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Why Do People Love Jessie Buckley?

Jessie Buckley has quickly become a critically acclaimed actress known for her show-stopping performances on stage and screen. Her raw talent and magnetic charm have captured the hearts of fans and critics everywhere. But what exactly makes Jessie Buckley so lovable?

Captivating Onscreen Presence

Jessie Buckley first gained wide attention with her breakout role as country singer Rose-Lynn Harlan in the 2018 film Wild Rose. Critics instantly praised her captivating onscreen presence.

As Robbie Collin from The Telegraph wrote:

“It’s Buckley you can’t stop watching: those darting, restless eyes and tight, troubled smile suggest volcanic depths of feeling beneath the surface.”

With every role, she fully inhabits her characters in a way that leaps off the screen. As Esther Zuckerman from Thrillist observed about her performance in Wild Rose:

“Buckley’s is a star-making performance that never feels like one. She completely disappears into the character.”

Audiences are drawn to Jessie’s ability to make each character feel thrillingly real and alive. Whether she’s playing an aspiring country singer or an amnesiac woman searching for her identity, there’s an emotional rawness to her acting that ignites the screen.

Musical Talents

In Wild Rose, Jessie stunned audiences with her stunning vocals, performing all her own singing without any pre-recording. Her soulful voice channels the defiance and heartache of her character Rose-Lynn to profoundly moving effect.

Critics uniformly praised her musical talents, including MTV News who raved:

“Buckley’s musical chops are just as integral to Rose’s successes and failures as her acting ability. She’s fully committed to those boot-stomping, lyric-belting performances.”

Fans loved not only Jessie’s soaring vocals, but her total immersion into the live musical performances. Since Wild Rose, anticipation has been high to see Jessie showcase her singing talents again.<!– Insert Table Here –>

YearFilm/TV ShowCharacter
2018Wild RoseRose-Lynn Harlan
2020Fargo (Season 4)Oraetta Mayflower
2021The Lost DaughterYoung Leda

Whether she ends up doing more musical roles or not, Jessie continues to win over more fans with every emotionally stirring performance.

Dynamism Across Genres

While some actors end up typecast or known for certain kinds of roles, Jessie Buckley has shown exceptional range across a variety of genres.

She’s equally masterful in hard-hitting dramas like Wild Rose, chilling crime anthology series like Fargo, complex psychological thrillers like I’m Thinking of Ending Things, and haunting horrors like Men.

As critic David Ehrlich commented on her diversity:

“An earthy singer with a tang of danger, she moved from psychosexual thrillers (“Beast”) to an episode of sci-fi paranoia (“Black Mirror”) without showing any seams between the roles.”

Jessie keeps fans guessing where she’ll turn up next or what sides she’ll reveal in her newest characters. Whether playing a country crooner, a warm-hearted nurse, or the manifestation of trauma, Jessie disappears so wholly into each role that she becomes unrecognizable from one to the next.

Upcoming Projects Generate Buzz

Fans anxiously await Jessie’s next films to premiere, with two highly anticipated titles set for 2023.

She’s set to star opposite Bill Nighy in the drama Living about a veteran civil servant facing a fatal illness. Trailers showing off Jessie and Nigh Bill’s touching performances have stirred up significant awards season buzz.

Sci-fi lovers are also eager to see Jessie flex her action skills as the lead heroine in The Woman King, inspired by the all-female warrior unit known as the Agojie. Early footage showcases Jessie battling enemies with grit and ferocity.

With fans already raving over the trailers and promotional clips, Jessie’s upcoming films seem poised to catapult the actress to even greater heights.

H3. Her Accessibility and Sense of Humor Endear Her to Fans

While her acting talents may be what draw people in initially, Jessie Buckley has a relatable charm and wit off-screen that makes her lovable to fans.

Rather than seeming intimidatingly poised or Hollywood-sleek in interviews, Jessie comes across as refreshingly down-to-earth and approachable. She cracks jokes freely and doesn’t shy away from poking fun at herself.

As Sophie Monks Kaufman commented in a profile piece for The Guardian:

“In person, as on screen, Buckley is funny, fallible, frank.”

Jessie’s willingness to be open and unfiltered breaks down barriers between herself and fans. She comes across like someone you could chat with easily rather than an untouchable celebrity.

