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Why Do People Love Lucy Boynton?

Lucy Boynton first captured hearts with her emotional and nuanced performance as Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury’s lifelong friend and lover, in the 2018 biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. Though only 24 years old at the time, Boynton displayed remarkable acting chops opposite Rami Malek’s Mercury.

Her scenes portraying Austin’s unwavering support of the iconic Queen frontman, including caring for him during his battle with AIDS, earned praise for their warmth and complexity. Critics and fans alike saw Boynton’s Mary as the emotional anchor of the film.

Moments as Mary

Some of Boynton’s standout moments that gave depth and heart to Mary include:

  • Telling Freddie she’ll be there to take care of him when he reveals his AIDS diagnosis
  • Watching Freddie’s showmanship in awe during the famous Live Aid performance
  • Breaking down when Freddie tells her he thinks he’s bisexual
  • Coping with sadness when their relationship changes as Freddie explores his sexuality

Boynton made Mary much more than a spurned lover or cast-aside girlfriend. She brought genuine understanding, care, and intimacy to the role.

Acclaim and Awards Attention

For her work in Bohemian Rhapsody, Lucy earned:

  • A London Critics’ Circle Film Award nomination for Supporting Actress of the Year
  • A Georgia Film Critics Association nomination for Best Supporting Actress

While her co-star Rami Malek won Best Actor at numerous awards shows, many praised Boynton’s performance as equal in power and skill.

Diverse Roles Showcasing Dramatic Range

While Bohemian Rhapsody may have put Lucy Boynton on the map for US audiences, she has built an impressive and diverse resume of film and TV roles in the UK from a young age. Fans delight in seeing the emotional depth and complexity Boynton brings to each unique character.

Murdoch Mysteries – Charming Turn as a Turn-of-the-Century Socialite

Fans of the long-running Canadian series Murdoch Mysteries were treated to Lucy’s appearances as Mariah Morgan in 2016. Mariah is a wealthy aristocratic socialite with a daring, risk-taking side who gets embroiled in two murder cases.

Boynton got to showcase both elegance and pluckiness in intricate period-style costumes and early 20th century Toronto settings.

Ballet Shoes – Touching Portrayal of an Aspiring Ballerina

In the 2007 British children’s drama Ballet Shoes, a 12-year-old Boynton lit up the screen as Posy Fossil, the youngest of three orphaned sisters. She brought sincerity and grace to the ambitious role of Posy training in ballet to become a world-famous dancer.

Though early in Boynton’s career, her emotional maturity as little Posy showed the promise of roles to come. And fans still cherish her scrappy, smart Posy celebrating when she earns a chance to try out for a ballet scholarship.

Charming and Witty Personality

With eloquent, engaging interviews and charming public appearances, Lucy exudes charisma and intelligence. Her personality shines through whether talking about her work, relationships, or causes she cares about.

Little Moments of Humor

Lucy smartly leans into her sophisticated British manner with plenty of dry wit and self-deprecating humor. Like her tongue-in-cheek response when asked if fans will see her singing in a movie musical someday:

I’m properly tone deaf… So I think that might be something the world would not benefit from seeing or hearing!

And public events show her willing to goof around, like photobombing a couple’s photo while leaving a nightclub.

Quick Wit and Charm with Interviewers

Boynton also keeps interviews entertaining with fun banter, like telling James Corden about a fan’s unique autograph request:

A woman asked if I would write ‘You’re my favorite cougar’! I was like, ‘I’m not sure I’m qualified for that but alright, if you say so!’

Her charm and authenticity make clear why reporters love talking with Boynton.

Close Relationship with Long-Time Boyfriend Rami Malek

Part of Lucy’s draw comes from her adorable real-life partnership with boyfriend Rami Malek. As the story goes, they met on set while filming Bohemian Rhapsody and have been together ever since.

Over four years later, Lucy and Rami still express clear admiration and affection for each other in public. Fans find their evident commitment and humor as a couple very heartwarming.

Red Carpet Moments

A gaze at video and photos of Lucy and Rami on red carpets leaves no doubt to their feelings. Some especially sweet examples:

  • Kissing and nuzzling each other at the 2022 Oscars
  • Rami kissing Lucy’s hand when introducing her at an event
  • Lucy looking thrilled in a candid shot of Rami embracing her at the 2020 SAG Awards

Support for Each Other’s Careers

As their busy acting careers keep them globe-trotting to filming locations, they stay loyal and connected.

“We check in a lot because we’re both working in different places, so we try to stay really connected,” Lucy told Net-a-Reporter.

And they often visit each other’s sets when they can, as when Lucy brought Rami lunch on the set of Gurney Productions’ Black Friday.

Her Close Bonds with Bohemian Rhapsody Co-Stars

Rami Malek isn’t the only dear friend Lucy made on the Bohemian Rhapsody set. She formed lasting bonds with Ben Hardy (Roger Taylor) and Gwilym Lee (Brian May) as well. Fans enjoy seeing their heartfelt dynamic together even now.

They call themselves “The Bandemy” as a nod to their continuing friendship years later.

Sweet Stories of Their Connection

All three men made social media posts cheering Lucy on when Netflix released her 2022 film The Pale Blue Eye. Beyond online support, they meet up regularly despite busy schedules.

