Raffey Cassidy

Why Do People Love Raffey Cassidy?

Raffey Cassidy is a young English actress who has quickly risen to fame in recent years for her roles in major films like Tomorrowland, Vox Lux, and The Killing of a Sacred Deer. At just 18 years old, Cassidy has proven herself to be an incredibly talented performer capable of handling complex, challenging material.

So why has this young actress struck such a chord with audiences and critics alike? What is it exactly that makes people love Raffey Cassidy? Let’s take a closer look.

Range and Ability as an Actress

One of the main reasons Raffey Cassidy is so admired is her impressive range as an actress. Despite her young age, Cassidy has shown she can captivate audiences in roles of vastly different genres and emotional tones.

In the sci-fi adventure film Tomorrowland, Cassidy played the optimistic robot girl Athena, effortlessly shifting between wide-eyed innocence and emotional wisdom beyond her years. In Vox Lux, she took on the darker role of young Celeste, a troubled pop star whose life is marred by trauma and addiction. And in The Killing of a Sacred Deer, she navigated complex themes playing the cold, eerie daughter of a sinister surgeon.

Cassidy’s versatility and commitment to each unique role has been praised by critics. She disappears completely into her characters, never coming across as just a young girl “playing pretend.” It’s this chameleon-like ability that allows her to bring honesty and depth to every performance, no matter the material.

Old-Soul Style and Captivating Screen Presence

Another quality that draws people to Raffey Cassidy is her unique onscreen presence. She has an uncommon poise and self-possession – almost an “old soul” style – that feels strikingly mature for someone so young.

When Cassidy is in a scene, the eye naturally gravitates to her. She has an intriguing mix of innocence and intensity in her expressions. Critics have described her as “preternaturally watchable,” saying she carries herself with “eternally eerie poise” in her films.

This magnetism and maturity makes Cassidy’s performances feel real and grounded, no matter how fantastical the storylines get. Audiences are compelled to focus on her, and she rewards their attention with subtle emotional truths.

Impressive Work Ethic at a Young Age

Part of the reason Raffey Cassidy makes such an impact is that she consistently takes on challenging material most young actors would avoid. She chooses roles with real gravitas, no matter how dark or complex the themes involved.

Cassidy has spoken about the intense preparation she does for each part. For The Killing of a Sacred Deer, she studied videos of teens with mental illnesses to physicalize emotions like anxiety and instability. In Vox Lux, she researched the lifestyles of young musicians to channel the personality of a jaded pop star.

This willingness to commit completely to each role – no matter how demanding – has earned Cassidy respect. Despite her youth, she demonstrates a seriousness and work ethic exceedingly rare for an actress her age. Her evident passion for the craft makes her performances feel authentic.

Relatable and Down-to-Earth in Real Life

As intriguing as she is onscreen, fans are often delighted to discover how relatable and down-to-earth Cassidy is in real life. In interviews, she comes across as polite, articulate, and remarkably humble for someone with her early success.

Cassidy has spoken warmly about the supportive community of actors she’s met through her work, like George Clooney and Elle Fanning. She stresses the value of staying grounded by spending time with family and long-time friends.

This relatability makes people root for Cassidy and want to see more from her. She carries none of the pretense or attitude that sometimes accompany young stars. Her charm and sincerity off-screen are just as captivating as her talent onscreen.

Moments That Earned Raffey Cassidy Fans

Raffey Cassidy may still be early in her career, but she’s already given several standout performances that earned her devoted fans. Here are some of the key roles and moments that propelled her to stardom:

Mr. Selfridge (2013) – Her Breakthrough Role

Cassidy’s first major role came as a young Russian refugee named Agnes in the British series Mr. Selfridge. As the daughter of a Russian aristocrat who flees to England after the revolution, Cassidy immediately made an impression on audiences with her emotional portrayal and accent work. This breakthrough role put the young actress on the map.

