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Why Do People Love Priyanka Chopra?

Priyanka Chopra has shown impressive range as an actress, taking on a variety of complex and demanding roles across genres. She has starred in over 50 films in languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telugu. Some highlights of her filmography demonstrate her versatility:

Dramatic Roles

  • Barfi! (2012) – Chopra disappeared into her role as Jhilmil, an autistic woman, earning praise for her incredibly sensitive performance. She won several Best Actress awards for the role.
  • 7 Khoon Maaf (2011) – As the enigmatic Susanna, a woman with seven unfortunate husbands, Chopra delivered a dark and mysterious performance.
  • Mary Kom (2014) – To play the titular boxer, she underwent intensive physical training to gain muscle and learn boxing. Her dedication came through in this inspirational biopic.

Comedic Roles

  • Dostana (2008) – Chopra showed her knack for comedy as the clever Neha who pretends to be in a relationship with her male roommates. Her pitch-perfect comedic timing earned her a Filmfare Award nomination.
  • Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) – As the unhappy heiress Ayesha planning to divorce her husband on a cruise with her family, Chopra got to show off more of her comedy chops.
FilmGenreYearAwards Won
Barfi!Drama2012Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress
7 Khoon MaafDrama/Thriller2011Filmfare Award for Best Actress (nominated)
Mary KomBiopic/Drama2014National Film Award for Best Popular Film
DostanaRomantic Comedy2008Filmfare Award for Best Actress (nominated)
Dil Dhadakne DoDrama/Comedy2015N/A

This table shows some examples of the impressive range Priyanka has shown throughout her award-winning acting career across genres.

Her willingness to take on all kinds of roles from cocky models to vulnerable housewives, fearless boxers to villainous seductresses has allowed her to demonstrate incredible acting range. She pours herself into each character with detail and commitment, winning over both critics and casual audiences.

Global Superstardom Appeals to Diverse Audiences

In addition to finding success in Bollywood films, Priyanka Chopra has broken through several barriers as an Indian actress to become a recognized global celebrity. Some of her achievements over the past decade include:

Winning Miss World 2000

  • Chopra was crowned Miss World at age 18, becoming the fifth Indian woman to win the title.
  • This cemented her status as a beloved national icon in India.

Breaking into American Films/TV

  • She became the first South Asian actress to headline an American network TV show with Quantico (2015-2018).
  • She starred alongside Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in the Baywatch film (2017).

Releasing Pop Music

  • Chopra’s forays into pop music – with singles like “In My City” (2012) and “Exotic” (2013) – made waves as she crossed over from Bollywood into global pop culture.

As the first Indian actress to achieve such widespread fame in the West – from TV to film to music – she carries the mantle of global representative for her country. Indians around the world feel a sense of nationalistic pride in her unprecedented success in Hollywood.

Meanwhile her glamorous, exotic looks make her a visible icon in pop culture. From starring in Guess campaigns to presenting at the Oscars, she has graced dozens of magazine covers and award shows.

She manages to keep one manicured foot in Bollywood films and another pedicured foot in Hollywood.


  • First Indian actress to:
    • Star in a lead role on a U.S. network TV show (Quantico)
    • Present at the Oscar Awards ceremony (2016)
    • Appear on over 100 magazine covers
    • Release a pop music album in the U.S. (In My City)
  • Won Miss World 2000 pageant at age 18

Priyanka Chopra simply has an otherworldly celebrity wattage that transcends borders. Her ability to appeal to diverse global audiences while celebrating her Indian heritage makes people around the world fall in love with her.

Philanthropy and Activism Inspire Fans

While building her entertainment career, Priyanka Chopra has stayed committed to making the world a better place. She wields her enormous platform and influence to help others, regularly participating in philanthropic endeavors and social activism campaigns:


  • UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador (2016-present)
    • Works extensively with UNICEF to promote children’s rights and the education of girls in developing countries.
  • Funds/Runs Over 30 Schools in Impoverished Areas
    • Through her The Priyanka Chopra Foundation for Health and Education, she has funded dozens of schools across India to increase educational opportunities.


