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Why Do People Dislike Brandon Flynn?

Brandon Flynn is an American actor known for his roles in popular TV shows like 13 Reasons Why and Ratched. While he has many fans who enjoy his acting work, in recent years Flynn has also faced some backlash and dislike from certain groups online. There are a few potential reasons why the actor rubs some people the wrong way.

Criticism of His Activism

One source of criticism towards Brandon Flynn stems from his political activism and outspoken nature about various social issues.

Approach Comes Across as Preachy or Moralizing to Some

Flynn is passionate about causes like LGBTQ+ rights, environmentalism, and racial justice. He frequently uses his platform to bring awareness to these issues and call out injustices.

However, some feel like his approach can be overly moralizing or preachy at times. Flynn has a tendency to call out others for problematic behavior in blunt, sweeping statements that don’t leave room for nuance. This rubs some people the wrong way.

Focuses His Activism on Trendy Topics

Others feel like Flynn focuses much of his activism on issues that are currently trendy or popular, rather than meaningful systemic change. For example, he has faced backlash for calling out celebrities over single statements instead of using his platform to support substantive policy changes. Some see this as performative activism targeted more for vanity and public reception than real impact.

Brandon Flynn’s Major Activism Efforts

Racial justiceCalled out Kim Kardashian for cultural appropriation of Black hairstylesSome praised his boldness, others criticized him for callout culture
EnvironmentUrged people to cut meat from their diets to help climate changeMany appreciated the message, but some found it preachy and condescending
LGBTQ+ rightsCalled out Justin Bieber for using the F slurMixed response – some found it inappropriate to attack mistakes, others were glad he spoke up

Romantic Relationships Spark Controversy

Another source of dislikeness towards Brandon Flynn stems from the nature of his romantic relationships. Specifically, his dating timeline and the way he has handled breakups have rubbed people the wrong way.

Relationship With Sam Smith Was Rocky

Flynn dated singer Sam Smith for a period of time in 2018. The relationship ended messily, with reports claiming Flynn abruptly broke it off in a cruel fashion that blindsided Smith. Whether fair or not, this painted Flynn in a negative light to some.

Quick Rebound With Richard Madden Looked Bad To Fans

Very soon after splitting from Smith, Flynn was spotted showing PDA with actor Richard Madden. To fans of Smith, this made it appear like Flynn moved on insensitively fast. It also contributed to a reputation as someone who jumps quickly from relationship to relationship.

Unclear If He Cheated on 13 Reasons Why Costar

For a time Flynn dated his 13 Reasons Why costar Miles Heizer. Rumors emerged claiming Flynn cheated on Heizer during filming with another man. This was never confirmed definitively, but painted him poorly either way.

Love Life Feels Overexposed

In general, some feel Flynn purposefully over exposes the intimate details of his love life for attention. The constant headlines about his relationships and sexuality start to feel invasive or inappropriate after awhile, even if he participates willingly.

Receives Backlash Related to 13 Reasons Why

As one of the main stars of the controversial show 13 Reasons Why, Brandon Flynn also gets caught up in some of the intense criticism and debate surrounding the program.

Show Blamed For Increasing Teen Suicide Rates

From the beginning, 13 Reasons Why faced backlash for its graphic depiction of teen suicide. Many mental health experts blamed the show for an increase in real-life suicide rates amongst teens after its release. Flynn gets tied to this criticism by association.

Character Romanticizes Toxic Relationships

Flynn’s character, Justin Foley, also draws ire for his on-again, off-again relationship with Jessica Davis. Their dynamic normalized toxicity and romanticized dangerous relationships to some viewers. This reflected poorly on Flynn’s character specifically.

Defended The Show’s Choices

While even some people involved with 13 Reasons Why admitted they may have misstepped in places, Flynn remained staunch in defense of the show’s controversial elements. This stubbornness in the face of reasonable concerns upset people further.

Sometimes Seems Arrogant or Entitled

There is also a perception held by some that Brandon Flynn comes across as arrogant or entitled at times. Small comments he has made during interviews, along with the overall vibe he gives off on social media, contribute to this.

Bragged About Making Harry Styles Nervous

In one profile, Flynn mentioned briefly being introduced to music star Harry Styles backstage at a show. Flynn claimed Styles acted nervous around him as if he knew he was cooler and more relevant. Critics saw this as a pompous flex.

Complains About Fame Despite Chasing It

Flynn frequently complains about the pressures of fame and lament how it invades his privacy. But he knowingly pursued an acting career and accepts flashy roles that court more attention. This paradox strikes some as hypocritical.

Social Media Feels Performative

The highly curated, performative nature of Flynn’s Instagram and Twitter pages rubs people the wrong way too. He seems to intentionally try to make his life look cooler or more aspirational than it really is.

