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Why Do People Love Eddie Redmayne?

Eddie Redmayne is one of the most beloved actors of his generation. The Oscar-winning star is known for completely transforming into his characters and delivering powerful performances. Here’s a look at why audiences and critics can’t get enough of Eddie Redmayne.

His Dedication to His Craft

One of the qualities that makes Eddie Redmayne so admired is his intense commitment to fully inhabiting his roles. He undergoes stunning physical and emotional transformations for his films, truly becoming the characters.

Research and Preparation

For every part, Redmayne does extensive research to understand his character on a deep level. He utilizes method acting techniques, surrounding himself with sensory details to get into the headspace of who he’s portraying.

For example, to play Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, Redmayne spent four months studying Hawking’s life, watching interviews, and meeting with doctors and patients suffering from ALS. Redmayne was able to replicate Hawking’s unique physicality and mannerisms with precision.

Physical Transformation

In addition to mental preparation, Redmayne is also willing to alter his physical appearance in significant ways.

For The Danish Girl, Redmayne lost weight and trained for months with a movement coach to capture ballerina dancer Lili Elbe’s feminine gestures and posture. The result was a graceful and nuanced performance.

In My Week with Marilyn, Redmayne wore lip and cheek prosthetics to transform into a youthful Colin Clark. And for The Theory of Everything he contorted his body, keeping his left arm tucked and curling his fingers to emulate Hawking’s ALS symptoms.

Emotional Transformation

Beyond physicality, Redmayne gives deeply emotional performances by truly feeling what the real people he portrays went through.

To play Stephen Hawking, he tried to imagine the experience of living with ALS and being confined physically but not mentally. Redmayne captured Hawking’s brilliance, humor, and perseverance beautifully.

As Lili Elbe, Redmayne conveyed her hope and despair, allowing the audience to empathize with her journey as a transgender pioneer. The raw vulnerability he brings to roles creates a powerful connection.

Total Disappearing Act

By the end of Redmayne’s intensive preparations, he is able to make himself disappear completely into a role. There are no traces of his star persona onscreen, only the character.

Redmayne’s acting philosophy is “to always try and find the truth of the person” he portrays. His willingness to wholeheartedly transform makes his performances feel stunningly real and human.

His Captivating Charisma

Though Redmayne takes on many serious roles, he also possesses an infectious charm and charisma that delights audiences. He brings warmth and emotion to every character.

Magnetic Screen Presence

Standing at 6’1” with classical handsome features, Redmayne has striking screen presence. But he uses his physicality to inhabit the essence of characters rather than relying on a movie star aura.

There is vulnerability and openness to his face that draws you in. And he can subtly shift his entire demeanor between roles. As Marilyn Monroe he embodied her seductive, glamorous confidence. While as Stephen Hawking he was stoic and pensive.

Endearing Personality

In interviews and public appearances, Redmayne comes across as truly humble, earnest and down-to-earth. He charmingly blushes and giggles frequently when discussing his craft.

Far from a brooding method actor, Redmayne radiates genuine joy and appreciation at the privilege of being able to act. His gracious personality makes him hard not to adore.

Captivating Performances

Onscreen, there is often an electric charisma to Redmayne’s performances. As Colin Clark in My Week With Marilyn, he was a dashing, lovestruck confidant to Monroe.

In Les Miserables, Redmayne portrayed Marius with a swoon-worthy romantic intensity. And as husband Richard in The Aeronauts, Redmayne lit up the screen opposite Felicity Jones with wit and passion.

Redmayne makes complex, flawed characters captivating and lovable. From poets to princes, ingenues to icons, he convinces the audience to root for every role he plays.

His Impressive Range

While some actors stay within a specific type, Eddie Redmayne has proven himself a chameleon capable of astonishing range. He disappears so fully into roles that each performance is like seeing a brand new actor.

Blockbuster Franchises

Redmayne can anchor big budget fantasy films like Fantastic Beasts, where he leads as magizoologist Newt Scamander. With warmth and whimsy, he grounds the massive special effects and world-building.

Sweeping Epics

He also shines in historical dramas like The Aeronauts, bringing intimacy to the sweeping adventure. As balloon pilot James Glaisher, Redmayne conveys enormous passion for discovery and science.

Smaller Indies

At the same time, Redmayne does his most transformative work in smaller independent films. He can hold the screen with nuanced drama like Savage Grace and emotionally resonant stories like The Theory of Everything.

Stage and Screen

Redmayne began his career in theater, winning a Tony for his performance as Ken in Red. He returns to the stage frequently, dancing in Cabaret in London last year. His extensive theater background strengthens his screen acting.

Singing and Dancing

Musicals showcase the full extent of his artistic talents. His singing is superb, especially in Les Miserables where he movingly performs “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.” And Redmayne took tap lessons for My Week with Marilyn to gracefully dance as Colin Clark.

Awards Recognition

Redmayne’s range has been rewarded with acclaim. He won the Academy Award and BAFTA for Best Actor for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. He’s been nominated for two other Oscars and three other BAFTAs.

