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Why Do People Love Mohamed Salah?

Mohamed Salah has become one of the most beloved football players in the world. As a star for Liverpool Football Club and the Egyptian national team, his electrifying play and humble persona have earned him millions of fans across the globe. But what is it exactly about Mohamed Salah that makes people love him so much?

Exceptional Talent and Success

One of the biggest reasons Mohamed Salah is so admired is due to his extraordinary talent as a footballer. Since joining Liverpool in 2017, Salah’s goal-scoring prowess, dribbling skills, and creative vision have made him into one of the most dangerous attackers in the sport.

He has put up incredible numbers, scoring over 150 goals for Liverpool already. In 2017-2018 he set a new Premier League record for goals in a 38-game season with 32. That same year he led Liverpool to the Champions League Final and was named UEFA Champions League Player of the Season.

Mohamed Salah’s Scoring Statistics

SeasonGoals Scored

This type of world-class production year after year has put Salah firmly in the conversation as one of the top five players in football. His blazing speed, deft touches, and curling left-footed strikes make him a threat to score every time he steps onto the pitch.

Humble and Passionate Personality

While some superstar athletes are known for being arrogant or aloof, Mohamed Salah has earned a reputation for being humble, gracious, and passionate. Despite his fame and success, he remains extraordinarily grounded and connected to his roots.

Salah speaks often about his hometown of Nagrig, Egypt and how his family and friends from childhood still motivate him. When Liverpool won the Champions League in 2019, rather than partying all night Salah was spotted the next morning quietly picking up litter left behind by fans.

He has used his platform and wealth for enormous good – donating money to build hospitals, schools, and vital infrastructure in Egypt. His generous philanthropy combined with warm interactions with supporters have made him adored for his uplifting spirit.

Meaning to Arabic and Muslim Communities

As one of the biggest Muslim sports celebrities in the world, Mohamed Salah has become an icon for Arabic people and Muslims in general. With Arabic worlds struggling amidst political unrest and conflict, Salah’s success brings hope and inspiration. As the first Egyptian player to truly break through in Europe’s biggest leagues, he carries the pride and dreams of a nation.

Chants of local Arabic phrases for Salah can be heard non-stop at Liverpool matches home and away. After Salah scores he often drops to the ground and performs sujood, a Muslim prayer position, highlighting a devotion deeper than sport. For Muslim fans his example provides a meaningful counterpoint to harmful stereotypes.

Other Reasons Fans Can’t Get Enough

In addition to his special talent and character, several other factors play into why Mohamed Salah has such massive appeal:

His goal celebrations – Salah has some of the most memorable goal celebrations in the game, usually sliding on knees with arms wide or dancing with pure joy. These celebrations highlight a passion fans find infectious.

His social media presence – On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Salah engages with supporters with humility and grace. His posts garner engagements rates normally reserved for pop stars, not footballers.

His underdog mentality – Despite all his individual and team honors, Salah maintains an underdog mentality for both club and country. Earning respect for Liverpool and Egypt drives him to work harder and exceed expectations.

His chemistry with teammates – Salah maintains incredible chemistry with teammates like Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino. How they interplay, celebrate together, and push each other creates a bond fans love about Liverpool’s attacking trio.

His style – Even off the pitch Salah has style that gets attention. His iconic goal celebrations are often imitated by supporters. He has inspired fans to cut their hair into a “Salah top knot” style modeled after his signature upright mohawk look.

Is Mohamed Salah the Most Famous African Footballer of All Time?

Without a doubt, Mohamed Salah’s combination of outrageous talent, unprecedented accomplishments, global popularity, and wholesome likeability make him not only the most famous current African footballer but likely the most famous African footballer of all time.

Names like Didier Drogba, George Weah, Yaya Toure, Jay Jay Okocha and more will always have a cherished placed in football lore. But none ever reached close to Salah’s sustained statistical production, commercial marketability and goodwill across continents the way Salah has.

He has just entered the prime peak years of his career. And with Liverpool still competing for major titles and Egypt continuing to work towards a World Cup breakthrough, Mohamed Salah still has many iconic moments ahead which will only amplify his already legendary profile. It’s fair to say the best is yet come for Africa’s brightest footballing talent.

Can Mohamed Salah Become a Top 3 All-Time Premier League Player?

Mohamed Salah’s first five seasons in the Premier League with Liverpool have already put him into the conversation as an all-time great PL player. But can he rise higher into the top 3? Let’s examine:

Case For Top 3 PL Status

There are several compelling facts which suggest Mohamed Salah may have a case for being a top 3 Premier League player ever:

  • Only player not named Shearer, Henry or Kane to score 125+ PL goals in his first 5 seasons
  • Most goals of ANY player after their first 150 Premier League appearances (118)
  • Only player to win PFA Player of the Year award twice (2018, 2022) along with PFA’s Fans Player of the Year twice.
  • Has already led league in goals two times (32 goals in 2017–18 and 22 goals in 2021-22)
  • Fastest player to score 100 goals for Liverpool in club history

Considering Salah just turned 30 years old, he likely has at least 3 prime years left to add to his individual honors and help Liverpool achieve more Premier League and Champions League glory. If he continues putting up huge numbers for an extended period, he could force himself into the names Shearer, Henry and Ronaldo among the best Premier League scorers ever.