He Has Spoken Out Against Cancel Culture

In recent interviews, Brandon Flynn has pushed back against cancel culture – the trend of digging up past mistakes or controversial behavior to “cancel” celebrities. Ironically, this anti-cancel culture stance has itself stirred up more backlash against Flynn.

Called Out Social Media Callout Culture

Flynn complained that everyone makes mistakes but social media unfairly subjects celebrities to callouts, takedowns, and cancellation for every misstep. He feels its toxic and over-punitive. But many supporters of callout culture found this criticism baseless.

Felt Previous Activism Should Grant Immunity

In essence, Flynn argued his clear record as an activist for marginalized groups should provide him immunity from cancel culture. But many saw this as an entitlement mindset – no past activism record should place someone above accountability.

Davidson Interview Brought Renewed Backlash

Brandon doubled down on the anti-cancel culture rhetoric in an interview with Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan. Their talk was already controversial for transphobic elements. Flynn’s appearance brought him fresh criticism for aligning with figures divisive on cancel culture issues.

He Has Limited Range as an Actor

Some of the dislike for Brandon Flynn also comes down to criticism of his acting skills and talents. While subjective, he faces some backlash for lacking range.

Plays Similar Brooding Teen Character Types

Outside of 13 Reasons Why, most of Flynn’s major roles have been brooding, angsty, rebellious teen characters. In shows like Ratched, he cycles through the same characteristics. This makes his acting come across as one-note or repetitive.

Struggles With Nuanced Emotional Portrayals

Reviewers suggest Flynn does better with simple emotional tones like anger or sadness. But he struggles to convey nuanced expressions. His acting lacks depth and complexity.

Charisma Doesn’t Match Writing/Direction

Part of the problem may be Flynn’s charisma outpaces the writing and direction of his projects. But nonetheless, he falls short of elevating subpar material. Great actors can transcend weak spots – Flynn hasn’t shown that ability.

He Makes Controversial Personal Life Choices

A final source of criticism stems from some of Brandon Flynn’s controversial personal life choices that don’t sit well with his critics. These also lower people’s opinions of him.

Known Partier and Substance User

Flynn is open about living an active social lifestyle, partying frequently, and recreational drug use. While common for young actors, this still rubs some people the wrong way – especially parent fans of 13 Reasons Why.

Got Romantic Tattoo for Sam Smith Quickly

While dating Sam Smith, Flynn got a large matching tattoo within weeks of their relationship starting. Given the timeline, this seemed like an impulsive choice reflective of poor judgment.

His Politics Don’t Match His Lifestyle

Some people accuse Flynn of preaching politics that don’t match his lifestyle. He calls out environmental harm while jet-setting around the globe. He slams racial inequality yet parties at expensive clubs. The hypocrisy bothers some people.


In summary, Brandon Flynn faces dislike for a variety of factors:

  • His outspoken activism comes across as moralizing and performative to critics
  • His messy dating life and relationship drama paint him in a bad light
  • Starring on 13 Reasons Why ties him to criticism of the show’s themes
  • He occasionally gives off an arrogant vibe on social media or in interviews
  • His acting range appears limited outside of brooding teen roles
  • Some of his personal life choices seem hypocritical or reflective of poor judgment

However, he remains a talented actor with a passionate fanbase. The reality is most celebrities face some backlash – brandon Flynn just needs to learn to tune out unconstructive negativity. As he continues growing and taking on new roles, he has plenty of opportunity to reinvent himself and up his acting abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Brandon Flynn deserve all the hate he gets?

Much of the criticism towards Flynn is excessive or unfairly harsh. He has made some mistakes and has unlikeable qualities, as all celebrities do. But the intense pile-on and callout culture he faces on social media goes too far in many cases.

What are some positive qualities about Brandon Flynn?

Despite the criticisms, Flynn has many great qualities too. He is passionate and vocal about social causes he cares about deeply. He uses his platform to uplift LGBTQ+ rights and marginalized voices. He is also a talented actor with natural charisma and charm.

Has Flynn responded maturely to his critics and controversies?

Flynn has occasionally reacted poorly to criticism against him, lashing out defensively. However, more recently he has taken a measured approach focused on mental health, limiting social media, and concentrating on his craft rather than headlines. This greater maturity bodes well for him moving forward.

Should people boycott Brandon Flynn or his shows/films?

There is no need to boycott Brandon Flynn’s work. He is an entertainer – reasonable people can still enjoy his art without endorsing every aspect of his personal life or politics. If anything, he deserves the chance to learn and grow from past missteps.

What are some early acting roles people may know Brandon Flynn from?

Some of Flynn’s early acting credits before his breakthrough role on 13 Reasons Why include small parts on shows like Homeland, BrainDead, True Detective and packaging roles in films such as Siren and Looks That Kill.

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