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Why Do People Love Robin van Persie?

Robin van Persie is considered one of the most talented football strikers of his generation. The Dutch footballer captured the hearts of fans worldwide thanks to his sublime skills, eye for goal, and magnetic personality. But what exactly makes van Persie so beloved?

Graceful Playing Style

One of the things that people love most about Robin van Persie is the graceful way he plays the game. When van Persie is on the ball, it often looks effortless as he glides across the pitch.

His exquisite first touch and silky skills make even the most difficult maneuvers like controlling long passes seem easy. This gives his playing style an almost balletic quality which fans find hugely appealing.

The way van Persie strikes the ball is also sublime – he almost caresses it with his boot, resulting in phenomenal technique when shooting from long range or bending free kicks into the top corner.

“Van Persie touches the ball as though it’s a violin and he’s the world’s greatest violinist trying to make it sing.” – Soccer fan

In full flow, watching Robin glide across the field leaving defenders in his wake before delicately stroking the ball home is like watching poetry in motion. This graceful style captivates soccer lovers everywhere.

Creativity and Vision

Another aspect of van Persie’s playing style that fans love is his unpredictability on the ball and creative vision. He frequently attempts and pulls off moves that other players wouldn’t even try.

The Dutchman is always scanning the field, looking for new angles and inventive ways to unlock defenses, whether through a sliced pass to split the backline or ambitious long-range strikes that catch goalkeepers off guard.

This creativity makes van Persie utterly unpredictable – fans never know what he might attempt next. And his vision means he is constantly able to spot passes that no one else on the pitch can see.

Goalscoring Exploits

Of course, the most obvious reason Robin van Persie wins so many admirers worldwide is his incredible eye for goal which has seen him net countless memorable strikes over his career so far.

Prolific Goalscorer

Van Persie is a player who simply guarantees goals. In each of his last five seasons playing in England, van Persie scored at least 22 league goals, often reaching 30 goals in all competitions. To consistently score so many goals season after season is extraordinary.

The Dutchman boasts impressive goal tallies that belong to the elite goalscorers in European football over the last decade including the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and Lewandowski.

Scoring Crucial & Spectacular Goals

But it’s not just the sheer volume of goals that makes van Persie so adored – it’s the importance of the goals he scores and the sheer spectacle he provides too.

Throughout his career, the timing of van Persie’s goals has been as impressive as the quantity. He developed a knack for popping up with crucial goals in the most decisive moments like cup finals or title run-ins.

Additionally, the technique and flair behind many of his strikes mean van Persie has scored some truly spectacular goals over the years that fans just can’t forget.

Volleys, long-range howitzers, acrobatic efforts and skills moves followed by emphatic finishes – you name it, van Persie has scored that type of wondrous goal, leaving supporters spellbound and etching his strikes into memory forever.

“Robin van Persie is my favorite player for the spectacular goals he has scored over many years. You just have to admire his vision, timing and skill.” – EPL fan poll

Charismatic Persona

Another huge factor behind van Persie’s massive global following is his magnetic, charming personality that shines through in interviews and interactions with fans.

Passion & Work Ethic

Van Persie plays with incredible passion and always gives 100% every time he steps onto the pitch, regardless of the score line or magnitude of the match. Soccer enthusiasts admire his work ethic and complete dedication to his craft.

The striker also radiates enthusiasm for football – his joy scoring goals or pulling off audacious skill moves is infectious for viewers. And van Persie celebrates goals with vigorous passion, reflecting how much it means to him to succeed on the pitch.

Humble Demeanor

Despite his global stardom, Robin van Persie has always come across as extremely humble and down-to-earth in interviews over the years. He speaks honestly about his career without arrogance and always praises teammates rather than himself.

This humble persona makes the superstar striker seem relatable and fans warm to his modest character. He never got carried away with fame or took his sporting gifts for granted.

“I admire Robin van Persie as a player and person. He works tirelessly on his game but always remains so humble and appreciative in interviews.” – Premier League fan

Family Man

As well his playing style and goals, fans also relate to and respect van Persie’s dedication as a family man. The striker usually prioritizes his wife and children, maintaining a very private personal life.

Seeing van Persie gush about his kids or celebrate special family occasions on social media presents another side to the star that supporters across the globe find endearing.

Why Do So Many Strikers Admire Robin van Persie?

Robin van Persie is not just adored by fans across the world. Many fellow professional strikers also admire and look up to the Dutch master as one of the best forwards of his era. But why exactly do so many top marksmen consider van Persie an inspiration and icon to learn from?

All-Round Striking Game

One reason van Persie is revered by his fellow strikers is the completeness of his game. Robin is lethal from anywhere in or around the box, able to finish chances with either foot or his head thanks to phenomenal technique.

This versatility as a marksman, being equally adept at poaching close-range tap-ins as he is rifing unstoppable strikes from 30 yards, makes van Persie the complete forward that all strikers aspire to be.

