Why Do People Love Malia Obama?

Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama, has grown up in the public eye. Despite the pressures of being a president’s child, Malia has remained remarkably poised, mature and down-to-earth. She has managed to cultivate an image that is both elegant and relatable. Here is an in-depth look at why Malia Obama is so admired and beloved by many.

Her Grace Under Pressure

Being the president’s daughter comes with intense scrutiny. Malia has been photographed constantly since she was 10 years old when her father took office. Despite the lack of privacy, Malia has handled the pressure incredibly well.

Remaining True to Herself

Malia has stayed true to herself throughout the years. She focuses on her education and enjoys typical teenage activities like going to music festivals, hanging out with friends, and even getting a summer job. She doesn’t pretended to be someone she’s not. Her authenticity makes her relatable.

Keeping Composure in Public

Malia has kept her composure despite being in the public eye. There are plenty of photographs of her going about her daily life from getting coffee to walking her dogs. In all of them, she carries herself with elegance and maturity. She does not play to the cameras or have public outbursts. Her graceful demeanor in the face of nonstop attention is admirable.

Focusing on Education

Education has remained Malia’s number one priority. She graduated from high school with honors and took a gap year before starting at Harvard in 2017. She has maintained excellent grades at Harvard as an English major. Her focus on academics shows a drive to succeed on her own merits.

Her Maturity and Work Ethic

Malia exhibits a wisdom and work ethic beyond her years. Many respect how she carries herself as a young adult.

Delaying College for Gap Year

After graduating high school, Malia took a gap year before starting Harvard. She used that time to travel, gain work experience, and have one last break before college. This demonstrates maturity to delay gratification and take time to expand her worldview.

Handling College Transition

The transition to college can be challenging, but Malia met it with grace. She settled into her Harvard dorm like any other student. She made new friends and focused on her classes without letting being a “celebrity” student go to her head.

Working Summer Jobs

Malia has worked summer service jobs just like many other students. She interned on the set of HBO’s Girls in 2015 and at the U.S. Embassy in Spain in 2016. This shows her willingness to work hard.

Living Independently in NYC

After graduating Harvard in 2021, Malia moved to Brooklyn, New York. She now works for the Amazon show Goliath and lives out of the spotlight. Her independent life after college highlights her determination to build her own career.

Her Likeable Personality

By all accounts, Malia is a warm, grounded, and fun-loving young woman. Her charming personality makes her someone many people would want to befriend.

Sense of Humor

Malia has a goofy, hilarious side that peeks through occasionally. She finds ways to laugh and smile even amidst the pressure. Her humor makes her endearing.

Artistic Interests

Malia shares her passion for photography on her Instagram account. She has an artistic eye and appreciation for capturing cool moments. This makes her interesting.

Loyal Relationships

Malia has maintained several close friendships since she was young. She also seems to have a good relationship with her parents and sister. Her commitment to family and friends is admirable.

Relatable Interests

Despite her unusual upbringing, Malia enjoys many of the same things as other people her age. She loves music, writing, traveling and more. Her relatable hobbies and passions make her easy to like.

Her Sense of Fashion

One fun aspect of Malia’s public life is that people have been able to watch her fashion sense evolve over the years. Her trendy, chic style always garners praise.

Childhood and Teenage Style

As a young child and into her teenage years, Malia dressed well in pretty, age-appropriate clothing. But there were no stand-out looks just yet.

Developing Her Own Style

In high school and college, Malia began cultivating her own personal style. She blended modern pieces with retro influences. Her outfits were fashionable yet accessible.

Post-College Fashion Sense

Now that she lives in New York City and works in media, Malia’s fashion is bold and trendy. She wears sleek boots, stylish coats, and fun accessories. People love seeing how she puts outfits together.

Highlights Fashion of Black Designers

Malia makes sure to highlight fashion from Black designers like Hanifa, Christopher John Rogers, and Telfar. Her taste provides exposure.

Inspires Affordable Copycat Outfits

Fans love trying to recreate Malia’s outfits affordably. Bloggers track down her exact or similar items to help people emulate her style. Her fashion is influential.