Case Against Top 3 PL Status

The biggest obstacle for Salah in entering the Premier League’s all-time top 3 is competing against icons like Shearer, Henry, Ronaldo, Gerrard, Lampard and others who did it big for 10+ seasons. Salah only has 5 seasons of Premier League experience so far, much fewer than true legends of England’s top flight league.

Also, while individually brilliant there are some questions if Salah makes his teammates tangibly better the way legends like Henry or Shearer did. Finally, Salah has yet to win the Premier League’s most coveted team prize – the league title – while so many icons hoisted England’s biggest trophy.

So while on the current trajectory Mohamed Salah has the skills to keep climbing higher into Premier League scoring lore, he likely needs 2-3 more elite seasons including a title win to break the top 3 conversation.

How Does Mohamed Salah’s Appeal in England Compare to Other Leagues?

As Mohamed Salah destroys English Premier League defenses year after year for Liverpool, a fair question is how his popularity and profile in England compares other football mega-stars from Spain, Italy and other big European leagues. Let’s dive deeper:

Salah’s Popularity in England vs Other Stars in Their League

Based on commercial metrics and fan reactions, Mohamed Salah generates a comparable level of interest and followers in England to that of contemporary legends like Lionel Messi in Spain’s La Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo in Italy’s Serie A, or Kylian Mbappe in France’s Ligue 1.

His jersey is always the top seller both for Liverpool and league-wide each season. Social media engagement for Salah is enormous in UK/English fanbases. When Liverpool visit away stadiums, the cheers and songs for Salah drown out that of the home support. And his individual awards haul already puts him with England’s best ever players.

So even with other global icons also excelling currently, Mohamed Salah is just as relatively popular in his domestic English league as Messi, Ronaldo and Mbappe are currently in theirs.

Mohamed Salah’s Premier League Player of the Season Awards

AwardTimes Won
PFA Player’s Player2 (2018, 2022)
FWA Player2 (2018, 2022)
PFA Player2 (2018, 2022
Premier League Golden Boot3 (2018, 2019, 2022)

Could Salah Reach Messi/Ronaldo Levels?

For as impressive as Salah’s first five seasons in England have been, the scope of his fame and following still does not match truly transcendent athletes like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Those two have achieved a level of global superstardom that goes beyond any single league.

For Salah to reach Messi/Ronaldo stratosphere he likely needs two accomplishments:

Lead Liverpool to elusive Premier League title – Fair or not, legends in England are more often crowned once they lead their club to the league championship. If Salah spearheads a title, his profile would explode.

Take Egypt to World Cup Glory – For individual awards Salah has already entered the top echelon. But to be iconic he needs to will his country to achieve what no African nation has ever done – win the World Cup.

If either or both those feats happen still in his prime years, Mohamed Salah has a shot to rise from English star to genuine worldwide crossover icon.

Will Mohamed Salah Ever Win the Ballon d’Or? (H2)

The annual Ballon d’Or award for world footballer of the year represents one of the few major honors still missing from Mohamed Salah’s gleaming resume. Could a Ballon d’Or finally come his way in the next few years? An analysis:

Paths to Claim Ballon d’Or

There are two potential pathways where Salah could still take home a Ballon d’Or trophy:

Individual Stats Route

  • Salah continues putting up staggering offensive numbers for next 3 years
  • Extends record tallies for goals/assists early in PL career
  • Claims more PFA Player of the Year type individual awards
  • Secures one or two Premier League Golden Boots

Team Trophy Route

  • Finally helps Liverpool win elusive league title
  • Leads Liverpool to another Champions League trophy
  • Carries Egypt to long-awaited World Cup glory

Hoisting just one major team trophy as leader could give Salah the final boost to get a Ballon d’Or nod.

Competition Facing

The problem for Salah is that winning a Ballon d’Or will only get harder as he enters his 30s. Young megastars like Mbappe, Haaland and others have time on their side. And so long as legends Messi and Ronaldo still play, they command Ballon d’Or voter sentiment.

So while deserving of being in the conversation, the odds are stacked against Salah ever actually claiming a Ballon d’Or. But making a legitimate push would only add to his soaring iconic profile.

