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Why Do People Love Jacob Bertrand?

Jacob Bertrand is a young American actor who has been building an impressive resume and fanbase over the past decade. He may only be in his early 20s, but Bertrand already has over 50 acting credits to his name, primarily in television.

So what is it exactly that makes people love Jacob Bertrand so much? There are several key reasons this rising talent has captured the hearts of viewers and industry insiders alike.

Jacob Bertrand’s Background

Jacob Bertrand was born on March 6, 2000 in Los Angeles, California. From a very young age, he showed a natural charisma and interest in performing. As a toddler, he loved to entertain family and friends by memorizing and reciting lines from movies.

At the age of 4, Jacob’s mother decided to take him to a talent showcase event. It was there that he was discovered by talent agents and managers. This kickstarted Jacob’s professional acting career.

Training and Early Roles

For the next few years, Jacob started intensive training in acting, dancing, and singing. He also started booking small roles in commercials, short films, and TV shows. This helped him gain experience while continuing to hone his skills.

Some of Jacob’s first TV roles were single-episode guest appearances on shows like CSI: NY, The Middle, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! He also had a recurring role as Flapjack on the Disney XD show Kirby Buckets.

Breakout Role in Cobra Kai

In 2018, Jacob Bertrand landed his biggest role yet – the part of Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz in the YouTube Premium series Cobra Kai. The show is set over 30 years after the original Karate Kid film series.

After an intense multi-audition process, Jacob won the role of Eli – a bullied teen who joins the Cobra Kai dojo and goes through a profound transformation with a newfound confidence.Copy code

Positive Reception as Hawk in Cobra Kai

As soon as Cobra Kai debuted in 2018, Jacob Bertrand received widespread praise for his performance as Hawk. Fans were captivated by his character’s journey from vulnerable victim to fierce fighter over the course of the first season.

In subsequent seasons, Bertrand continued to showcase impressive acting range as Hawk struggled with morality and figuring out his true self. Bertrand portrayed each stage of Hawk’s transformation authentically and memorably.Copy code

Post-Cobra Kai Success

While still working on Cobra Kai, Jacob Bertrand also voiced a role in another popular action series – Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon.

Bertrand voiced Jimbo Jones, a human teen who attends school with the Ninja Turtles. Much like his live-action roles, Bertrand stole many scenes with his humorous portrayal of this bully character.

Upcoming Projects

Bertrand remains very busy following his breakout success in Cobra Kai. He has wrapped filming for the romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Birthday and has other exciting projects currently in post-production:

  • Bed Rest – A supernatural thriller film
  • The Marshes – A science fiction film directed by Roger Avary

With his starred roles in these upcoming films, Jacob Bertrand’s popularity and acclaim is sure to continue growing rapidly.

Jacob Bertrand Filmography Overview

YearFilm/TV ShowRole
2022Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesJimbo Jones
2018-2021Cobra KaiEli “Hawk” Moskowitz
2022My Best Friend’s BirthdayTristan
2023Bed RestTBD
2023The MarshesTBD

Why Jacob Bertrand Wins Over Audiences

Whether portraying a shy outsider or an ultra-confident fighter, Jacob Bertrand brings an authenticity and relatability that makes audiences root for him. His characters feel human and nuanced.

Even when playing villanous roles, Bertrand exudes an underlying sweetness and vulnerability. This prevents his “bad boys” from ever feeling one-dimensional.

Work Ethic and Passion

Part of the reason Bertrand creates such lifelike characters may stem from his renowned work ethic. He prepares extensively for each new role and pours himself wholly into every performance.

In interviews, Bertrand radiates passion and gratitude for each opportunity. Fans can tell acting is far more than a job for this dedicated professional – it’s a true creative passion.

Charming Personality

One more thing that draws people to Jacob Bertrand is his friendly, fun-loving personality. He’s known to crack jokes often on set to lighten the mood. Costars describe him as very kind and supportive.

Bertrand also maintains an active, engaging social media presence connecting directly with fans. His natural charisma and humor shine through in his posts and lives.

Looking Ahead at Jacob Bertrand’s Future

At just 23 years old, Jacob Bertrand already has over a decade of experience under his belt along with some standout roles on his resume. He has proven his versatility and screen presence in projects of varying tone and scale.

As Bertrand takes on more mature leading man roles like those in his upcoming films, it’s very likely he will continue captivating audiences for years to come. The chances of his fame rising substantially are extremely high.

Could Jacob Transition to the Big Screen Soon?

While Jacob Bertrand is primarily known for his television work currently, his starring roles in indie films show potential for crossing over to mainstream Hollywood movies.

With the acting skills he has developed and natural star quality, Bertrand possessing all the qualities needed to headline a box office hit. It would not be surprising if he receives offers for major studio projects very soon.

How Else Might Jacob Evolve and Grow?

As a performer, Jacob Bertrand displays continuous evolution and range. He actively seeks roles that will push him out of his comfort zone and test his abilities. Just looking back a few years into his career, his growth has been immense.

It will be exciting to see in what other directions Bertrand might stretch himself in the future. Could we see him flexing his comedy chops in a wacky character role? Or perhaps transforming himself physically for an intensely gritty drama? The possibilities are wide open.

No matter what is next for Jacob Bertrand, one thing is for certain – this talented, dedicated actor has the drive and ability to continue wowing audiences for decades to come. The world will be watching closely!


In summary, talented 22-year-old actor Jacob Bertrand wins over audiences with his authentic portrayals, underdog characters, work ethic, charisma, and seemingly unlimited potential. He first captured widespread attention as Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz on the hit series Cobra Kai.

Bertrand continues to build up his resume with roles in films like My Best Friend’s Birthday as well as the upcoming supernatural thriller Bed Rest and sci-fi film The Marshes. With each new diverse character Jacob embodies, he develops his craft even further.

Audiences and critics alike can’t seem to get enough of his magnetic performances. There is truly something special about Jacob’s ability to humanize both heroes and villains alike, eliciting empathy as well as awe from fans. He balances strength and vulnerability in a compelling package.

As Jacob Bertrand progresses in his acting career, there is no limit to how high his star may rise. Regardless of what heights of fame he may reach though, this is an actor grounded firmly in his passion for the work itself. Jacob brings artistry and integrity to every role. His dedication to the craft of acting and connection with the audience are what truly make him such a talent to watch.

With Jacob Bertrand’s work ethic, skill, and luck on his side, there are sure to be many more thrilling performances that will continue to make audiences fall in love with this rising star for years to come. Jacob Bertrand has cemented himself as one to watch closely in Hollywood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jacob Bertrand

What ethnicity is Jacob Bertrand?

Jacob Bertrand has mixed ethnicity. His mother is Mexican and his father is part Irish.

Where did Jacob Bertrand grow up?

He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California where he still resides today.

What was Jacob Bertrand’s first acting role?

At age 6, Bertrand booked his first gig appearing in a short film called Junction. Two years later he made his television debut in an episode of CSI: NY.

Is Jacob Bertrand on social media?

Yes! Jacob Bertrand is active on both Instagram (@thejacobertrand) and Twitter (@jacobertrand). He frequently interacts with fans on both platforms.

Who are some of Jacob Bertrand’s acting inspirations?

In interviews Bertrand has cited River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, and Leonardo DiCaprio as some of the actors he most admires.

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