Kevin De Bruyne

Why Do People Love Kevin De Bruyne?

Kevin De Bruyne is renowned for his exceptional vision and passing range on the football pitch. He regularly provides inch-perfect through balls for teammates and sees passes that most other players would miss.

Mesmerizing Highlight Reel Passes

De Bruyne has built up an incredible highlight reel of jaw-dropping assists over the years. He seems to be able to thread the needle no matter how small the gap or distance of the pass. Some of his most memorable assists include:

Season Player Assisted Type of Pass
2019/20 Gabriel Jesus Long lobbed through ball
2021/22 Phil Foden Outside of the boot cross
2018/19 Leroy Sané Pinpoint low cross

Fans love the excitement of seeing what incredible pass De Bruyne can pull off next. He makes difficult passes look effortless.

Vision to Spot Danger

What makes De Bruyne’s passing ability truly stand out is his vision. He consistently spots passes that most players would not see and creates goal-scoring opportunities out of nothing.

De Bruyne usually knows what he’s going to do with the ball before it has even reached him. This allows him to play quick one-touch passes to cut open defenses. It’s this impressive vision and decision-making that sets him apart.

Lethal Shooting and Long-Range Goals

While renowned for his passing, De Bruyne is also capable of spectacular long-range strikes and is lethal when given space around the box.

Season Goals Outside Box
2021/22 4
2019/20 6

Some of his most memorable rocket strikes include:

FA Cup Semi-Final Winner

De Bruyne scored an incredible 30-yard winner in the 2021 FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea with a first-time strike. It was an unbelievable goal befitting a cup tie of such magnitude.

Near Post Power Strike

A rocket of a shot from near the corner of the box that flew into the near top corner against Chelsea in 2021. The power and bend on the ball stunned fans and commentators alike.

When De Bruyne lines up a shot, fans hold their breath in anticipation of a potential goal. He makes scoring spectacular goals look easy.

Technical Brilliance and Skills

For all his passing and shooting prowess, De Bruyne boasts excellent close control and dribbling skills. He glides past opponents with ease and links up fluidly with teammates in tight spaces around the box thanks to his superior technique.

Some examples of De Bruyne’s silky skills include:

Bicycle Kick Goal

Showcasing outrageous talent, De Bruyne scored an acrobatic bicycle kick goal in a Champions League match against Shakhtar Donetsk in 2018. Controls like this highlight his deft first touch.

Against Shakhtar in UCL Acrobatic bicycle kick

Double Nutmeg then Assist

During a Premier League match against Arsenal in 2018, De Bruyne dribbled past two defenders by playing the ball through their legs before delivering a pinpoint low cross for the assist. This move was an illustration of graceful flair.

For fans, moves like this show that De Bruyne has it all – from killer passes to bamboozling tricks and skills with flair. He is truly technically complete.

Clutch Impact and Game-Changing Ability

While dazzling skills and rocket strikes excite fans, what they truly love about De Bruyne is his game-changing impact. He has proven himself as a clutch player for Manchester City countless times.

Champions League Semi-Final Goal

The prime example of De Bruyne’s clutch impact came in the 2021 Champions League semi-final second leg. With Man City minutes away from elimination, he rocketed home an equalizer before helping set up the winner.

2021 UCL Semi-Final Equalizing goal to save City’s UCL hopes

Comeback Hat-Trick Assist

Similarly, in an extraordinary comeback Premier League win against Newcastle United in 2021, De Bruyne set up three goals to lead City back from 1-3 down to a 4-3 victory.

Moments like these have seen De Bruyne dubbed a “big game player.” Fans love that they can count on him to produce when it matters most.

Humble Personality Endears Fans

While De Bruyne’s talent amazes fans, his down-to-earth personality also endears him to fans. Despite his ability, he maintains a humble perspective.

Responding to Praise

When asked in 2021 about being considered world football’s best playmaker, De Bruyne responded: “I don’t think too much about being the best in my position. I try to play my best football….assists and goals are part of my job.”

Passing Praise to Teammates

Additionally, De Bruyne consistently praises his Manchester City teammates when interviewed, redirecting acclaim towards them. These types of humble responses have resonated positively with fans.

By avoiding an arrogant mindset and acknowledging teammates’ contributions, De Bruyne comes across as grateful, hard-working, and team-focused rather than self-centered. This humble mentality makes fans love him even more.