Whether sharing embarrassing audition stories or behind-the-scenes mishaps, Jessie’s grounded sense of humor humanizes her. Fans feel connected with the genuine person she reveals herself to be amidst the glitz of acclaim and red carpets.

Illustrious Stage Career

While Jessie Buckley has exploded onto screens in recent years, she first gained attention in the theater world. Fresh out of prestigious RADA drama school, she delivered an acclaimed star turn as Sally Bowles in Cabaret in 2016.

Receiving Rave Reviews in London West End Debut

Taking on the iconic Sally Bowles role as her first lead theater gig was a gutsy move that required serious bravado for the emerging actress. But Jessie instantly won over critics with her take on the dynamic character.

As Matt Trueman glowingly reviewed for Variety:

“In a breakout performance, new face Jessie Buckley brings a beautiful recklessness to Sally Bowles.”

And it wasn’t just the role itself that stirred praise but the towering screen presence Jessie commanded even early in her career. As Trueman added:

“With eyes wild and dress slipped down, she has that indefinable star quality in spades. You can’t teach charisma like that.”

Showcasing Striking Stage Talents in New York

After smashing her West End debut, Jessie drew even more acclaim transferring Cabaret to New York in 2017. Ben Brantley from the New York Times declared her Sally “…one of those once-in-a-generation Broadway debuts that send ripples of thrills through a theater audience.”

And whereas film roles required restraint, Sally Bowles allowed Jessie to showcase the full dynamism of her stage talents – the vocal power, physical abandon, sly wit, and emotional rawness that compels live audiences.

Variety perfectly encapsulated her electrifying presence:

“Onstage, she is a lit fuse. The minute she enters the room, throwing her fur coat and purse without looking to see where they land, it’s clear she’s a bona fide star.”

Critics Continually Laud Her Performances

Beyond captivating audiences night after night on the stage, Jessie Buckley’s roles have earned her glowing appraisal from the toughest theater and film critics. She’s racked up a remarkable number of best newcomer awards and nominations for major acting prizes like the BAFTAs and Oscars.

Earning Unqualified Raves for Wild Rose

While Jessie wowed London and New York theater-goers early on, her explosive breakthrough came with indie-darling film Wild Rose in 2018. And critics unanimously crowned Jessie the breakout star and heart of the film.

Peter Debruge from Variety proclaimed:

“Buckley delivers the goods so completely as Rose-Lynn that it’s hard to believe this is her first film role.”

The Atlantic dubbed her simply:

“A revelation.”

And Vanity Fair succinctly summed up Jessie’s critical reception:

“Literally everybody loves Jessie Buckley’s performance.”

Snagging Numerous Best Actress Awards

Along with critical hosannas, Jessie snagged over a dozen Best Actress awards from various critics groups and festivals for her tour de force role as Rose-Lynn.

Her trophy haul included wins at:

  • Boston Society of Film Critics Awards
  • Chicago Film Critics Association
  • Dallas–Fort Worth Film Critics Association
  • Detroit Film Critics Society
  • Dublin Film Critics’ Circle
  • London Critics Circle Film Awards
  • National Society of Film Critics Awards
  • Toronto Film Critics Association

Audiences, journalists, festivals – all bowed down to Jessie’s powerhouse introduction onto the cinema scene.

Firmly Entrenched as a Critical Darling

With her stellar debut outing, Jessie Buckley established herself as an actress to watch. And she has continued wowing critics across projects in both film and television.

Some highlights of the nonstop critical praise she’s earned since include:

  • Her chilling performance in Charlie Kaufman’s surreal I’m Thinking of Ending Things had Rolling Stone declaring, “If there is any justice, Buckley will get cast in everything moving forward.”
  • For her supporting role as the boozy, backstabbing daughter of a famed author (Olivia Colman) in The Lost Daughter, USA Today dubbed Jessie simply: “A standout.”
  • Starring in the creepy, atmospheric horror Men, The Atlantic singled out her lead performance: “Buckley is typically excellent, her disquiet etched on her face.”

Rapid Rise Indicates Lasting Success

In just a few short years, Jessie Buckley has displayed once-in-generation talent that has transfixed critics and audiences. Her meteoric ascent shows no signs of slowing down as she continues proving herself a formidable leading lady capable of holding her own even beside acting titans like Olivia Colman and Benedict Cumberbatch.