  • Outspoken Feminist
    • Uses her celebrity to advocate for women’s rights and speak out against sexism in entertainment/media.
  • Participated in Global Citizen Festival for Gender Equality (2016)
  • Addresses Issues like Poverty, Hunger, and Climate Crisis at UN General Assemblies
YearPhilanthropy / ActivismImpact
2016Becomes UNICEF Goodwill AmbassadorUses fame to promote children’s rights and girls’ education globally
2016Speaks at Global Citizen Fest for Gender EqualityAdvocates for feminism and empowerment on world stage
2019+Continues UNICEF partnershipVisits developing nations to raise money/awareness for impoverished children
2020+Runs 30+ schools in IndiaProvides educational opportunities for thousands of disadvantaged students

As evidenced by this timeline, Priyanka has shown an admirable commitment to bettering the lives of the impoverished. Fans around the world – especially young girls and women – find inspiration in how she walks the walk when it comes to making a difference. From speaking at major events like the UN General Assembly to directly funding schools back home in India, her activism makes her even more beloved globally.

Authentic Self-Confidence Resonates with Fans

Another major reason why Priyanka Chopra has such an ardent fanbase is that people find her authentic self-confidence inspiring. Some examples that demonstrate this contagious self-assurance include:

Embraces Her Ethnicity and Femininity

  • Chopra has remained proudly in touch with her Indian heritage despite finding global fame in Western entertainment.
  • Whether wearing elegant saris to red carpets or infusing projects with elements from her background, she stays true to her roots.
  • She also openly celebrates aspects of femininity that have often been frowned upon in patriarchal Indian culture – like owning her sexuality or pursuing ambitious career dreams as a woman.

Speaks Honestly About Body Image Issues

  • She has candidly discussed her own struggles with body dysmorphia and eating disorders as a teenager.
  • She sends the message that even the most beautiful women struggle with self-image and promotes the importance of self-acceptance.

Shares Wisdom from Failures/Successes

  • In speeches and interviews, Chopra readily admits that she did not achieve success overnight…it required years of hard work and failures to get to her level of stardom.
  • Her willingness to own her flaws and share advice based on life lessons makes her all the more relatable.

Priyanka Chopra has not achieved global fame due to coming from familial privilege or having off-the-charts talent alone.

While blessed with attractive genetics and a knack for performance, she has gotten to where she is today due to having grit, courage, and determination despite plenty of adversity and rejection over the years.

This story arc of perseverance inspires people worldwide, especially members of marginalized communities. Her authentic self-assurance gives hope.


In summary, Priyanka Chopra has become such a beloved figure across the world due to her multifaceted talents and character.

As an actress, she has impressed international audiences with her emotional depth and comedic charm across many films. As a global icon, she carries the mantle of being a trailblazing Indian celebrity who has broken many barriers in Western entertainment as well as celebrates her heritage. As an activist and philanthropist, she uses her far-reaching platform to empower women, help impoverished children, and raise awareness on social justice issues.

And as a woman comfortable in her own skin, she inspires appreciators everywhere by staying fiercely true to all the qualities that make her her – from flaws to successes. She has built this global fanbase through decades of hard work, smart risks, and resilience through failures on her way to stardom.

While impossible to capture every aspect that makes Priyanka Chopra so beloved by diverse audiences worldwide in one article, the combination of her talent, barrier-breaking fame, big heart for humanity, and bold confidence make her clearly worthy of admiration. She has become the total embodiment of a 21st century global icon – one risen from humble beginnings to inspire the world with artistry and activism alike. It’s no mystery why so many – from Mumbai to Hollywood – have fallen in love with Priyanka Chopra.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Love Priyanka Chopra

What was Priyanka Chopra’s breakthrough role?

Her first major box office hit was Andaaz in 2003. Playing the mischievous, flirtatious girl Jiya, she won a Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut for her performance. This launched her to stardom in India.

How did Priyanka Chopra transition from Bollywood into Hollywood?

She strategically looked for projects that would help her cross over into western entertainment. Starting with the music video “In My City” (2012) then a single on Pitbull’s album, she raised her global profile. Her big Hollywood break was getting cast as the lead in the ABC thriller series Quantico in 2015.

Has Priyanka Chopra had a world concert tour?

To promote her pop music releases, she headlined a world concert tour called “The Priyanka Chopra: Live In Concert Tour” from 2015-2016. She performed in several major cities in India as well as international destinations like Vancouver, New York City, and Sydney.

Is Priyanka Chopra married?

In 2018 she married American music star Nick Jonas in lavish Indian wedding ceremonies that honored both Christian and Hindu traditions. Their high-profile transcontinental relationship increased her popularity and media exposure even more globally.

What cosmetic brand did Priyanka Chopra create?

Drawing on her Indian heritage, she launched her own haircare and skin care brand called “Anomaly” in 2021. The vegan and eco-friendly product line is targeted to the diverse beauty needs of women worldwide.

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