On top of his varied finishing skills, van Persie also links play excellently through crisp passing and can drop deeper to orchestrate attacks – aspects that young strikers must master in the modern game. Van Persie essentially has the full package.

Intelligence & Positioning

In addition to outstanding technical attributes, strikers across Europe also study van Persie’s stellar movement and football brain that gets him into so many lethal goalscoring positions.

The Dutch hitman possesses an intuitive understanding of space on the pitch, constantly making angled darting runs or drifting laterally across defensive lines to find pockets of space unseen by defenders.

This elite positioning and reading of the game enables van Persie to keep getting on the end of chances. Aspiring strikers try to emulate his clever movement patterns and ability to exploit even the tiniest of gaps in backlines.

Work Ethic & Professionalism

Finally, pro forwards looking to forge successful careers also admire van Persie’s dedication to constantly improving his game through meticulous hard work on the training pitch and in the gym.

Despite his natural talents, the Dutchman’s success owes hugely to the hours he has put into honing his lethal shooting technique and athleticism. Young strikers witnessing his work ethic realize they must train just as relentlessly to reach the top.

Van Persie is also extremely professional in terms of lifestyle choices like nutrition, hydration and rest to get the best out of himself physically and mentally. This professionalism over so many years helped prolong his playing peak.


In conclusion, legendary Dutch striker Robin van Persie has earned such a widespread and devoted following thanks to his graceful playing style, sublime technique, goalscoring superstar status, charismatic persona and the passion he clearly radiates every time he steps onto the pitch.

Fans across the globe became enchanted by his balletic movement, vision to attempt outrageous passes and shots that most footballers wouldn’t even try, combined with his extraordinary goal tally for both club and country – feats he manages while retaining such humility and likeability as a person.

It is this magical blend of jaw-dropping skills, a magnetic character and superhuman scoring achievements that together make Robin van Persie so beloved in the football world. Few players can make the astonishing seem routine in the way he does when at his peak.

While van Persie’s playing days may be coming towards an end, his icon status in Dutch football and European soccer history is undoubtedly cemented forevermore. The striker affectionately dubbed “the Flying Dutchman” for his aerial duels has provided euphoric memories for his legions of admirers over the past 15 years and changed fans’ perceptions of what is possible on a football pitch.

For the legions of soccer strikers aiming to reach the pinnacle of the sport, van Persie will also continue to be an iconic figure to analyze and learn from when it comes to scoring goals across all situations. The Dutch master’s highlight reel of spectacular strikes, intuitive positioning and dedication to perfecting every aspect of a forward’s game will influence rising marksmen for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Robin van Persie (H2)

How many trophies did van Persie win?

During his club career, Robin van Persie won 1 Premier League title, 1 FA Cup, 1 Football League Cup, 1 Coppa Italia and 1 Turkish Cup for a total of 5 major domestic trophies along with smaller super cups etc.

At international level, he was part of the Netherlands squad that finished 3rd at the 2014 World Cup under Louis van Gaal. However, he did not claim any trophies with his country since the Dutch team has struggled in recent major tournaments.

Why did van Persie leave Arsenal?

After 8 years at Arsenal, van Persie opted to leave the Gunners in 2012 primarily because he felt the club’s prospects of winning major trophies like the Premier League or Champions League were diminishing.

The striker was entering his peak years but Arsenal had not won trophies in several seasons which eventually prompted him to seek a move. Van Persie fulfilled his ambition by moving to Manchester United and winning the league in his first season there under Sir Alex Ferguson.

How did van Persie change Manchester United?

Robin van Persie proved a transformative signing for Manchester United when he joined in 2012. His goals almost single-handedly won them the Premier League title in Sir Alex Ferguson’s final season, ending an emotional campaign as the club’s Golden Boot winner with 26 goals.

Van Persie provided United with an elite goalscorer and focal point in attack that they had largely lacked since Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure. His firepower helped mask decreasing performances from ageing teammates like Giggs and Scholes during a transitional period for the club.

Was van Persie better at Arsenal or Manchester United?

Statistically, Robin van Persie hit the peak of his powers whilst at Arsenal between 2009-2012, winning two Golden Boots and scoring 35+ goals in his last two full seasons for the Gunners. However, in a Manchester United shirt he achieved more silverware.

So whilst van Persie was individually more prolific at Arsenal, he secured legendary status by firing United to the 2012/13 Premier League crown. He will be remembered fondly by both sets of fans for his immense contributions during those contrasting spells.

What made van Persie such an injury prone player?

The main factors that led to Robin van Persie suffering so many injury layoffs during his playing career were:

  • His slender frame – van Persie has a lightweight structure for a center-forward at just 72kg and 1.84m tall. This left him vulnerable when battling brawny defenders.
  • High volume of matches – the congested football calendar meant van Persie endured periods of playing twice a week which increased injury risk.
  • Style of play – Robin never shied away from contact and often had to absorb physical challenges or awkward landings which took a toll over time.

So a combination of his natural physique, heavy match schedule and fearless playing style all contributed to van Persie picking up numerous injuries during his senior career at club and international level.

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