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Why Do People Hate Angela Bassett?

Angela Bassett is an acclaimed American actress known for her extensive body of work across film, television, and theater. She has received numerous accolades, including an Academy Award nomination, a Golden Globe Award, and several NAACP Image Awards.

However, like many celebrities, Bassett has faced criticism and backlash from some over the years. This article will explore the possible reasons why some people dislike or “hate” Angela Bassett.

Why Do Some View Her as Arrogant or Entitled?

One common criticism of Angela Bassett is the perception by some that she is arrogant or entitled. There are a few factors that may contribute to this viewpoint:

Candid Interviews and Speeches

Bassett is known for speaking her mind in interviews without holding back. She has made controversial comments about her career, typecasting, pay equity, and more. Her direct style may come across as arrogant to some.

Confidence On Screen

In many of her acting roles, Bassett exudes a strong confidence which translates to arrogance for some audiences. This includes roles where she portrays real-life figures like Betty Shabazz and Tina Turner.

Selectiveness Over Roles

Bassett is very selective about what roles she accepts and turns down projects often. Some believe this conveys an air of entitlement or ego. However, she argues it’s about professional standards.

Is She Too Serious and Intense?

Another criticism of Bassett is that she is too serious and intense. Some feel her acting style and demeanor in interviews is overly dramatic. Reasons for this perception include:

Dramatic Acting Style

Bassett is known for portraying weighty dramatic roles that require emotional intensity like her Oscar-nominated role in What’s Love Got to Do with It. Her style may seem over-the-top or too serious to some.

Activism and Social Commentary

Bassett uses her platform to bring attention to social issues and causes she believes in. Her passionate activism may come across as too serious or intense for some people’s liking.

Private Persona

Despite being a public figure, Bassett remains very private about her personal life. Some feel her intense privacy adds to an overly serious public persona.

Age Defying Appearance

Bassett’s stunning youthful appearance at over 60 years old has also garnered backlash from some:

Accusations of Cosmetic Procedures

Despite denying it, Bassett has been accused of having botox, fillers, facelifts and more. Her age-defying beauty makes some question whether she’s gone under the knife.

Resentment and Double Standards

There is a double standard over ageing in Hollywood that impacts women more than men. Some resent Bassett for trying to appear younger while criticizing men less for doing the same.

Questions About Her Authenticity

Bassett’s timeless beauty causes some to question if she is trying to portray a version of herself that is inauthentic and misleading. However, aging gracefully under Hollywood pressures is very challenging.

Outspokenness on Racism and Inequality

Bassett has always been vocal about racism, unequal treatment, and social injustice. For some, her unapologetic stances are too controversial.

Blunt Critiques About Hollywood

She frequently criticizes the lack of opportunities, pay equity, and respect given to Black actors, especially women, in Hollywood. Her willingness to call out the industry angers some.

Unapologetic Tone

Bassett is steadfast and confident in speaking out on controversial racial issues in the blunt tone. This rubs some people the wrong way.

Support of Social Activism

She is actively supportive of Black Lives Matter and other social activism. Bassett’s outspoken support of these causes draws criticism from those who disagree.

Some feel that Bassett could take a more subtle approach, but her refusal to mince words shows her determination to speak her truth.

Woman Empowerment Stances

Throughout her career, Bassett has emphasized female strength and empowerment in roles she portrays and in her interviews. As with her racial stances, this also earns her backlash:

Playing Strong Female Characters

Many of Bassett’s most notable roles portray strong, powerful women. Some feel these characters promote a feminist agenda they disagree with.

Comments Supporting Women

Bassett frequently advocates for women’s equality and opportunity in Hollywood during interviews. Some resent her willingness to criticize gender discrimination.

Confidence In Herself

She exudes self-confidence in herself, her talents, and her principles. This level of self-assuredness as a woman rubs some people the wrong way.

Bassett refuses to downplay her beliefs about gender equality which can anger those with more traditional values. However, she stands firm in using her platform to inspire women.

Outspokenness On the LGBTQ Community

Another aspect of Bassett’s outspoken advocacy that draws backlash is her strong support for LGBTQ rights. Specifically:

Playing an LGBTQ Icon in What’s Love…

Her critical acclaim for portraying Tina Turner included a same-sex love scene. This drew some condemnation from religious conservatives.

Supporting Her LGBTQ Co-Stars

Bassett has advocated for LGBTQ actors she has worked with like her 9-1-1 castmate, Brian Michael Smith. Her vocal support angers anti-LGBTQ people.

Promoting LGBTQ Rights

She consistently promotes equal rights and protections for the LGBTQ community. Bassett’s progressive stances contradict more religious traditionalists.

Some feel celebrities should avoid these issues. However, Bassett uses her fame to give voice to LGBTQ equality against discrimination.

Reputation as Difficult

There is also a lingering reputation in some circles of Angela Bassett being difficult to work with:

Diva Behavior On Set

There are anecdotes of Bassett being demanding, untrusting of directors, or temperamental during productions. This diva characterization is likely overblown.

Refusal to Take Certain Roles

As mentioned, Bassett turns down roles often if they don’t meet her standards or values. Saying no frequently can be misconstrued as being difficult.

Strong Persona and Work Ethic

Bassett has a formidable presence and relentless work ethic. At times these traits may be interpreted as grating by some co-workers.

However, there are far more accounts of her professionalism than anything else. She likely just knows what she wants and strives for it.

