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Why Do People Hate Joshua Bassett?

Joshua Bassett is an American actor and singer who is best known for playing Ricky Bowen on the Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Born in 2000, Bassett began acting professionally as a teenager and has built a successful early career in Disney entertainment.

However, despite his popularity among young audiences, Bassett has faced some public backlash and dislike in recent years. Here is an in-depth exploration of Joshua Bassett and the potential reasons why some people have turned against him.

Music and Acting Career

After small acting roles, Bassett’s breakout came when he was cast as Ricky in 2019’s High School Musical series reboot. His character was written as a Troy Bolton-esque leading man – athletic, musical, and charming.

As the show became popular on Disney’s new streaming service, Bassett garnered attention from young viewers as a Gen Z heartthrob. His music career also took off, as he released original songs that incorporated pop and folk-pop styles.

However, Bassett also faced criticism that his music and acting lacked authenticity and originality. Some felt that he was manufactured by Disney to be a cookie-cutter teen star.

Relationship Drama

Much of the dislike toward Joshua Bassett is connected to his rumored relationship and messy breakup with co-star Olivia Rodrigo. Fans speculated about their off-screen romance as Bassett began dating Sabrina Carpenter soon after.

Rodrigo then released “Drivers License,” which contained apparent references to the love triangle. Her record-breaking hit seemed to paint Bassett negatively, contributing to backlash from fans.

The public drama and passive-aggressive song lyrics made some view Bassett as manipulative in his personal relationships. However, the full truth is unknown.

“Queerbaiting” Accusations

Some have accused Joshua Bassett of “queerbaiting” – hinting at same-sex attraction to engage an LGBTQ+ audience without properly representing the community.

In 2021 interviews, Bassett made ambiguous comments about his sexuality and relationships that led to queerbaiting allegations. Critics argued he exploited public curiosity about his sexuality for attention and marketing purposes.

Public Statements on His Dislike

Joshua Bassett is aware that he has detractors and critics of his music and public persona. In interviews, he has addressed the negativity head-on in attempts to show his authentic self.

Reaction to “Drivers License” Backlash

In the wake of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” mania, Bassett admitted to feeling overwhelmed by the widespread dislike toward him. However, on social media, he focused on positive messages about accepting hard times.

He later released his own lyrically-vague songs like “Lie Lie Lie,” leading fans to speculate he was responding to Rodrigo’s musical depictions of him. This rhetorical feud added fuel to the anti-Bassett sentiment.

Responding to Queerbaiting Controversy

When accused of using sexuality for attention, Bassett stated that he lets his “actions speak” for his activism work. He avoided labeling his sexuality but said he’s “happy to play roles that might represent the LGBT community.”

While attempting to defuse accusations, he reaffirmed commitment to representing diverse groups respectfully. However, skepticism remains on his authentic advocacy for marginalized identities.

Handling Pressures of Early Fame

Joshua Bassett has been in the limelight since his teenage years and spoken about the effects of sudden fame. He described the mass dislike against him as an “easy temptation…to start hating oneself.”

In interviews, he’s focused on self-acceptance, empathy, and tuning out toxicity – aiming to set an example for handling industry pressures maturely. This has shown self-awareness some fans have found respectable.

Analyzing Public Perception of Joshua Bassett

Looking broadly at Bassett’s career and controversies provides context for understanding the strongly negative opinions of him held by portions of the media and fanbases.

Reliance on Industry Formulas

Critics of Joshua Bassett argue that Disney manufactured him into a cookie-cutter teen celebrity using tested industry formulas – fitting the archetype of a wholesome, platonic leading man while releasing radio-friendly pop songs.

To some, his balancing of music and an acting role seems strategically plotted rather than organic, undermining perceptions of his authenticity as an artist.

Messiness of Younger Celebrities’ Romances

Bassett’s rise coincided with tabloids fixating on the relationship drama of young stars. The gossip surrounding his ties to Rodrigo and Carpenter fit this mold – leading the public to view his romantic life as a tawdry telenovela.

Since these celebrities engage with fans on social media, over-analyzing their song lyrics and posts have become the norm. As audiences feel personally invested, Bassett’s perceived wrongdoings in relationships spawned intense dislike.