Tomorrowland (2015) – Showcasing Her Versatility

In the blockbuster film Tomorrowland, Cassidy got to showcase her versatility as the optimistic robot girl Athena (later revealed to be an android). She lit up the screen with her energy and charm, effortlessly shifting from childlike joy to wise maturity. This dynamic performance opposite George Clooney earned Cassidy critical acclaim and mainstream attention.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) – Her Dark Turn

Cassidy took on one of her most complex roles yet in the deeply disturbing film The Killing of a Sacred Deer. As the cold, sinister daughter of a surgeon enacting a twisted revenge, Cassidy brought chilling nuance to this memorable part. Critics praised her unnerving screen presence, with many calling it a star-making performance.

Vox Lux (2018) – Channeling a Troubled Pop Star

Vox Lux provided another outlet for Cassidy’s range, with her raw, gripping performance as young pop star Celeste. She movingly conveyed the singer’s trauma and emotional scars, anchoring the film’s darker themes with heartbreaking honesty. Cassidy earned some of her best reviews yet for disappearing completely into this troubled character.

What Makes Raffey Cassidy Such a Gifted Young Actress?

Raffey Cassidy’s meteoric rise at such a young age makes it clear she possesses some very special qualities as a performer. What exactly makes her stand out as such a gifted young actress?

Emotional Maturity and Nuance

For most child actors, “precociousness” is the default mode of performance. But Raffey Cassidy consistently exhibits a more layered emotional maturity in her acting. She conveys nuance beyond her years, effortlessly moving between innocence, intensity, pain, and wisdom.

Critics have marveled at Cassidy’s ability to capture the full spectrum of human experience at such a young age. There is a natural subtlety and gravitas to her performances that is extremely rare among young performers.

Dedication to Each Unique Role

As mentioned earlier, Cassidy brings an almost fanatical level of dedication to each new character. She does extensive research to physicalize emotions and mentalities, often resulting in very different physical presences across roles.

Cassidy disappears completely into each part, never coming across as a young girl “playing pretend.” This willingness to fully commit makes every performance feel grounded and authentic.

Captivating Screen Presence

Beyond her technical acting skills, Cassidy simply has an undeniable screen charisma that draws the eye to her. She conveys volumes through subtle facial expressions and carefully crafted body language.

Cassidy thinks through motivation and subtext, resulting in characters with real dimensionality. Her natural magnetism and intensity onscreen are what give her performances such impact.

Fearlessness in Tackling Difficult Material

Most young actors stick to age-appropriate, low-stakes material. But Cassidy consistently seeks out roles with real gravitas, no matter how dark or complex.

Her evident passion for the craft of acting gives her the courage to commit fully to challenging work. Cassidy’s evident fearlessness and work ethic are a big part of what makes her such a standout young talent.

Raffey Cassidy’s Best Movies and TV Shows Ranked

Here is a ranking of Raffey Cassidy’s top films and television shows so far, based on critical reception and audience popularity:

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

This unsettling 2017 film earned Cassidy some of the best reviews of her career for her chilling performance as the daughter of a sinister surgeon (Colin Farrell) enacting cryptic revenge.


Cassidy charmed audiences as the optimistic robot girl Athena in this 2015 Disney blockbuster, lighting up the screen opposite George Clooney.

Vox Lux

Playing the troubled young pop star Celeste, Cassidy anchored this 2018 drama with raw, gripping emotion beyond her years.

Mr. Selfridge

Cassidy’s 2013-2016 recurring role on this British period drama marked her breakout as a gifted young actress.

Out of Innocence

In this obscure 2013 Irish film, Cassidy gives a commended performance as a teen girl embroiled in a traumatic experience.

The Snow Queen 2

Cassidy voiced the lead character Gerda in the English dub of this 2015 animated Russian sequel. A rare voice acting role.

Yoga Hosers

This offbeat 2016 Kevin Smith comedy gave Cassidy a chance to show her fun side as the nerdy Colleen McKenzie.

While still early in her career, these projects demonstrate the impressive range Raffey Cassidy has already shown on screens big and small. With her abundant talent, many more memorable roles surely await.

Is Raffey Cassidy on Track to Become a Major Movie Star?