Anti-Vaccine Stance

One of Bassett’s most controversial viewpoints is her anti-vaccine position which draws a lot of criticism:

Refusal to Vaccinate Her Children

Bassett revealed that she refused typical childhood vaccinations for her kids. Her anti-vaccine views contradict medical consensus.

COVID-19 Vaccine Skepticism

She was hesitant about getting the COVID vaccine and was accused of feeding into conspiracy theories. This further angered pro-vaccine advocates.

Going Against Public Health

Public health experts denounced Bassett’s anti-vaccine stances as irresponsible and dangerous misinformation during a pandemic.

Bassett’s skepticism of vaccines, though likely with good intent as a mother, flies in the face of science. This stance harms her reputation significantly.

Past Commentary on Other Black Celebrities

There is also some backlash related to commentary Bassett has made criticizing or questioning other Black celebrities over the years:

On Halle Berry’s Oscar Win

Bassett suggested Berry’s Oscar win for Monster’s Ball was demeaning to Black women. Some felt the comment was petty jealously.

On Janet Jackson’s Infamous Wardrobe Malfunction

She implied criticism of Jackson for the “Nipplegate” incident. Many saw this as victim blaming of Jackson.

On Stacey Dash’s Conservative Views

Bassett mocked actress Stacey Dash’s embrace of far-right politics. While most agreed, some saw it as bullying.

In these cases, Bassett was accused of tearing other women down. However, her critiques were likely meant to make broader points about industry biases.

Is She Not Considered Sexy Enough?

Surprisingly, another criticism that has surfaced about Bassett is a questioning of her sexuality and appeal:

Lack of Sexually Charged Roles

Besides What’s Love Got to Do with It, Bassett rarely portrays overtly sexualized characters. This oddly leads to insults about her sexual allure.

Weight Fluctuations

Weight gains and losses throughout her career have led to unfair judgments about her looks. The obsession over her body is deeply rooted in sexism.

Undermining of Her Beauty

Comments that downplay Bassett’s beauty reveal the double standards women, especially darker-skinned Black women, face in entertainment.

These criticisms highlight the unfair fixation on Black women’s sexuality. Bassett’s talent and principles outshine any debates about her appearance.

Lack of Vulnerability

Lastly, some criticize Bassett for an apparent lack of vulnerability and imperfection:

Privacy About Her Personal Life

As mentioned, Bassett remains very private about her family life. This makes her seem very guarded and protective.

No Public Missteps

Unlike many celebrities, there seems to be no public scandals or embarrassments. Some find her discipline and poise to be too perfect.

No Display of Flaws

There is a desire by some for Bassett to let her flaws show publicly and be more relatable. However, she owes no one access to her imperfections.

For Bassett, maintaining boundaries and protecting her inner self likely helps her cope with the pressures of fame. She should feel no obligation to be vulnerably exposed.


In summary, Angela Bassett faces many criticisms – some fair and others clearly rooted in societal double standards about race, gender, age, and more. Her direct style rubs some the wrong way.

But by remaining fiercely principled, Bassett inspires many more than she angers. She is unapologetic about who she is and the causes she stands up for. Right or wrong, Angela Bassett speaks and lives her truth – and that demands respect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Why Angela Bassett is Hated

Why do some people think Angela Bassett is arrogant?

Some people interpret Bassett’s candid interviews, selective film role choices, on-screen confidence, and fierce privacy as signs of arrogance or entitlement. However, she argues it stems from having professional standards and protecting her personal life.

What are the criticisms around Angela Bassett’s age and beauty?

Bassett’s stunning, youthful appearance even over 60 years old leads to accusations of plastic surgery, double standards over aging, and questions about her “authenticity.” However, the scrutiny of her looks reveals unfair biases.

How has Angela Bassett’s social activism drawn criticism?

Her unapologetic stances on racism, sexism, LGBTQ rights, and other social justice issues anger some who disagree or feel she should be less outspoken. But Bassett uses her fame intentionally to speak out on causes she believes in.

Why did Angela Bassett face backlash for criticizing other Black celebrities?

Remarks perceived as criticism about Halle Berry, Janet Jackson, and Stacey Dash caused some to accuse Bassett of jealousy and bullying. However, her critiques likely aimed to make broader points about systemic industry issues.

What fueled the perception of Angela Bassett being difficult to work with?

Rumors of diva behavior, turning down roles often, and having a formidable work ethic paint her negatively to some. But there is limited evidence of true difficulties and much more pointing to her professionalism.

How did Angela Bassett’s anti-vaccine stance ignite criticism?

Her admissions about refusing childhood vaccines for her kids and initially hesitate on the COVID vaccine drew intense backlash from public health experts and pro-vaccine advocates. These views contradict scientific consensus.

Why do some unfairly question Angela Bassett’s sexuality and looks?

Despite limited overtly sexual roles, she still faces criticisms about her looks and sexuality that are likely rooted in sexist and racist beauty standards. But her talent outshines any debates about her appearance.

How does Angela Bassett’s privacy draw criticism about lack of vulnerability?

Her discipline to keep her personal life very private causes some to see her as guarded with no public flaws. However, she has every right to set boundaries and need not be vulnerable to please others.

Why might people appreciate Angela Bassett even if they disagree with her stances?

While one can disagree with her opinions, she is widely respected for being fiercely principled and outspoken about who she is and what she believes in. She displays an admirable willingness to boldly speak her truth.

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