YearKey Joshua Bassett Career Events
2017Begins acting career with small roles in shows like Game Shakers
2019Cast as Ricky in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,<br>leading role raises his fame
2020Continues starring in HSMTMTS second season, releases debut single
2021His music career takes off with songs like “Lie Lie Lie,” <br>Bassett faces heavy backlash regarding rumored relationships
2022Third HSMTMTS season releases, first headlining tour
2023Upcoming albums, acting roles

Is Backlash Unfairly Excessive?

Bassett has made mistakes that spurred dislike – whether involving relationship drama, exploitation of sexuality rumors, or occasional artistic mediocrity. However, all artists are flawed human beings.

The excessive scale of public contempt seems partly fueled by dynamics unique to Gen Z media like TikTok’s echo chambers. Virality exaggerates cancel culture pile-ons.

So while reasonable critiques exist, Bassett likely receives disproportionate hatred from those failing to view him holistically beyond news-making controversies.

The Future: Potential Reviving of His Reputation

Despite ongoing detractors, chances remain for Joshua Bassett to revive public perception and reduce dislike toward him over time. He still has room for artistic and personal growth.

Developing His Musicianship

As Bassett matures, he has opportunities to hone his musicianship by broadening his songwriting style and vocal skills. Releasing more complex material displaying real artistry could combat his manufactured star image.

Touring with original music also allows connecting deeper with fans beyond acting fame. Polishing his stage presence and lyrical vulnerability could lead crowds to view him as authentic and talented.

Prioritizing Unproblematic Behavior

By focusing energy on professional work and operating respectfully in relationships, Joshua Bassett can avoid further backlash-inducing headlines.

If he concentrates on acting diversity and uses public platforms thoughtfully, scandal-free behavior could gradually rebuild his reputation. Modeling empathy and dignity can slowly overwrite previous bad impressions.

Staying single and silent on sexuality could also neutralize accusations of immaturity, manipulation, or exploitation.

Adding Range As Actor

While no longer a tween, Bassett can leverage the young audience he’s built and increasingly showcase his acting chops. Expanding into mature film roles unrelated to Disney vehicles could display greater emotional depth and versatility.

Critically-acclaimed performances would demonstrate dedication to the craft beyond teen stardom – making converted fans of those currently viewing him as an industry ploy.

Time Tends To Heal

Even without drastic career changes, the basic passage of time may allow the intensity of anti-Joshua Bassett sentiments to organically fade.

As outrage clicks bring diminishing returns, media will move onto newer celebrities to analyze and publicly scorn. Bassett aging out of “teen heartthrob” status also dissolves relevance of past juvenile behaviors.

While his reputation may never fully recover, societal cycles indicate backlash and cancelation are often not permanent. Scandalized stars reinventing their images isn’t uncommon.

So if Bassett focuses forward, controversy-stirring events may eventually become distant memories replaced by new achievements.


Joshua Bassett elicits strongly negative opinions from a significant subset of the media and fans due to factors like perceived relationship manipulation, artists inauthenticity, and exploitation of sexuality rumors for publicity.

He became central to Disney Channel’s massive High School Musical series revival at a young age. However, Bassett faced waves of career backlash around his ties to co-star Olivia Rodrigo following their rumored relationship and messy breakup.


What shows and movies has Joshua Bassett been in?

Joshua Bassett’s breakout role is playing Ricky Bowen in Disney+’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. He has also been in smaller roles in shows like Game Shakers, Grey’s Anatomy, Dirty John, and films like Magic Camp.

What songs has Joshua Bassett released?

Some of Bassett’s most popular songs include “Lie Lie Lie,” “Only a Matter of Time,” “Feel Something,” “Set Me Free,” and “Crisis.” He has released two EPs so far titled Joshua Bassett and Sad Songs in a Hotel Room.

Who is Joshua Bassett rumored to have dated?

Much speculation exists around Joshua Bassett’s relationships. Rumored exes include his HSMTMTS co-star Olivia Rodrigo and singer Sabrina Carpenter.

Why do people think Joshua Bassett uses “queerbaiting”?

In several 2021 interviews, Bassett made vague comments about his sexuality and past relationships that led some fans to accuse him of queerbaiting – hinting at LGBTQ+ attraction without properly representing queerness.

What does Joshua say about people disliking him?

Bassett has acknowledged his detractors, admitting intense dislike is difficult. But in recent statements, he focuses on self-acceptance, filtering toxicity, and setting a mature example for handling early fame pressures.

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