Could Mohamed Salah Ever Transfer from Liverpool? (H2)

As Mohamed Salah continues putting his name deeper into Liverpool and Premier League record books with prolific scoring seasons, it’s fair to wonder what would ever compel him to leave Merseyside. But could a blockbuster transfer still come to pass? There are two scenarios where it could materialize:

Scenario 1: Real Madrid Comes Calling

The only club right now with both the prestige and financial resources to possibly pry Mohamed Salah from Liverpool is Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Salah has hinted Madrid was his favorite childhood team. If the 13-time European champions come calling with a massive bid, it may prove too tempting to pass up for the Egyptian star, despite his affinity for Liverpool and its fans.

Scenario 2: Tension with Liverpool Over Contract

Thus far the relationship between Mohamed Salah and Liverpool remains incredibly strong with both sides happy. But the nature of modern football means tensions do emerge between clubs and stars over contracts and salaries.

IF for some reason new negotiations broke down and Liverpool lowballed Salah, he may feel offended enough to leave Anfield no matter his comfort there.

Chances of Actually Occurring

Unless one of those very specific scenarios play out, Mohamed Salah should remain a Liverpool player for the remainder of his prime. He has spoken openly about targeting Premier League history by winning multiple titles and has a special bond with manager Jurgen Klopp.

In all likelihood, the Mohamed Salah-Liverpool partnership continues rewriting record books for many more seasons.

Is Mohamed Salah Already Liverpool’s Best Ever Premier League Player?

In just five astonishing seasons at Anfield, Mohamed Salah has already etched his name all over Liverpool and Premier League record books. But does that mean he is already Liverpool’s best ever player strictly in the Premier League era? It’s actually a very tight discussion:

Case For Salah as Best LFC PL Player

  • Most Premier League goals (118) scored in first 150 appearances
  • 32 goals in debut 2017-18 campaign remains PL record
  • Only player in club’s PL era to win PFA Player of the Year twice (2018, 2022)
  • Ranks top 3 already in Liverpool Premier League goals (3rd all-time)
  • Nearly single-handedly won 2018-19 Champions League final with early penalty goal

Case Against Salah as Best LFC PL Player

While Mohamed Salah’s numbers are gaudy, he falls just short (for now) of Liverpool’s two biggest Premier League icons:

Steven Gerrard – no one embodies LFC spirit more than Stevie G
Luis Suarez – nearly won Liverpool the PL title all by himself in iconic 2013-14 season

But should Salah now deliver that elusive Premier League championship trophy to Liverpool in coming years – on top of all his existing honors – he would rightfully claim the title as Liverpool’s Premier League GOAT. Until then Gerrard and Suarez still edge ahead in club folklore.

Is Mohamed Salah More Beloved in Egypt or Liverpool?

Given Mohamed Salah’s deity-like status both in his native Egypt and his adopted football home Liverpool, an interesting debate emerges over where Salah ranks as a bigger icon and hero. Let’s dive deeper:

The Case for Egypt

For a country ravaged by political turmoil and struggling on the global stage, Mohamed Salah represents a lone shining beacon of national hope and pride. His success fundamentally cuts deeper to the psyche of Egyptians:

  • First true global Egyptian sports megastar
  • Seen as representing the hourly struggle of average citizens
  • Goals and celebrations watched in cafes/streets nationwide
  • Murals of his image visible on Cairo buildings everywhere

The Case for Liverpool

While maybe not as deeply personal as in Egypt, Mohamed Salah has become an equally powerful figurehead to fans of Liverpool football:

  • Fastest to score 100 goals in Liverpool history
  • Already ranks top 3 in Premier League scoring
  • “Egyptian King” song/chant bellows on repeat at Anfield
  • Brought LFC long-awaited 2019 Champions League trophy

So weighing the evidence both for his homeland Egypt and adopted LFC home, Mohamed Salah remarkably sits on equal thrones as the most cherished active football icon both places.

Could Mohamed Salah Play Into His Late 30s Like Ronaldo/Messi?

As football legends like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi continue excelling into their late 30s, Mohamed Salah likely envisions similar longevity. But does Salah’s playing style and body allow him to replicate those age-defying feats?

Factors Promoting Longevity

Several elements of Mohamed Salah’s game indicate he can thrive into his late 30s like Ronaldo and Messi:

  • Elite conditioning/fitness – Salah lives fully committed as model athlete
  • Lightning pace – His speed shows no signs of declining yet
  • Self-motivation – Internal drive helps him avoid complacency
  • Position evolution – As pace fades can adapt into a #10 creator type role

Factors Hindering Longevity

However, some barriers could derail Mohamed Salah lasting quite as long as Messi/Ronaldo:

  • More injury prone – Has dealt with several longer-term injuries
  • More reliant on physical traits – Speed and dribbling declines with age
  • Not an otherworldly outlier talent – Messi/Ronaldo are unicorns

On balance, it appears likely Mohamed Salah can remain playing at elite levels into his mid-30s like a Zlatan Ibrahimovic. But matching Ronaldo/Messi playing world-class football approaching 40 seems a stretch.

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