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Why Do People Hate Kate Beckinsale?

Kate Beckinsale is an English actress known for films like Pearl Harbor, Underworld, and The Aviator. While she has many fans who enjoy her work, Beckinsale has also faced backlash and criticism from some people over the years. Here is an in-depth look at some of the main reasons why certain groups dislike or “hate” Kate Beckinsale.

Background and Privileged Upbringing

One source of resentment towards Kate Beckinsale from some people is related to her privileged background and upbringing. She was born in London in 1973 to actor Richard Beckinsale and actress Judy Loe. Her family was well-off and she lived a comfortable childhood.

Beckinsale attended some of the best private schools in Britain growing up. She later enrolled at Oxford University to study French and Russian literature. However, she left Oxford after one year to pursue her acting career.

Some people feel Beckinsale had immense advantages early in life through family connections and wealthy living. This background may rub certain critics the wrong way who feel she didn’t necessarily “earn” her subsequent success in Hollywood.

Family’s industry connections

  • Father was famous TV actor
  • Mother was actress
  • Step-father Roy Battersby was TV director
  • Godfather is actor Derek Jacobi

Education and intelligence

  • Studied at top private schools in youth
  • Attended Oxford University for literature
  • Speaks multiple languages – French, Russian, German

Resentment Towards Her Beauty and Sex Symbol Status

Another source of animosity from some people towards Kate Beckinsale relates to her widely acknowledged beauty and status as a Hollywood sex symbol.

Beckinsale has appeared on many “Most Beautiful” and “Sexiest Women” lists over the years, including Maxim and FHM. Some feel she epitomizes unrealistic beauty standards presented by the entertainment industry.

Additionally, some see Beckinsale’s high-profile relationships with younger male celebrities like Pete Davidson as another source of irritation and a reason to dislike her. Her romantic links to much younger men may foster resentment from certain demographics.

Frequently appears on “Most Beautiful” lists

  • Voted #21 on AskMen’s Most Desirable Women list in 2021
  • Ranked #16 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list in 2006

Known for sexy film roles and provocative photo shoots

  • Poses in revealing outfits for magazines like Esquire
  • Films like Pearl Harbor highlighted her beauty
  • Underworld costume of leather jumpsuit considered sexy

High-profile relationships with younger male celebrities

  • Dated comedian Pete Davidson in 2019 when he was 25 and she was 45
  • Romanced actor Matt Rife in 2017 who was 21 at the time

Perceived Lack of Talent and Poor Film Choices

Critics of Kate Beckinsale also cite a perceived lack of talent and poor choices in film projects as reasons to dislike her.

While acknowledged as beautiful, Beckinsale is not always seen as a strong dramatic actress. Some feel she takes mediocre or bad scripts and does not have the acting skills to elevate the material.

Choices like the Underworld vampire action sequels and critically-panned films like Van Helsing also foster negativity from movie fans unhappy with her projects.

Critiqued for lack of acting talent and range

  • Seen as a limited, one-dimensional actress
  • Failed to win major acting awards or nominations
  • Panned for stilted performances in films like Pearl Harbor

Underworld vampire franchise viewed poorly by some critics

  • Seen as mediocre action sequels beneath her abilities
  • 6 Underworld films over 15 years dilutes quality of series
  • Films tanked with critics, only moderate box office success

Other film choices considered bad or mediocre

  • Pearl Harbor (2001) – widely panned Michael Bay film
  • Van Helsing (2004) – poor reviews and box office returns
  • Whiteout (2009) – flop at box office, bad reviews

Perceived Cockiness and Arrogance

Kate Beckinsale’s personality and public statements in interviews are cited by some as evidence of cockiness or arrogance that makes her unlikable.

There is a perception among critics that Beckinsale is overly confident about her looks and status to the point of smugness or talking herself up too much. Her sense of humor also sometimes comes across as condescending.

Additionally, she has made comments about other celebrities like Michael Bay that have been viewed as arrogant or dismissive, even if meant as a joke. This rubs her detractors the wrong way.

Comes across as smug or overly self-confident in interviews

  • Makes jokes and comments that can feel condescending
  • Talks about her appearance and sexuality freely
  • Feels she promotes herself heavily at times

Past comments about others seen as arrogant

  • Called director Michael Bay “a bit of a tyrant” after Pearl Harbor
  • Blasted rumors she’d appear in Wonder Woman 2017 as “silly”

Sense of humor hits wrong notes with some people

  • Dry, sarcastic style often interpreted as condescending
  • Made jokes about Underworld costumes being like “armpit vaginas”

Perception She Tries Too Hard to Look Young

Some people criticize what they feel are Kate Beckinsale’s unnecessary efforts to try looking as youthful as possible for her age.

At 49 years old currently, Beckinsale receives scrutiny from some for attempting to appear much younger through fashion, make-up, and even possible cosmetic procedures.

There is a feeling she is trying too hard to fight the natural aging process rather than embracing it. This evokes negativity from critics who would prefer she act her age.

