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Why Do People Love Brandon Flynn?

Brandon Flynn is an American actor who has quickly risen to fame in recent years for his acclaimed performances on stage and screen. The 25-year-old Miami native captivated audiences in 2017 when he starred as Justin Foley in the Netflix hit series 13 Reasons Why.

Since then, Flynn has gone on to land other high-profile roles, all while maintaining an active presence on social media and openly advocating for LGBTQ rights. So what is it exactly that makes Brandon Flynn so beloved among fans and critics alike? There are several key reasons the young actor has earned such an enthusiastic following in a relatively short period of time.

Talent and Charisma Onscreen

One of the biggest factors contributing to Flynn’s popularity is his undeniable talent and charisma as an actor. He brings an authenticity and emotional depth to every character he inhabits on screen.

Performance in 13 Reasons Why

Flynn’s breakout role as Justin Foley on 13 Reasons Why allowed him to showcase impressive range as a performer. Justin was a complicated character struggling with drug addiction, poverty, and an abusive home life.

Flynn navigated the character’s trajectory skillfully, taking Justin from a thoughtless jock to a beaten down, sympathetic figure over the show’s four seasons. He delivered a raw, realistic portrayal that earned praise from reviewers:

  • “Brandon Flynn does an exceptional job of making Justin feel like a fully realized person” – AV Club
  • “Brandon Flynn gives an intense, heartfelt performance as Justin” – Globe and Mail

Scene-stealing abilities

Even in ensemble casts, Flynn often emerges as a scene-stealer. He demonstrated this ability in a 2018 episode of True Detective, guest starring as Ryan, a brooding teenager involved in a shocking crime. Though appearing only briefly, Flynn made a huge impression on audiences. His simmering, enigmatic energy electrified the screen.

Dynamic theatrical performances

In addition to on-screen work, Flynn has wowed audiences on stage. He starred in the Goodman Theatre’s 2017 production of Mike Bartlett’s King Charles III. His performance as Prince William was hailed as “brilliant” and “pitch perfect” by Chicago media. Flynn brought vitality and passion to the Shakespearean role.

Authentic Social Media Presence

Unlike many young actors, Flynn’s social media presence feels genuine rather than manufactured for publicity. He interacts with fans as himself—passionate, funny, sincere. This authenticity endears him to his millions of followers across platforms.

Candid about causes he cares about

Flynn uses his platform to raise awareness about mental health, addiction, and LGBTQ acceptance. His openness about these issues comes across as genuine, not performative. He speaks from personal experience and with empathy.

Engages playfully with fans

Flynn maintains an intimate, conversational tone when engaging with fans on Twitter and Instagram. He responds to DMs, makes silly jokes, shares glimpses into his everyday life and passions.

Crowd-sourced charity fundraising

For his birthday in 2018, Flynn crowdsourced donations from fans to benefit The Trevor Project, an LGBTQ youth suicide prevention group. He matched all contributions personally. This act of generosity reflected his character and cemented fan loyalty.

Efforts as an Activist and Ally

Beyond just social media, Flynn actively uses his fame to support and advocate for causes important to him. His passion for enacting positive change resonates strongly with supporters.

Participation in AIDS Walks

Flynn has participated in AIDS Walks in Los Angeles to raise money for HIV/AIDS research and treatment. He demonstrated his commitment by walking the 9.2 mile route and donating himself.

Partnerships with LGBTQ organizations

In 2021, Flynn collaborated with GLAAD to promote Spirit Day, an anti-LGBTQ bullying campaign. He also works frequently with The Trevor Project to further their mission of suicide prevention among queer youth.

Letter writing and petition campaigns

Flynn has organized letter writing campaigns urging political leaders to support LGBTQ equality measures. He also uses his platform to promote petitions for causes like banning conversion therapy practices.

His activism makes clear that he is an ally willing to do more than just talk.

Passion for the Arts

Beyond acting, Brandon Flynn has an array of artistic passions that give fans further insight into him. His creativity and talents extend far beyond just one medium.

Musical abilities

In 2017, Flynn released a 5-track EP under the name Home-Loose where he sang, played various instruments and even rapped. His soulful singing voice and versatility impressed listeners.

Photography skills

Flynn shares gorgeous film photography on his Instagram page. He has an eye for compelling urban landscapes and portraits. He did the artistic photo shoot visuals for his music.

Poetry and prose

The actor occasionally posts snippets of poetry and stream-of-consciousness style prose on social media. His writing reveals a sensitive, introspective side fans connect with.

