Why Do People Love Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner is one of the most famous and influential people in the world today. At just 25 years old, she has built a beauty empire, become a reality TV star, and amassed over 300 million followers on Instagram. But why exactly do so many people love and admire Kylie Jenner? Here are some of the main reasons:

She Built Her Cosmetics Company From Scratch

In 2015, at age 18, Kylie launched her own cosmetics company called Kylie Cosmetics. She started by selling $29 lip kits containing a lip liner and matching lipstick. The first product launch sold out in less than a minute. Since then, Kylie has expanded her product line to include eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters, and more. She built her company from the ground up and is now estimated to be worth $900 million.

Many people admire Kylie’s entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy. She had a vision to create quality makeup products and took action to make it happen at a very young age. Now Kylie Cosmetics is one of the most influential beauty brands in the world.

She Leveraged Social Media to Build Her Brand

A major part of Kylie’s success can be attributed to her strategic use of social media. She has one of the largest followings on Instagram with over 300 million followers. Kylie engages with her fans regularly, giving them a behind-the-scenes look at her glamorous lifestyle.

She also often announces new product launches and promotions on her social accounts. This allows her to market directly to her loyal followers who eagerly buy whatever she releases. Kylie understands the power of social media and uses it to her advantage as an influencer and businesswoman.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs look up to Kylie for how she harnessed social media to build her personal brand and promote her business. Her mastery of marketing via Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter sets an example for other young people looking to leverage online platforms.

She Rebranded Her Image and Took Control of Her Narrative

When Kylie first appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians as a child, she was portrayed as the quiet younger sister who struggled with her self-image. As she got older, Kylie took control over how she presented herself to the world. She got lip fillers and dramatically transformed her look.

Kylie then used social media to showcase her new glamorous lifestyle full of flashy cars, designer clothes, and mansions. This rebrand helped shed her shy girl image. It also contributed to her beauty influence as people admired her lip kits and makeup looks.

Many found Kylie’s rebrand to be inspirational – she refused to be boxed in by other people’s narratives about who she was. Instead, she took charge to create an aspirational personal brand that resonated with her target audience. Her confident persona inspires people, especially young women, to embrace their power and sensuality.

She’s Extremely Wealthy and Successful

As a master of personal branding and influencer marketing, Kylie has amassed an enormous fortune at a young age. She was named the youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes in 2019 at age 21 (although the billionaire status was rescinded due to questions about Kylie Cosmetics’ revenue).

Regardless, Kylie’s wealth and success are undeniable. She owns multiple luxury cars and mansions, always appears in designer outfits and jewelry, and takes lavish vacations around the world.

Many people aspire to build the level of wealth Kylie has achieved. She represents living the dream for those striving for financial success and freedom. Even with her famous family, people recognize the work Kylie put in to build her own lucrative career and brand.

She Shows Vulnerability and Authenticity On Social Media

While curating an image of wealth and glamour, Kylie also shows her real, vulnerable sides on social media. She has been open about her insecurities growing up in front of the cameras on KUWTK. Kylie also posted candid photos and videos after giving birth to her daughter Stormi, embracing her postpartum body.

These genuine moments foster a connection and sense of authenticity between Kylie and her followers. Fans feel like they get to see the real her amidst the perfect Instagram photos. This balance of aspirational content and vulnerability makes people relate to and root for Kylie as she navigates fame, business, and motherhood.

She Reinvented Her Look and Inspires People to Be Confident

As mentioned, Kylie underwent a major makeover in her teen years with lip fillers, hair styling, and fashion. She was open about using fillers to enhance her lips which many teens and young adults saw as empowering. Kylie inspired people to not be ashamed of cosmetic procedures and to use style to boost confidence.

On a broader level, Kylie’s entire rebrand from insecure teen to sexy boss babe inspires confidence in her fans. Her switch from wallflower to bombshell motivates people to push their insecurities aside and embrace self-love. Kylie shows that with the right attitude and look, you can take on the world. For many, she represents a fearless, sexy, fun, and powerful woman to aspire to be.

People Love Her Devotion to Her Family

While famous for her brand and glam life, Kylie also shows great love and devotion to her family. She often posts sweet tributes on social media to her daughter, Stormi, who she calls her “bestie.” Kylie also seems very close to her mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kendall and Kim.

Fans admire how she balances her empire with quality time as a mom. Kylie has said that having Stormi made her more driven to succeed. But she also takes breaks to focus on her daughter. Her close-knit family dynamic provides respite from the nonstop grind of fame and business.

She’s an Open Book on Social Media

As mentioned earlier, people feel an intimate connection to Kylie because she’s so open on social media. No part of her life is off limits – she shares her daily routines, special moments with Stormi, vacation pics, pregnancy journey, and even causes of insecurity. Followers love this behind-the-scenes look into her real life beyond the headlines and staged photoshoots.