At just 18 years old, Raffey Cassidy’s future in the industry is still wide open, but her early success raises the question: Is she on track to become a major movie star? There are a few key factors that suggest she very well could be:

  • Her talent. It’s extremely rare to find an actress with such emotional depth and versatility at Cassidy’s young age. The sheer strength of her acting abilities indicates huge potential.
  • The complex roles she’s landing. Cassidy is consistently booking substantive, challenging parts in major films. She’s not getting pigeonholed in fluffy teen fare. This bodes well for her continued growth.
  • The caliber of directors she’s attracting. Cassidy is already working with respected auteurs like Yorgos Lanthimos and Brady Corbet. Being sought after by top directors is a great sign.
  • Her critical acclaim. Despite being so new on the scene, Cassidy is racking up glowing reviews from top critics impressed by her skills. This level of acclaim this early is very promising.
  • Her maturity and work ethic. Cassidy carries herself with uncommon poise for her age and dedicates herself fully to the craft. These intangibles are part of what helps young talents become enduring stars.

Of course, there are no guarantees, as many canny child actors fail to transition to adult stardom. But based on the qualities she’s demonstrated so far, Raffey Cassidy appears to have an excellent shot at becoming a major force in film as her career progresses.


In summary, Raffey Cassidy has earned the love and admiration of audiences and critics because of her incredible versatility, maturity, charisma, and work ethic as a young actress.

Despite her youth, she tackles roles many adult performers would find too challenging, and consistently brings emotional honesty and nuance that have earned her rave reviews. Onscreen, she has a magnetism beyond her years that compels viewers to focus on her.

Offscreen, her relatability, humility, and clear passion for acting have made people root for her success. The complexity of her early performances, caliber of directors she’s attracting, and sheer force of her talent suggest she could very well develop into a major movie star.

But whether as a leading lady or a distinguished character actress, Raffey Cassidy’s future in film looks extremely bright. With numerous high-profile projects already under her belt, she has firmly established herself as one of the most gifted actresses of her generation. Audiences will surely be seeing this remarkable young talent shine on screens for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Raffey Cassidy

What is Raffey Cassidy best known for?

Raffey Cassidy is best known for her acclaimed performances in major films like Tomorrowland, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and Vox Lux. Despite being only 18, she has proven herself to be a versatile and mature performer capable of handling very challenging material.

How old was Raffey Cassidy in Tomorrowland?

Raffey Cassidy was 13 years old when she played the robot girl Athena in the 2015 Disney film Tomorrowland. Her dynamic performance opposite George Clooney earned the young actress a great deal of mainstream attention and acclaim.

What was Raffey Cassidy’s first major acting role?

Cassidy’s first breakthrough role was playing the young Russian refugee Agnes on the British series Mr. Selfridge from 2013-2016. This role put her on the map and led to her casting in major film projects.

Has Raffey Cassidy been in any TV shows?

In addition to her recurring role on Mr. Selfridge, Cassidy has had minor guest spots on shows like Law & Order: UK (2012), Doc Martin (2013), and Outnumbered (2014). But her primary focus and most acclaimed work has been in feature films.

What awards has Raffey Cassidy won?

Despite her critical acclaim, Cassidy is still in the early stages of her career and has not won any major acting awards yet. She was nominated for a Saturn Award for Tomorrowland and received the New Hollywood Award from the Hollywood Film Awards in 2017.

What is Raffey Cassidy’s next project?

Cassidy has two major films slated for release in 2023 – White Bird: A Wonder Story, based on the graphic novel, and Fairy Tale, a fantasy film starring Nicholas Hoult. She also recently finished filming Mr. Malcolm’s List, a period drama expected in 2023.

Is Raffey Cassidy on social media?

No, Cassidy does not currently have public social media accounts. In interviews she has spoken about preferring to keep her private life offline, though she makes occasional appearances on her co-stars’ accounts.

Where is Raffey Cassidy from?

Raffey Cassidy was born August 27, 2004 in Kent, England. She began studying ballet at the Royal Ballet School but switched her focus completely to acting after booking her first professional roles as a child.

What is Raffey Cassidy’s net worth?

Estimates of 18-year-old Raffey Cassidy’s current net worth range between $500,000 to $1 million. This is expected to rise significantly as her career continues. The young actress reportedly earned $175,000 for Tomorrowland.

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