another complaint that has been leveled at Ferguson is that she demonstrates a lack of humility or graciousness. There are some who believe she comes across as arrogant or overly self-assured in interviews when discussing her career and talent.

They perceive a sense of entitlement from the actress and feel she does not show proper gratitude for her successes. This rubs some people the wrong way.

Overexposure Backlash

As with many rising stars, Ferguson gained a great deal of media coverage and public exposure in a short time. This may have led to a backlash from audiences who felt she was being overhyped or constantly forced upon them.

Tall poppy syndrome, where people react negatively to those perceived as excessively prominent or successful, may come into play here.

Controversies Around Personal Life

Ferguson’s personal relationships and romantic associations have also sparked some controversy and criticism. Her high-profile romance with actor Max Irons stirred debate due to their age gap.

Ferguson also received backlash when tabloids reported she was dating a married man. While unconfirmed, such rumors have shaped some negative perceptions of the actress.

Associations with Disliked Media

Finally, dislike toward Ferguson may stem from distaste for projects she has been associated with. For example, some fans of historical dramas may have disliked her casting in The White Queen miniseries.

And her appearance in the widely-panned movie remake of The Girl on the Train also potentially fueled negative sentiment. Guilt by association is a common phenomenon among public figures.


In summary, while Rebecca Ferguson has many admirers, she has also faced critiques and backlash stemming from factors like perceived arrogance, overexposure, controversy around her personal life, and associations with disliked creative works. However, she remains a talented performer. Dislike is often just an unfortunate byproduct of fame.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rebecca Ferguson Backlash

What was Rebecca Ferguson’s breakout role?

Ferguson’s breakout role was as Elizabeth Woodville in the BBC historical drama series The White Queen in 2013. Her performance was widely praised and helped launch her into the public spotlight.

What controversy happened with Max Irons?

When Ferguson began dating her The White Queen co-star Max Irons in 2016, their relationship sparked some controversy and criticism due to their 15 year age gap. Ferguson was 32 while Irons was only 17 at the time.

What movie is considered Ferguson’s biggest failure?

Many critics and fans agree that the 2016 American psychological thriller The Girl on the Train was one of Ferguson’s biggest critical and commercial failures. The film adaptation was poorly reviewed and Ferguson’s performance was panned as well.

Why do people think Rebecca Ferguson is arrogant?

Some critics feel that Ferguson comes across as arrogant or overly confident in interviews when she discusses her acting skills and career. They believe she shows a sense of entitlement and lack of humility about her success. Her style of self-promotion may rub some the wrong way.

What was the reaction to her dating rumors with a married man?

When British tabloids reported in 2018 that Ferguson was dating a married man, the actress faced a lot of backlash on social media and in the press. Many saw the rumored relationship as a sign of poor character even though the reports were never substantiated.

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