Critics praise his ability to make every role distinct and definitive, whether legendary figures or original characters. Redmayne’s craftsmanship continually impresses.

He Chooses Interesting Projects

From his first major role in The Good Shepherd alongside Matt Damon in 2006, Redmayne has shown exceptional taste in his projects. He’s attracted to challenging, thought-provoking films.


He gravitates toward intriguing, lesser-known real life stories like The Theory of Everything, The Danish Girl, and The Aeronauts. Redmayne portrays these historical figures with sensitivity and insight.

Literary Adaptations

Many of his films are based on acclaimed novels. Les Miserables adapted the legendary musical based on Victor Hugo’s famous book. Savage Grace captured the complexity of the 1972 novel about the dysfunctional Baekeland family.

Ambitious Directors

Redmayne works with modern masters renowned for their daring visions. He starred in The Trial of the Chicago 7 for Aaron Sorkin and Fantastic Beasts for David Yates. Actors admire Redmayne’s bold project choices.

Fearless Roles

Redmayne isn’t afraid to take major risks, like portraying one of the first known recipients of gender reassignment surgery in The Danish Girl. His bravery makes for compelling viewing.

Even in fantasy films like Fantastic Beasts, Redmayne finds depth, portraying Newt Scamander as a shy outsider. He picks scripts with purpose.

He’s an Advocate for Important Causes

Beyond his acting achievements, Eddie Redmayne uses his platform to support impactful charitable causes. His social activism makes him even more beloved.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Redmayne is a vocal ally for LGBTQ+ rights. He rendered Lili Elbe’s story with great empathy in The Danish Girl. And he condemned discrimination against the transgender community at the film’s premiere.

Neurological Disorders

After playing Stephen Hawking, Redmayne became an ambassador for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. He helps raise money and awareness for ALS and related conditions.

Environmental Protection

A nature lover, Redmayne supports green charities like the Sierra Club. He attended marches supporting action against climate change.

Coronavirus Relief

During 2020 Redmayne and his wife donated to various organizations helping vulnerable groups impacted by the pandemic like hunger relief funds and the NHS.

His progressive values and generosity of spirit inspire. Eddie Redmayne uses his fame to benefit society.

Table on Eddie Redmayne’s Accolades

Academy AwardBest ActorThe Theory of Everything2015Won
BAFTABest ActorThe Theory of Everything2015Won
Tony AwardBest Performance by a Featured Actor in a PlayRed2010Won
Golden GlobeBest Actor – DramaThe Theory of Everything2015Won
Screen Actors GuildOutstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading RoleThe Theory of Everything2015Won


Eddie Redmayne has rightfully become one of the most acclaimed actors of the 21st century thanks to his spellbinding performances. Audiences are drawn to his dedication, charisma, range, project choices and activism.

Redmayne’s ability to transform fully into any character while retaining his charm and kindness makes him universally beloved. He elevates every film he’s in. We look forward to many more powerful performances that will demonstrate Eddie Redmayne’s impeccable craft and captivating screen presence. He’s an actor for the ages.

FAQs about Why People Love Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne has developed a devoted fanbase over his acclaimed career. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Oscar-winning actor and why audiences adore him:

What was Eddie Redmayne’s breakout role?

Redmayne first captured notice playing a supporting part in Robert De Niro’s The Good Shepherd in 2006.

But his major breakout was playing Colin Clark opposite Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe in 2011’s My Week with Marilyn. Redmayne charmed critics and audiences as a wide-eyed production assistant dazzled by Monroe.

What was Redmayne’s most challenging role?

Eddie Redmayne considers his Oscar-winning portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything to be his most challenging role.

To believably inhabit the brilliant physicist limited physically but not mentally by ALS, Redmayne spent 4 months studying Hawking’s life and contorting his body. Redmayne called the experience “one of the most extraordinary and privileged processes” of his career.

What is Eddie Redmayne’s most commercially successful movie?

That would be Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the 2016 Harry Potter spin-off prequel film where Redmayne stars as magizoologist Newt Scamander.

Made for $180 million, the blockbuster went on to earn over $814 million worldwide. It launched an entire Fantastic Beasts franchise with Redmayne as the lead.

How did Eddie Redmayne meet his wife Hannah Bagshawe?

Redmayne met his future wife Hannah when he attended Eton College. She went to a nearby boarding school. They shared a group of friends but didn’t get romantic until they reconnected as adults.

Redmayne proposed while they were on vacation at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel in California. They married in 2014 and have two children together.

What charity work is Eddie Redmayne involved with?

Redmayne supports a variety of philanthropic causes. He’s an ambassador for the Motor Neurone Disease Association after portraying Stephen Hawking. Redmayne also supports environmental organizations like the Sierra Club.

And he’s donated to groups providing Covid-19 pandemic relief efforts like hunger funds and the NHS. Redmayne uses his platform to champion important issues.

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