Her Private Life

Much of Malia’s life remains intentionally private. But the small glimpses she allows are often relatable and humanizing.

Keeps Romances Private

Unlike many celebrities, Malia does not flaunt her romantic relationships in public. She keeps that aspect of her life private and drama-free.

Quiet Social Media Presence

Malia does not post constantly on social media or try to draw attention to herself online. She uses it minimally to share occasional life updates. Her quiet presence keeps focus on her character, not popularity.

Releases Personal Photos Occasionally

Every so often Malia will share personal photos of her life on Instagram. These provide just enough connection to make her feel approachable, without overexposing herself.

Lives Out of the Spotlight Now

Since graduating college Malia has been living a relatively normal life in New York City out of the constant political spotlight. Only occasional paparazzi photos emerge. This return to relative privacy shows her determination to find balance.

Her Political Legacy

While Malia did not choose the public life, there are valuable legacies she carries from being part of a history-making First Family.

Role Model for Black Girls

Seeing a biracial Black girl grow up as a president’s daughter provided a powerful role model for girls of color. Malia’s presence on the national stage was inspiring.

Rare Perspective on History

Malia bears witness to unique perspectives on historic moments – like her father’s election and serving during his administration. These are perspectives worth learning from.

Example of Public Service

Malia was raised in a family devoted to public service. That upbringing seems to have instilled in her a determination to contribute meaningfully to society in her own way.

Symbol of Progress

Malia’s very existence as a biracial girl born to an Ivy League educated Black lawyer and political pioneer illustrates America’s progress on race and gender equality, even though more progress is needed.


In conclusion, Malia Obama is admired and beloved for handling immense pressure with grace and maturity from a young age. She remains remarkably down-to-earth and focused on her education and growth as a person. Her natural humor, artistic talents, loyal nature, and care for family make her personality engaging and fun. Malia’s fashion sense evolves in relatable ways that influence affordable style.

She maintains enough privacy to live well, while allowing some glimpses into her world. And as part of a historic First Family, Malia will always represent progress and public service. For all of these reasons, it is clear why Malia Obama has become such an icon that people look to with affection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Malia Obama

Why is Malia Obama so famous?

Malia is famous for being the daughter of former U.S. president Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. She grew up in the public eye during her father’s presidential campaigns and eight years in office.

What does Malia Obama do for a living now?

After graduating from Harvard University in 2021 with an English degree, Malia moved to Brooklyn, New York. She now works as a screenwriter on Donald Glover’s Amazon show Goliath.

Who pays for Malia Obama’s college tuition and lifestyle expenses?

The Obamas covered Malia and her sister Sasha’s college tuition and living expenses themselves. This was done through Barack Obama’s book deals and the family’s overall wealth.

Does Malia Obama still receive Secret Service protection?

Yes, as the daughter of a former president, Malia still receives Secret Service protection, likely for life. The level of protection is lower now than during her time in the White House.

What was Malia Obama’s childhood like?

Despite growing up with very public parents, Malia had a relatively normal American childhood. She attended Sidwell Friends private school in D.C. along with her sister. At the White House, they had to follow rules like making their own beds and doing chores.

Is Malia Obama active on social media?

Malia has an Instagram account but does not post very actively. She uses her account to share occasional photos from her life post-White House. But she values her privacy and does not seek out social media fame.

Where did Malia Obama attend college?

Malia took a gap year after graduating high school in 2016. She then attended Harvard University starting in 2017, majoring in English. She graduated from Harvard in 2021.

What is Malia Obama’s current net worth?

While Malia has likely earned money from her screenwriting work, her net worth is not public knowledge. As a recent college graduate beginning her career, her net worth is not likely very high yet.

Is Malia Obama dating anyone?

Malia keeps her dating and romantic life very private. While there was heavy media speculation about who she was dating in college, she never publicly confirmed any relationships. Her current relationship status is unknown.

How tall is Malia Obama?

Malia is reported to be around 5’9” – 5’10” tall. She is very tall, towering over her 5’11” father Barack Obama and 5’6″ mother Michelle Obama in photos.

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