Desire and Commitment On the Pitch

Most importantly, behind all his world-class skills and clutch ability, fans love De Bruyne’s passion for football and unrelenting commitment. He simply loves playing the game.

2021/22 Season 51 appearances

Playing Through Pain

This was evidenced most clearly during the 2021 Champions League final loss to Chelsea. Despite sustaining a severe facial injury early on, De Bruyne insisted on continuing before sadly having to be subbed off. His determination to fight through pain was admirable.

Pressing and Tracking Back

Additionally, De Bruyne puts in exceptional effort even without the ball. He can regularly be seen pressing opponents and tracking back to win possession back through tireless running.

Examples like these demonstrate De Bruyne’s incredible work rate and relentless desire to play. Fans ultimately love players who clearly love playing the game. For them, De Bruyne embodies this wholehearted commitment and spirit.

Conclusion: The Complete Footballer On and Off the Pitch

In conclusion, fans adore watching Kevin De Bruyne play because he represents the complete footballer on and off the pitch. His outstanding technical prowess and game-changing impact make him a joy to watch.

Yet equally, if not more importantly, his humble mentality paired with passionate, fully committed displays resonate strongly with fans. De Bruyne plays each match with an obvious love for football.

While his highlight reel may be filled with outrageous assists and long-range rockets, supporters ultimately love him because he encapsulates the beautiful essence of football with his selfless, team-focused attitude.

Few players can influence games like De Bruyne does. And even fewer carry themselves with such modesty while doing so. Ultimately fans love Kevin De Bruyne because he delivers spectacular moments fans love seeing with a spirit that the fans simply love to see.

FAQs about Why People Love Kevin De Bruyne

What makes De Bruyne’s vision special?

De Bruyne’s vision stands out in his ability to consistently spot passes and openings that other top players would not. Before the ball even reaches him, he knows what he will do thanks to an almost clairvoyant reading of the game.

How many Player of the Year awards has De Bruyne won?

De Bruyne has won the PFA Players’ Player of the Year award twice (in 2020 and 2021) along with the Manchester City Player of the Season award three times (in 2018, 2021, and 2022).

What injury did De Bruyne suffer in the 2021 UCL final?

De Bruyne suffered fractures to his nose and left orbital bone early in the 2021 Champions League final following a collision with Antonio Rüdiger. Despite this, De Bruyne insisted on continuing until being substituted with his eye swollen shut.

Which position does Kevin De Bruyne play?

De Bruyne is most often deployed as an attacking midfielder, but has also excelled when played slightly deeper in central midfield or wide right midfield positions for both club and country.

How has De Bruyne performed for the Belgian national team?

For Belgium’s national team, De Bruyne has been outstanding with 23 goals and 52 assists in 97 appearances. He helped lead them to third place at the 2018 FIFA World Cup and to number one in the FIFA rankings.

Why do fans love De Bruyne’s passing ability?

Fans love De Bruyne’s passing ability because of the incredible vision he has to spot passes other players would not see. His precise through balls cut open defenses and create exhilarating goal-scoring chances out of nowhere. Fans marvel at both the difficulty and inch-perfect nature of his passes.

What makes De Bruyne’s goal-scoring special?

While renowned for his playmaking, De Bruyne is also capable of scoring incredible long-range goals. His shooting technique allows him to generate power and bend to beat goalkeepers from distance. Fans love his golazos from outside the box that often look unsaveable.

How does De Bruyne showcase technical brilliance?

De Bruyne boasts close control, dribbling, and first touch abilities at an elite level. He glides past defenders with ease and links up play through tight spaces around the box thanks to his flair and talent on the ball. His superior technique allows moves like his incredible bicycle kick goal that showcase flair fans love.

Why is De Bruyne considered a clutch player?

Fans consider De Bruyne a clutch player due to his penchant for game-changing moments when they matter most. Examples like his equalizing goal against PSG and three assists in a comeback win over Newcastle have proven his ability to produce when it counts. De Bruyne delivers when fans expect it most.

How does De Bruyne’s personality resonate with fans?

Despite being considered among football’s top talents, De Bruyne maintains a humble team-focused mentality that fans love. He praises teammates and puts the team above himself while avoiding arrogance. This modest hard-working attitude paired with gratitude for those around him has connected strongly with supporters.

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