Hardy has said of Boynton: “[She’s] such a lovely human being, so down to earth, incredibly hard-working. We’re great friends, all four of us.”

Including a playful spirit – Gwilym Lee admits they loved pranking “the lovely Lucy Boynton all day long” on set. But clearly from a place of mutual caring.

Their continued kinship years later shows Lucy instills incredible devotion in those close to her.

Standout Sense of Style

With a daring fashion sense beyond her years, Lucy draws attention and gushing fans whenever she hits a red carpet or public event. As a Chanel brand ambassador and muse to designer Ashley Williams, she rocks whimsy and retro glamour with stylish ease.

Met Gala Looks

Fashionistas eagerly await Lucy’s attire at each Met Gala, where she unfailingly brings dramatic allure. A few signature looks include:

  • Ethereal multi-toned pastel gown with sheer sleeves and volumes of tulle
  • Black velvet dress with exaggerated hips and bell sleeves for a bit of Victorian vampiress edge

She knows how to keep fans guessing what style move she’ll try next on fashion’s biggest night.

Updates on Classic Styling

Boynton also modernizes retro influences for a uniquely hip vibe. Under her stylists Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson, Lucy catches eyes effortlessly:

  • Testing the waters with 60s-inspired mini-dresses and knee-high leather boots
  • Channeling 70s Bohemian glam with fluid dresses and cascading curls

While daring to test style boundaries, Lucy’s fashion choices remain consistently classy and elegant.

Passionate Advocacy for Important Causes

Beyond her acting and style, Lucy uses her growing celebrity platform to raise awareness around social and health issues important to her. Rather than shying away from politics, she voices insightful perspectives on complex topics.

Candid Talk About Women’s Health

Never one to fake easy answers, Boynton contributes refreshing candor and nuance talking about women’s reproductive rights. She has commented thoughtfully on her own abortion at age 18 and the importance of bodily autonomy.

In a 2022 interview with Porter magazine, she reflected:

I don’t feel any shame or guilt around the decision that was right for me. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t something valid to struggle with or that my experience contradicts somebody else’s.

Such insight reveals her ability to honor the many complex experiences people face. Fans appreciate her openness aiming to expand compassion.

Research and Support for Social Causes

Lucy also aligns herself with charities and non-profits doing good work that matters to her. Especially issues impacting marginalized groups.

A sampling of her advocacy work:

  • Supporting mental health resource The Jed Foundation as a Mental Health Ambassador
  • Backing the Black Lives Matter movement publicly
  • Partnering with nonprofit She is the Music promoting women in music

Rather than chasing fame for its own sake, Lucy lends her growing influence to empower others.

Conclusion – Authenticity and Compassion Make Lucy a Fan Favorite

In just a few short years, Lucy Boynton has marked herself as an actress to keep awed eyes on. With mesmerizing performances and award-worthy acting talent, she has range well beyond her years.

Yet despite amassing critical acclaim, stylist stardom, and a famous boyfriend, Lucy remains down-to-earth and open-hearted. Her humor and passion shine through.

Both onscreen and off, Lucy wins people over through authenticity and compassion. She uses all aspects her artsy persona – acting skill, style smarts, interview candor, causes she cares for – to send messages of understanding.

Rather than pretending perfection, Lucy speaks thoughtfully from her own experiences. She cherishes deep bonds with loved ones and advocates for those needing support. Her refreshing genuineness makes Lucy Boynton easy to adore for who she truly is.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Love Lucy Boynton

What was Lucy Boynton’s breakout role?

Lucy first captured widespread attention with her nuanced performance in the 2018 film Bohemian Rhapsody as Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury’s closest confidante and love of his life.

What awards or nominations has Lucy Boynton earned?

For her acclaimed performance in Bohemian Rhapsody, Lucy earned Best Supporting Actress nominations from the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards and Georgia Film Critics Association in 2019.

What are some of Lucy’s most beloved early roles?

Many fans first fell for Lucy’s acting in the 2007 TV series Ballet Shoes where she played the ambitious young ballerina Posy Fossil. She also shined in two 2016 episodes of Murdoch Mysteries as daring aristocrat Mariah Morgan.

How did Lucy Boynton meet boyfriend Rami Malek?

Lucy and Rami met in 2017 when they were both cast as leads in Bohemian Rhapsody – Lucy as Mary Austin and Rami as Freddie Mercury. Their romantic relationship reportedly began during filming.

Who are Lucy’s closest celebrity friends?

Lucy formed lasting bonds with her Bohemian Rhapsody co-stars, especially Ben Hardy and Gwilym Lee who played Queen bandmates Roger Taylor and Brian May. The foursome lovingly refer to themselves as “The Bandemy”.

What makes Lucy Boynton’s fashion style unique?

As a Chanel brand ambassador and muse for designer Ashley Williams, Lucy shows daring and retro influences on red carpets and in photo shoots. Her elegant fusion of indie whimsy and 60s/70s glam keeps fashionistas enthralled.

What social causes is Lucy Boynton passionate about?

Lucy openly discusses women’s reproductive rights and the complexity around abortion access. She also advocates for mental health resources by partnering with non-profits like The Jed Foundation. Additionally, she supports racial justice reforms and groups empowering women in arts and music.

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