Kevin De Bruyne

Why Do People Hate Kevin De Bruyne?

Some reasons why certain fans harbor dislike towards Kevin De Bruyne:

Talent Makes Rivals Jealous

De Bruyne is arguably one of the best midfielders of his generation. His vision, passing range, crossing ability, and scoring prowess have made him a Premier League great. This outstanding talent invariably attracts jealousy and envy from opposition fans.

Stats Showing His Creative Brilliance

Assists (PL since 2015) 83
Chances Created (PL since 2015) 571
Crosses Completed % (PL 21/22) 32%

Single-Minded Winning Mentality Causes Friction

De Bruyne is relentless in his drive to win games. This intense competitive spirit rubs some opposition fans the wrong way, especially when challenging for 50/50 balls or pressing players in possession.

Most Through Balls Completed (PL 21/22)

Kevin De Bruyne 9
2nd best (tie) 4

He will do anything within the rules to help his team gain an advantage. This win-at-all-costs attitude makes him unpopular with opposition supporters.

He Has Played For Rival Clubs Previously

De Bruyne’s career includes spells at Chelsea and Werder Bremen. Fans of Manchester City’s rivals like Liverpool and Manchester United dislike that De Bruyne now plays for and influences matches for an arch-nemesis.

Blunt Communication Style Irks Some People

De Bruyne has supreme confidence in his abilities and does not hesitate to speak his mind. While some see this as refreshing honesty, others interpret this blunt communication style as arrogance or disrespect.

“I think I’m pretty good at football”

A now infamous quote where De Bruyne claimed he was “pretty good at football” rubbed many people the wrong way. They felt he should let his performances do the talking.

Calls out his own teammates’ mistakes

De Bruyne strives for perfectionism on the pitch. When teammates make what he deems to be avoidable errors, he lets them know about it rather bluntly. These reproaches before the watching world do not sit well with some fans.

Public criticism of João Cancelo’s positioning

In a March 2022 match, cameras showed De Bruyne animatedly critiquing a positional mistake by João Cancelo that led to a goal concession. While De Bruyne claimed no offense was taken afterwards, many saw this public critique as disrespectful.

Association With Manchester City’s Financial Doping Charges

Manchester City’s astronomical spending since their Abu Dhabi takeover in 2008 has led to accusations of artificially induced success. There is a perception among some fans that City “bought” their trophies. Consequently De Bruyne gets tarred with the same brush as a high profile City player.

Man City’s record signings

Jack Grealish £100 million
Kevin De Bruyne £55 million

Financial Fair Play breaches

City were handed a two-year Champions League ban in February 2020 for FFP non-compliance between 2012-2016. While this was eventually overturned, it reinforced the stereotype of City as pure sportswashing vehicles for soft power projection by Abu Dhabi’s rulers. De Bruyne unfairly gets lumped in under this dark financial cloud.

Why Do Some People Actually Like Kevin De Bruyne?

De Bruyne routinely pulls off passes normal midfielders cannot even envision, let alone execute. His cross field diagonal balls, threaded through passes, and whipped crosses inevitably draw applause from even opposition fans.

Unselfish team-first mentality

Despite his mindblowing individual talent, De Bruyne always plays for the team over his personal glory. He frequently spurns chances to shoot when a teammate is better positioned, notching hockey-style “second assists” with great regularity.

Most assists out of Europe’s top 5 leagues 21/22

Kevin De Bruyne 17

His selfless, team-centric style earns respect across fanbases.

Tireless Work Ethic Sets Example for Teammates

De Bruyne is renowned as one of the first players to arrive for training and among the last to leave on a daily basis. His tireless work ethic sets the tone for Manchester City.

Played most minutes for City 21/22

<table> <tbody> <tr> <td>Kevin De Bruyne</td> <td>5,031 minutes </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

Plays through pain barrier regularly

Despite picking up knocks and injuries with alarming frequency, De Bruyne perseveres through pain to turn out for City week after week. His willingness to sacrifice his body is widely admired.

Humble Background Makes Underdog Story

Kevin De Bruyne’s family struggled financially in his early childhood. He experienced having utilities disconnected in the family home due to lack of funds. This everyman background allows working-class fans to relate to him more.

Released by Genk as a teenager

De Bruyne was callously discarded from Belgian side Genk’s academy as a 17-year old. This early career setback helps position him as an underdog who battled against the odds to ultimately triumph.

Conclusion: Polarizing But Brilliant Football Icon

Few modern footballers have proven as polarizing among fans as Kevin De Bruyne. With a blunt, cocky demeanor, winning obsession, and spell with a rival club, the brilliant Belgian midfielder inevitably attracts dislike in certain quarters.

However, none can doubt De Bruyne’s claim as an all-time Premier League great on sheer playing merit. His unrivaled creativity, visionary passing range, fierce work-rate, and team-first mentality have catapulted Manchester City to sustained glory.

While occasional petulance rightly draws censure, De Bruyne’s prodigious talent and integral role in creating footballing history ensures his long-term legacy as a larger-than-life icon beloved by more fans than he has detractors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Kevin De Bruyne ever shown arrogance?

Yes, De Bruyne has made comments at times viewed as arrogant. His claim of being “pretty good at football” and bluntly delivered criticism of teammates’ mistakes have rubbed some people the wrong way. He is very confident and does not hesitate speaking his mind.

What is Financial Fair Play (FFP) and how did Man City breach regulations?

FFP aims to prevent clubs spending beyond sustainable levels by mandating they cannot exceed certain limits of financial losses over rolling time periods. Manchester City were found to have overstated sponsorship revenues between 2012–2016 to pass FFP audits. This enabled elevated spending on transfers and led to a 2020 Champions League ban.

How has De Bruyne performed in Champions League games?

While yet to win the competition with City, De Bruyne has excelled in Champions League action. He has 28 goal involvements in just 51 appearances at a stunning rate of one every 108 minutes. Despite injury absences, De Bruyne remains integral to City’s quest for European glory.

What individual records and accolades has Kevin achieved?

De Bruyne was named PFA Players’ Player of the Year in both 2020 and 2022, the first to win the trophy twice. He holds the Premier League single season assists record with 20 in 19/20. He also became the fastest player to 50 Premier League assists (123 apps) beating Mesut Ozil’s record.

How does De Bruyne routinely create chances for teammates?

With phenomenal vision, ambidextrous passing range, and whipped crosses, De Bruyne unlocks defenses in a myriad of ways. He specializes in rapid interplay with teammates in tight spaces, defense-splitting through balls, and wide crosses to the back post. This varied arsenal makes him almost impossible to contain.

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