Kylie engages constantly with fans on Twitter and Instagram, answering questions and posting stories. You get the uncensored, unfiltered Kylie experience. This openness allows superfans to feel like they truly know the “real her.” For a celebrity of her stature, her transparency and vulnerability are unique.

She Persevered Through Personal Tragedy and Challenges

While Kylie seems to live a charmed life, it hasn’t come without setbacks and tragedies. Her former boyfriend Tyga and Stormi’s father Travis Scott have caused romantic drama that played out in the media. In 2019, Kylie’s best friend Jordyn Woods betrayed her by allegedly hooking up with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend.

That same year, Kylie suffered a health scare that required her to be hospitalized and have surgery. Through these challenges and painful moments, Kylie persevered and continued succeeding. Her resilience inspires fans who have endured their own relationship troubles or health issues. They admire her mental strength.

She’s a Supportive Friend

Despite high-profile betrayals, Kylie has formed close friendships with her “glam squad” who are continually by her side. She supports friends like Stassie Baby and Yris Palmer by promoting their brands and small businesses. For her birthday, Kylie bought her best friend a $72,000 purse to show her gratitude.

Fans love seeing these sincere friendships amidst the fickle Hollywood social scene. Plus Kylie’s generous support of friends starting out shows her loyalty. Many aspire to have friendships like hers that stand the test of fame and fortune.

She Celebrates Her Sexuality and Confidence

Earlier in life, Kylie covered up and felt insecure about her body. But she did a 180 and now unapologetically flaunts her curves in revealing outfits and swimwear. She exudes confidence in her desirability and sex appeal.

This inspires young women and moms to embrace their sensuality too. Kylie breaking taboos around female sexuality sets an example for her followers to be bold and flaunt what they have. She represents a woman freely celebrating her body rather than conforming to arbitrary modesty standards.

She Lives a Glamorous, Luxurious Lifestyle

Who doesn’t love the trappings of amazing wealth – designer bags, couture outfits, multi-million dollar mansions, exotic supercars, and tropical getaways?

Kylie gives people an enticing look at the luxe life through her nonstop social media posts. Fans get to live vicariously through her and admire the fruits of wild financial success. It’s an escape for the average person who may never get close to that level of glamour.

Some key aspects of Kylie’s enviable lifestyle that followers obsess over include:

  • Her jet-setting in private planes and yachts to destinations like Paris, Tokyo, the Bahamas
  • Luxury vehicles like Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, Lamborghinis in bright custom colors
  • An endless collection of Chanel, Hermes, LV bags and designer shoes
  • Jewelry and accessories worth millions – watch collections, diamond rings and necklaces
  • Multi-million dollar modern mansions with huge closets, home gyms, and pools
  • Glam squad making her look flawless for appearances and events
  • Exotic vacations to places like Bora Bora and Fiji where she takes private villas
  • Top beauty treatments like lasers, massages, nail care – the ultimate self-care
  • Chef-prepared meals, the best of everything money can buy

For fans, keeping up with Kylie’s non-stop first-class lifestyle on Instagram is a thrill ride – the ultimate in celebrity escapism.

Why Do Haters Dislike Kylie Jenner?

While Kylie Jenner is one of the most popular celebrities globally, she also has her fair share of haters and critics. Here are some of the main reasons people dislike Kylie:

Claims She’s Not “Self-Made”

When Forbes dubbed Kylie the youngest “self-made” billionaire, it sparked major backlash. Critics argued that she was born rich and famous because of her family’s privilege and connections. She didn’t build her wealth “on her own” given she had a huge platform from Keeping Up with the Kardashians from childhood.

Many believe she exploits her family’s brand and success while pretending to be “self-made” to appear more impressive. Her opportunities set her miles ahead of regular people trying to be entrepreneurs. Detractors think Kylie downplays her advantages while taking sole credit for her business empire.

Questionable Work Ethic

In tandem with claims she’s not self-made, critics often question Kylie’s work ethic. They argue she doesn’t really put in hard work designing products, running her company, or creating content. Instead, she pays other people and consultants to do the heavy lifting while she takes a cut for slapping her name on products and posting selfies.

Kylie’s lavish vacations and glam lifestyle make her seem disconnected from the realities of building a brand with blood, sweat, and tears. People claim she parties her way through life while her team does the grunt work.

Plastic Surgery Speculation

As she transformed from an awkward tween to an Instagram bombshell, many speculated that Kylie relied heavily on plastic surgery. Critics accused her of lying about only using temporary lip fillers while also augmenting her breasts, butt, face shape, and more.

Kylie adamantly denying undergoing a head-to-toe makeover made sceptics more suspicious. Several surgeons have analyzed “before and after” photos to point out tell-tale signs of cosmetic procedures. Her completely transformed look fuels accusations of excessive artificial enhancement and deception.

Promoting Unhealthy Beauty Standards

Kylie is frequently condemned for promoting unrealistic beauty ideals to young girls who comprise much of her fanbase. Critics slam her hours of makeup and hair prep for flawed “reality” shows and social posts.