Fashion and style

Flynn has modeled in fashion shoots and campaigns for brands like Valentino and Saint Laurent. He always cuts a stylish, trendsetting figure on red carpets with his unique fashion sense.

Support of Social Causes

In addition to LGBTQ organizations, Flynn allies himself with and contributes to an array of other social justice causes. He uses his celebrity selectively to amplify issues that matter most to him.

Black Lives Matter

Flynn vocally supported Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd’s murder. He participated in LA marches and shared educational resources on understanding white privilege.

TIME’S UP Movement

At award shows and events, Flynn has worn TIME’S UP pins and attended affiliate groups. He backs their mission of combating sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood.

Youth mental health services

Flynn has filmed PSAs and made donations to groups like Active Minds that offer mental health resources to young people. He sees this as connected to his anti-bullying efforts.

Environmental activism

Through social media and financial contributions, Flynn supports environmentalist groups like the Sierra Club and Preserving the planet is another cause he is passionate about.

Maintains a Sense of Mystery and Intrigue

While remarkably open and candid at times, Flynn still maintains an air of mystery about himself. He does not reveal every detail of his personal life to the public. This balance of vulnerability and secrecy keeps fans invested in him.

Little known early life

Not much is publicly known about Flynn’s life prior to becoming an actor. He had a troubled childhood and struggled with drug abuse as a teen. But he has not shared many specifics.

Discreet about dating life

Flynn keeps romantic relationships very private. He was linked to Sam Smith in 2018 but has not dated publicly since or commented on his love life. The intrigue leaves people curious.

Periods of social media absence

Flynn sometimes takes extended breaks from social media without explanation. His month long disappears make fans miss his presence even more when he returns.

Few in-depth interviews

While he does some press, Flynn does not frequently sit for lengthy interviews. He remains a bit guarded about letting his full personality come through in on-camera conversations.


In conclusion, Brandon Flynn has earned such an enthusiastic fanbase for a myriad of reasons. His undeniable acting talent and charisma on screen first got him noticed. But his authenticity on social media, passion for activism, artistic talents, air of mystery, and overall character have solidified people’s love for him.

The level of fame he has achieved at just 25 is astounding. If the past few years are any indicator, Brandon Flynn’s following and accolades will surely continue to grow in the future. He is truly one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars.

Frequently Asked Questions about Why People Love Brandon Flynn

What was Brandon Flynn’s breakthrough role?

Brandon Flynn’s breakthrough role was playing Justin Foley on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why from 2017-2020. His empathetic portrayal of the troubled Justin earned widespread critical praise and introduced him to a mass audience.

What causes does Brandon Flynn support?

Flynn uses his platform to advocate for several social justice causes he is passionate about, especially LGBTQ equality, mental health awareness, environmentalism, and racial justice. He partners with organizations, participates in activism, and promotes issues through social media.

How does Brandon Flynn interact with fans online?

Flynn maintains an intimate, conversational tone when engaging with fans on social media. He makes silly jokes, shares personal glimpses into his life, responds to DMs, and comes across as authentic and approachable. This endears him to followers.

Why does Brandon Flynn maintain an air of mystery?

While candid at times, Flynn keeps parts of his life private, like relationships and parts of his past. He also takes social media breaks without explaining why. This sense of secrecy intrigues fans and keeps them invested in him.

What are Brandon Flynn’s talents beyond acting?

Flynn released a 5-track EP under the name Home-Loose where he sang, played instruments, and rapped. He also has talents in photography, poetry, fashion, and activism. His array of passions gives fans more insight into him.

What can we expect next from Brandon Flynn?

Flynn has several upcoming acting projects in the works, including Netflix thriller True Spirit and AMC anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead. Given his early success, fans can likely expect his fame and accolades to continue growing with future high-profile roles.

Why do critics praise Brandon Flynn’s acting abilities?

Critics highlight Flynn’s ability to bring emotional depth and authenticity to every role. Even in small guest parts, he makes a big impression by embodying characters fully. Reviewers have specifically praised his talents in 13 Reasons Why and on stage in King Charles III.

How does Brandon Flynn give back to his fans?

For his 25th birthday, Flynn crowd-sourced donations from fans for The Trevor Project and matched contributions himself. Things like this show he is a generous person who wants to connect meaningfully with supporters.

What award shows has Brandon Flynn attended?

Flynn has walked several high-profile red carpets, including the MTV Movie & TV Awards, GLAAD Media Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. His stylish, trendsetting fashion choices at these events always get noticed.

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