As critic Guy Lodge assessed:

“[She] earns her place on the spectrum of great 21st-century acting discoveries.”

Skyrocketing to Fame in a Dizzying Pace

For most actresses, it takes years or even decades of supporting parts before reaching leading lady status. Yet Jessie has skyrocketed from virtual unknown to household name at a pace rarely seen.

She had no professional acting credits in 2015. By 2018, she commandeered the screen in Wild Rose. Now merely a couple years later, she stands shoulder to shoulder with A-listers in major motion pictures.

Becoming an Awards Magnet

Alongside Jessie’s meteoric rise has been a barrage of awards attention cementing her ascension. She’s been repeatedly recognized across all major acting awards including:

  • Nominated for BAFTA Rising Star Award (2020)
  • Nominated for BAFTA Best Actress in a Miniseries (2021)
  • Nominated for Satellite Award Best Actress in a Limited Series (2021)
  • Nominated for Critics’ Choice Award Best Supporting Actress (2022)

Landing High Profile Leading Roles

Jessie hasn’t wasted time in capitalizing on early acclaim to lock down prominent lead parts in short order.

Major upcoming lead roles include:

  • Bill Nighy’s daughter in drama/romance Living
  • An amnesiac looking for her husband in thriller I’m Thinking of Ending Things from Charlie Kaufman
  • The head of an all-female warrior unit in action epic The Woman King

At this rate, it’s easy to picture Jessie continuing to own the big screen for decades to come.


In an industry too often obsessed solely with celebrity and outward appearance, Jessie Buckley’s meteoric rise to fame stands testament to the irreplaceable power of sheer talent.

Chameleonic yet raw in her acting, magnetically charismatic on screen while humble off it – Jessie gives hope that true artistry still matters most. Her ever-growing resume of unforgettable performances and tendency to draw lavish raves feels like merely the first act of an ascent destined to position Jessie Buckley among the great screen legends.

She’s the captivating Irish songstress with the voice of a heartbroken angel in Wild Rose. The damaged soul seeking lost identity in I’m Thinking of Ending Things. The sensual and sinister nurse with murderous secrets in Fargo. And with every new role, she unveils more astounding range and onscreen electricity.

Other rising stars shine brightly for their 15 minutes until fading in short order. But Jessie Buckley? Her name etched into cinema history seems assured based on the one-of-a-kind talent fans and critics worldwide have already witnessed. We have only begun to see the heights her skills and magnetic screen presence will achieve.

So why do people love Jessie Buckley? Simple. Her sheer artistry and ability to inhabit roles so fully reminds skeptics that fiery talents thriving purely for the craft still exist in the modern age. For that reason and so many more, Jessie Buckley has cemented herself as an actress impossible not to relish for years to come.


Still have questions about the sensational Jessie Buckley and why everyone adores her so? Here are answers to common fan questions:

How old is Jessie Buckley?

Jessie Buckley is currently 33 years old. She was born in December 1989 in Ireland.

What was Jessie Buckley’s first acting role?

Jessie’s first professional onscreen acting role was as Lorna Bow in the BBC series War and Peace in 2016. This was a supporting part.

Her big breakout lead role came two years later as Rose-Lynn Harlan in the indie film Wild Rose.

What awards has Jessie Buckley won?

Some of Jessie’s notable acting award wins so far include:

  • London Film Critics Circle Award for British/Irish Actress of the Year for Wild Rose
  • National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress for Wild Rose
  • Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress for Wild Rose
  • Santa Barbara Film Festival Virtuoso Award

She’s also been nominated for awards like the BAFTA Rising Star Award and Satellite Award for Best Actress.

What singing experience did Jessie have before Wild Rose?

While a trained stage actress, Jessie Buckley didn’t have formal singing experience prior to filming Wild Rose. But she stunned critics with her powerhouse vocals in the role, performing all songs live herself without any pre-recorded tracks.

What upcoming projects is Jessie Buckley part of?

Jessie has two major feature films coming up that fans are buzzing about:

  • Living – Starring opposite Bill Nighy in a 1950s-set drama by acclaimed director Oliver Hermanus
  • The Woman King – Lead role as an Agojie warrior in Gina Prince-Bythewood’s historical action epic

She’s also rumored to be contributing music to The Woman King soundtrack, showcasing her vocals again onscreen.

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