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Why Do People Hate Eddie Redmayne?

Eddie Redmayne is an Oscar-winning British actor known for roles in films like The Theory of Everything, The Danish Girl, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and more.

While he has achieved immense success and critical acclaim for his acting, Redmayne has also faced significant backlash and hatred from some people over the years. There are several speculated reasons why the talented actor elicits such strong negativity from certain groups.

Why Do Some Dislike Eddie Redmayne’s Acting?

Accusations of Overacting

One of the most common critiques of Eddie Redmayne is accusations of overacting or being too showy in his performances.

Some feel he goes too far in physically transforming for roles, like his mannerisms as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. Critics argue it comes across as a disingenuous attempt to gain acclaim.

Style Called Pretentious or Contrived

Relatedly, detractors say there is a pretentious, contrived quality to Redmayne’s acting style. They believe he deliberately calculates and stage-manages his performances to strategically win awards, rather than embodying characters in an authentic way.

Lack of Range

Redmayne also gets criticized for a lack of range in the roles he takes on. While adept at portraying certain archetypes (like his Oscar-winning turns as Hawking and Lili Elbe), some argue he plays similar character types over and over without showcasing versatility.

Backlash to Redmayne’s Casting in The Danish Girl

Perpetuating Cisgender Actors in Trans Roles

Redmayne received significant backlash from LGBTQ+ advocates for his casting as pioneering transgender woman Lili Elbe in 2015’s The Danish Girl. Critics argued casting a cisgender actor in this landmark trans role perpetuated exclusion of trans actors in Hollywood.

Seen as Transface

Relatedly, many viewed Redmayne’s portrayal of Elbe as an act of “transface” – a cis actor wrongly taking a transgender role and inaccurately mimicking the trans experience like a costume. Activists said authentic trans actors should have been given priority.

Impact on Awards Consideration

Some have noted the casting controversy seemed to hurt Redmayne’s chances at major acting awards, despite his acclaimed performance. It’s possible the backlash influenced voting and prevented another win.

Criticism of Redmayne’s Involvement in Fantastic Beasts

Alignment with J.K. Rowling

As the lead actor in the Harry Potter prequel film series Fantastic Beasts, Redmayne faced criticism for aligning himself with author J.K. Rowling in light of her anti-trans comments. Activists argued working with Rowling was implicit support of her views.

Perceived Lack of Commentary

Relatedly, there was frustration Redmayne did not speak out against Rowling’s transphobic remarks as the face of the Fantastic Beasts franchise. His lack of commentary on the issues was seen as complicity.

Potential Impact on Future Installments

It’s speculated the backlash could hurt interest and turnout for future Fantastic Beasts films. Redmayne’s continued association with the series despite the controversy may jeopardize its success.

Additional Controversies Throughout Redmayne’s Career

Yellowface Accusations for The Good Shepherd

Redmayne faced accusations of yellowface for his portrayal of a Vietnamese character in 2006’s The Good Shepherd. Critics said the role should have gone to an Asian actor rather than a white actor altering his appearance.

Backlash for Accepting Trans Role After Danish Girl Criticism

After the Danish Girl, Redmayne again sparked criticism in 2019 for accepting the trans lead role in The Trial of the Chicago 7 shortly after. Activists questioned his commitment to trans representation given the repeat controversy.

Past Classism Controversy Resurfacing

In 2015, old stories resurfaced about Redmayne writing a snobbish, classist rant condemning fellow students while at Eton College. The decades-old stories reopened debates about privilege and elitism.

Ballet Horror Movie Sparks Criticism

When Redmayne’s upcoming thriller about a sinister ballet company was announced, it was met with criticism from dancers. They argued it perpetuated negative tropes about the ballet world.

Oscars So White Controversy

As a two-time white Oscar winner, Redmayne got looped into broader discussions about lack of diversity in Hollywood and a dearth of recognition for performers of color. His privilege and access was cited.

Positive Qualities and Actions by Eddie Redmayne

Talented, Accomplished Actor

Regardless of controversies, most recognize Redmayne is a talented, accomplished actor dedicated to his craft. His award-winning performances and moving portrayals speak for themselves.

Uses Fame to Highlight Causes

Redmayne has used his platform to highlight important causes like ALS research and preventing animal poaching. He leverages his fame for good.

Apologized for Past Mistakes

When old controversies have resurfaced, the actor has apologized unreservedly. He reflects on missteps and pledges to learn from them rather than defend them.

Advocates for Representation

Redmayne has stressed the importance of authentic representation and access for marginalized groups in the arts. He voices support even when his own casting sparks debate.

Backs His Projects and Colleagues

People say Redmayne remains a loyal, dedicated supporter of his projects and colleagues. Despite Potterverse controversies, he fulfills commitments and treats crew with respect.


In summary, Eddie Redmayne faces a polarizing reception. Some view the Oscar winner as an overly showy actor who makes missteps in his role and casting choices. But others defend Redmayne as a talented performer who uses his platform positively.

Debates will likely continue around his acting style and decision-making. Yet Redmayne remains one of the most prominent British exports acting today regardless of the controversies surrounding him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Eddie Redmayne win an Oscar for The Danish Girl?

Despite criticism for casting a cisgender actor, Redmayne won the Best Actor Oscar for his acclaimed performance as Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl. He was recognized for the great physical and emotional transformation the role demanded.

What did J.K. Rowling say that was anti-trans?

J.K. Rowling made several remarks considered transphobic, including implying only women menstruate, mocking the inclusive phrase “people who menstruate,” and denying the validity of transgender identity.

Is Eddie Redmayne part of the Fantastic Beasts cast?

Yes, Eddie Redmayne stars as magizoologist Newt Scamander in the Fantastic Beasts prequel film series set in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. He is the lead of the cast.

Did Eddie Redmayne go to Eton?

Yes, Eddie Redmayne attended Eton College for secondary school. The elite British boarding school has educated numerous royals and luminaries. Redmayne’s time at Eton was referenced in an old classism controversy.

What was Redmayne’s Oscar winning performance as Stephen Hawking?

Redmayne won the Best Actor Oscar for 2015’s The Theory of Everything, where he portrayed the cosmologist Stephen Hawking and his ALS diagnosis. Redmayne’s physical transformation was acclaimed.

What transgender role did Redmayne accept after The Danish Girl criticism?

After criticism for The Danish Girl, Redmayne starred as a transgender character again in 2019’s The Trial of the Chicago 7. This sparked further backlash over his casting.

What is yellowface in acting?

Yellowface refers to the racist practice of a non-Asian actor altering their appearance with makeup and prosthetics to portray an Asian character. Redmayne faced such accusations for his role in The Good Shepherd.

What awards has Eddie Redmayne won?

Some of Eddie Redmayne’s major acting awards include the Oscar for Best Actor for The Theory of Everything and the Tony Award for Best Featured Actor for Red. He also won a Golden Globe for The Danish Girl.

Is Eddie Redmayne married?

Yes, Eddie Redmayne married Hannah Bagshawe in 2014. Hannah worked in finance but now takes care of their family. They have two children together.

What was Eddie Redmayne’s debut movie role?

Eddie Redmayne’s first feature film role was in 1998’s Elizabeth II, where he played a young Prince Edward. His professional screen acting debut came in the 2002 miniseries The Forsyte Saga.

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