Eliminate Your Stress Through Puppy Therapy

A dog day gets better between dogs. All pets have the potential to make us smile when we don’t feel like smiling. Has a cat ever comforted you by patting you with its head? The use of dogs in stress therapy is self-explanatory… animals are de-stressing balls of fur! Are you interested in working in corporate puppy therapy? We tell you some keys to dog therapy for stress.

Dog therapy

There are many types of animals that can participate in assisted therapies: horses, dolphins, cats, rabbits, etc. However, it is usual for specially trained dogs to collaborate in these activities.

Dog therapy can be used in:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Educational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Special education for autistic children
  • Therapy dogs must be: Sociable, self-confident, attentive, affable, etc.

Therapy for Stress: Therapy dogs

Therapy dogs can help a lot in stress therapy. The company of these dogs is not only relaxing and fun, but also improves general well-being and social skills.

This therapy with dogs can be used in groups of people with moderate levels of stress located at specific times, such as students during exam times, or as a complement to the treatment of people with severe levels of stress and anxiety under the supervision of the medical team of the patient.

Stress therapy with dogs has already been tested with groups of students in our country. In initiatives like this, group activities are carried out with dogs, such as:

  • Presentation and creation of a climate of trust by learning to treat and reward dogs.
  • Learn the animal’s body language and know how to behave with them through role-plays.
  • Practice relaxation in the company of the dog: lie down, breathe, be silent, etc.

With puppy love you can get a corporate puppy therapy experience to build up your confidence. Meeting new friends and having fun with playtime is a great way for puppies to enhance their social skills and boost their self-assurance. It teaches them how to interact, make buddies, and navigate their surroundings more effectively.

The adorable little Bichons and Chihuahua mixes made their entrance into our holiday-themed puppy pen, full of wiggly charm and cuteness. They brought with them an abundance of energy, surpassing even Rudolph and his team. The excitement was contagious as they zoomed around, showcasing their playful talents as if they were competing on America’s Got Talent.

Puppy Love offers you an updated and quality syllabus so that you can be the expert in assisted therapy that you want to be. You will acquire all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to practice this profession.

Forget about stress! Train yourself to work on what you like most with Puppy Love Assisted Therapy course and you will learn to collaborate in stress therapy with the help of dogs. Fill out the form to receive all the necessary information. Working among dogs you can’t have a single dog day!

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