They also argue Kylie relies too heavily on photo editing and filters to achieve an artificial curvy Barbie look. Her overtly sexualized persona and styling choices also draw criticism. Overall, many believe Kylie propagates toxic beauty standards and perfectionism.

Alleged Cultural Appropriation

Kylie has been accused of cultural appropriation and stealing looks from black culture. She wore her hair in cornrows and dreadlocks while vacationing in Jamaica. Kylie rocked a traditional pink Sari while visiting India despite not being connected to Indian culture.

Critics have also called out her significantly darker skin in some promotional images for looking like “blackface.” Overall, many believe Kylie uses pieces of minority cultures and ethnicities as costumes to spice up her image when convenient.

Flaunting Wealth in Hard Times

During difficult eras like the pandemic and recession, people criticized Kylie for flaunting obscene wealth. They deemed it insensitive and distasteful for her to constantly show off $300,000 handbags, cushy vacations, and private jets.

While enjoying her best life, many “regular” people lost jobs, dealt with illnesses, and struggled financially. Her ostentatious displays of wealth seemed to ignore the grim realities facing her fans. Critics felt Kylie took for granted all she was blessed with.

Toxic Relationship Drama

Kylie has repeatedly gone back to troubled rapper Travis Scott, with whom she shares two children. Their rocky on-again, off-again relationship has caused drama amidst cheating rumors and Scott’s dangerous Astroworld concert.

Critics argue Kylie prioritizes men over her own wellbeing and sets a poor example for how women should expect to be treated. Her relationships display red flags, per critics.

Alleged Diva Behavior

Tabloids and critics often paint Kylie as a spoiled brat and diva. There have been rumors of outrageous demands she makes as celebrity appearances and poor treatment of staff.

An infamous incident involved making Kendall Jenner’s assistants carry her up the stairs due to her tight dress. Tales of Kylie’s rude and self-entitled behavior fuel dislike from those offended by diva antics. They argue fame has inflated her ego.

Why Do People Keep Up with the Kardashians?

The Kardashian-Jenner family has been a fixture in American pop culture for over a decade. Their hit reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians ran for 20 seasons. Here are some top reasons people have been so enthralled by the famous family all these years:

They Live Glamorous, Luxurious Lifestyles

The Kardashians flaunt immense wealth including designer clothes, luxury cars, first-class travel, and mansions. People love getting a glimpse into their decadent lifestyles most can only dream of. Seeing their mansions, famous friends, and exotic vacations provides an escape and fantasy fulfillment.

Drama and Conflict

While they live a charmed life in many ways, the Kardashian-Jenners also face constant drama – relationship issues, betrayals, scandals, and more. Their lives are anything but stress-free. The high-stakes conflicts they navigate keep viewers hooked and invested emotionally.


Underneath the wealth and fame, the Kardashians deal with real-life issues all families face – heartbreak, health problems, evolving dynamics, identity struggles. This blend of relatable challenges amidst the fantasy lifestyle helps fans connect.

Kylie’s Transformation

Fans were enthralled watching Kylie grow up on the show and dramatically reinvent herself into a glamazon mogul. Her journey resonated with young viewers also figuring out their identity. Kylie evolving mirrored her fans maturing along with her.

Behind the Headlines

The Kardashians live in the public eye, but the show reveals who they are behind the tabloid gossip. Seeing their reactions to scandals and events lets fans sympathize and understand their perspective.

Bond of Sisterhood

The close sisterhood between Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie provides comfort and inspiration. Despite some typical sister spats, their genuine love and loyalty for each other shines through. Fans admire their strong family bond.

Kris Jenner – Momager Extraordinaire

Matriarch Kris steers the family empire with iron resolve. People are fascinated by Kris’ laser focus on her daughters’ success and her brilliant management of the family “brand.” Watching Kris in spin mode is always entertaining.

Beauty and Fashion Icon Status

The Kardashians set major style trends with their fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. Fans loved getting beauty/styling tips and bathing in the glamour of their designer wardrobes. Watching them defined aspirational beauty standards.

Cultural Impact on Language and Trends

From “momager” to “ugly cry face,” the Kardashians permeated pop culture and everyday language. Their social media obsession and selfie-centric lifestyles also influenced how people interact online and seek attention. They undeniably shaped 2010s and 2020s culture.

They’re Ubiquitous

Between their huge social media presence, TV show, endorsements deals, and headlines, the Kardashians are everywhere. Ignoring them is nearly impossible. People figure if they’ll unavoidably see the family constantly, they may as well keep up!

Interest in Kylie’s Business Ventures

Fans watched Kylie grow from a shy kid to a mogul running a cosmetics empire. Her launch of Kylie Cosmetics and later skincare line fascinated viewers interested in entrepreneurship and marketing.

Insight into Fame’s Effects

Watching the Kardashians deal with the limelight shows both the perks and downsides of celebrity. Fans get insight into how fame changes

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