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Why Do People Love John Candy?

John Candy had an uncanny ability to make people laugh. With his expressive face and lovable persona, Candy delighted audiences in classic comedy films like “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” “Spaceballs,” “Uncle Buck,” and “Cool Runnings.”

Relatable Personality

Part of what made Candy so beloved was his relatable everyman personality. Despite his success, he didn’t put on airs. He seemed like someone you could have a beer with. Audiences saw themselves and their family members in the characters he played.

Memorable Comic Performances

Candy created some truly iconic comedic performances. As the shower ring salesman Del Griffith in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” he embodied optimism in the face of mishaps. In “Uncle Buck,” his childlike antics showed the fun side of parenting. Candy had a knack for bringing heart and humor to characters.

Memorable John Candy Characters Movie
Del Griffith Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Uncle Buck Uncle Buck
Barf Spaceballs
Irving Blitzer Cool Runnings

Lasting Impact on Comedy

John Candy influenced a new generation of comics. Celebrities like Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Melissa McCarthy, and Jay Baruchel have all talked about the impact Candy had on their career and comedy style. His ability to steal scenes and improvise lines left a mark on Hollywood.

Charitable Spirit Lifted Others Up

Beyond comedy and acting, John Candy was known for his generous spirit and commitment to causes close to his heart. He used his fame to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Generous With Time and Money

Candy frequently donated time and money to charity events supporting kids, the homeless population, and health-related causes like diabetes research. Accounts suggest that Candy was never able to say no to charities asking for his help. He had a soft spot for people in need.

Passionate Supporter of Canada

As a proud Canadian, Candy was dedicated to supporting his home country. He invested in Canadian productions and films to nurture talent and stories from his homeland. Candy also was an part owner of the Toronto Argonauts football team. He dreamed of bringing another championship back to the city.

Inspired Other Celebrities

By setting an example with his philanthropic efforts and kindness, John Candy motivated other celebrities to give back. His friend Wayne Gretzky said Candy inspired him to get more involved in charity work. Actor and director Ron Howard called Candy “the least judgmental person” who cared for those less fortunate.

Personality Brought People Together

With his gregarious personality and playful humor, John Candy had a talent for bringing people together. He built community and forged bonds between friends and strangers alike.

Became Friends with Crew Members

Part of Candy’s appeal was that he didn’t distance himself from film crews. He got to know them and treated them as friends. Reports from set describe lively parties and social activities thanks to Candy’s outgoing nature. He helped reduce tensions and foster better collaboration.

Made People Feel Included

No matter someone’s status or role, Candy had a way of making them feel welcome. His humor and humility allowed him to connect with all types of people. Candy would reportedly talk sports, politics or entertainment with anyone from a studio head to a grip.

Helped Other Actors Shine

While a talented comedian himself, Candy was generous on-screen and helped more reserved actors thrive. His friend and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” co-star Steve Martin said Candy’s people skills brought out his best performance. John Hughes said Candy elevated scenes and made those around him better.

Authenticity Connected with Fans

Beyond just laughter and entertainment, John Candy offered audiences authenticity. He never pretended to be someone else. The genuineness people saw on-screen translated into devoted fandom.

Didn’t Hide His Struggles

While Candy brought plenty of laughs, he was open about real life struggles. He spoke candidly in interviews about his battles with alcohol, drugs, weight and more. At a time when many celebrities tried to hide their flaws, Candy’s honesty was refreshing.

Valued Family and Friends

Despite wealth and fame, Candy stayed devoted to family and close friends he knew before becoming famous. He brought his kids on set and called his parents regularly when traveling. Candy showed fame didn’t have to change your values.

Appreciated Every Opportunity

Having started from humble beginnings in Toronto, Candy never took his success for granted. He often talked of being “this kid from Canada” just amazed he could make movies and work with his heroes. Candy always showed gratitude for his opportunities.

John Candy Movies Year Released
Stripes 1981
National Lampoon’s Vacation 1983
Splash 1984
Summer Rental 1985
Spaceballs 1987


In conclusion, people loved John Candy because his comedy brought pure joy and laughter into their lives. With his relatable everyman personality, he created heartfelt, memorable characters people related to and quoted for years.

Beyond being funny on-screen, Candy uplifted people’s spirits off-screen too, thanks to his charitable generosity and ability to unite people through the bonds of humor and authenticity.

Though he passed too soon, John Candy’s legacy lives on through the many smiles and belly laughs he still brings fans both old and new even decades later. Clearly, his humor and humility represented the best in all of us.

Frequently Asked Questions About John Candy

Here are answers to some common questions people have about beloved actor/comedian John Candy:

How did John Candy get his start in entertainment?

Candy got his start performing comedy skits and characters with Toronto’s Second City comedy troupe in the 1970s. This improv training and experience helped him develop his acting talents.

What was John Candy’s big breakout role?

Many cite Candy’s role as secretary of defense in the 1981 Bill Murray military comedy “Stripes” as his breakout part. The film was a surprise hit and brought Candy mainstream attention.

What films cemented Candy’s star status?

Back-to-back roles in comedy classics “Splash” and “National Lampoon’s Vacation” made Candy one of the most sought-after comedic actors in Hollywood during the mid 80s. He stole scenes in both films.

Did Candy do dramatic roles or just comedy?

While best known for comedy, Candy showed off acting depth in 1991’s “Only the Lonely,” playing a shy Chicago cop in love with a mortician. The bittersweet role earned Candy acclaim as a serious actor.

How tall was John Candy?

John Candy’s height was a considerable 6 feet 3 inches tall. His larger-than-life stature added physical comedy elements to many of his memorable characterizations on screen.

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