Wears provocative, youth-oriented fashion styles

  • Often poses in crop tops, short skirts, leather pants, bustiers etc.
  • Style feels inappropriate or trying too hard for a nearly 50 year old

Speculation she has had extensive plastic surgery

  • Rumors of face fillers, Botox, eye lift, nose job etc.
  • Looks very youthful for 49, sparking skepticism

Heavy make-up dates perceived as covering up age

-dramatic eye make-up, glossy lipstick more suited to 20s -Fresh-faced looks early in career contrast with heavy make-up now

Provides Fodder for Tabloids and Gossip Columns

As a frequently photographed celebrity, Kate Beckinsale’s life provides plenty of fodder for tabloid magazines, gossip sites, and entertainment news looking for stories about her relationships and activities.

The constant tabloid coverage of Beckinsale’s dating life, social media, and even minor daily errands can foster negativity from those tired of reading gossip about her. Even celebrities who court publicity run the risk of overexposure.

Tabloids fixate on her dating life

  • Relationship with Pete Davidson generated lots of coverage
  • Past romance with Matt Rife also well-publicized
  • Spotted on dates sparks speculation and stories

Subject of plastic surgery rumors

  • Tabloids speculate on what work she’s had done
  • Compare youthful looks now vs. earlier years
  • Rumor mill keeps running with surgeries she hasn’t admitted to

Photographed frequently doing routine daily activities

  • Getting coffee, walking dogs, shopping
  • Photos get turned into online gossip posts
  • Fatigue from feeling life is too documented

Outspoken Social and Political Views

Kate Beckinsale is one of numerous outspoken celebrities on issues like women’s rights, politics, and social justice. But her willingness to voice her views rubs some people the wrong way.

Critics feel that Hollywood celebrities should not use their platform to be political. There is resentment from some towards vocal stars like Beckinsale.

Additionally, she has specifically angered conservative fans with stances against President Trump. This costs her support in certain groups.

Vocal about women’s rights and #MeToo movement

  • Speaks out on sexual harassment and abuse issues
  • Supported women accusing Harvey Weinstein
  • Advocates for equality and women’s empowerment

Critical of President Donald Trump

  • Called Trump an “absolute moron” on Instagram
  • Felt 2016 election was “incredibly depressing”
  • Vocal about disagreeing with his policies

Seen as liberal Hollywood elite

  • Supported Hillary Clinton in 2016
  • Marched in Los Angeles Women’s March after Trump inaugurated
  • Posts often skew towards liberal viewpoints


In closing, Kate Beckinsale’s extensive fame and success ensures she will have detractors who dislike her for various reasons, fair or not.

Her privileged upbringing, status as a sex symbol, film choices, personality, outspokenness, and tabloid lifestyle all fuel negativity from certain groups.

However, she remains popular and well-liked by many around the world who enjoy her work and view of life. The divisive reaction Kate elicits in audiences ensures her notoriety.

Ultimately, Beckinsale’s legacy as an actress along with perceptions of her as a person will continue to spark debate between fans and critics alike.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kate Beckinsale Hate

Why do some people strongly dislike Kate Beckinsale?

Some major reasons certain groups strongly dislike Beckinsale include perceived arrogance, a privileged upbringing, calling out director Michael Bay, provocatively dressing and posing for a nearly 50 year old, and vocal liberal political stances.

What are the most common criticisms about her acting career?

Frequent criticisms about Kate Beckinsale’s acting include a perceived lack of talent and range, choosing bad scripts and films like the Underworld series, inability to win major acting awards, and giving stilted or wooden performances.

How does Kate Beckinsale’s background bother some people?

Beckinsale was raised in a well-off show business family and studied at elite private schools then Oxford University. This privileged youth, industry connections, and top education rub some people the wrong way who feel she had an easy path to fame.

Why do people say negative things about her appearance and aging?

Some people feel Beckinsale tries too hard to look young for 49 through heavy make-up, revealing outfits, speculated plastic surgery procedures, and posing provocatively. Critics say she should dress and act more age-appropriately.

How has Kate Beckinsale angered conservative groups?

Beckinsale’s outspoken liberal stances against Donald Trump and advocacy for women’s rights/equality has alienated her from some conservatives. They feel Hollywood stars should not be political and resent her bashing Trump.

Why do some believe Kate Beckinsale has an arrogant public persona?

There is a perception among critics that Beckinsale comes across as smug, condescending, or overly self-confident in interviews when joking or talking about herself and her appearance. She has also made arrogant-seeming comments about peers.

How does Kate Beckinsale’s love life bother people?

Beckinsale draws criticism and tabloid attention for dating much younger male celebrities like Pete Davidson along with speculation about anyone she’s spotted with. Her romantic history provides gossip fodder certain groups dislike.

How does overexposure contribute to Kate Beckinsale fatigue?

Paparazzi constantly photograph Beckinsale leading to gossip stories about minor daily activities like getting coffee. Some feel her life is too documented and overexposed. Even stars courting publicity run risk of eventual backlash.

Why don’t critics take Kate Beckinsale seriously as an actress?

Many critics cite a perceived lack of acting talent and range, inability to elevate bad scripts, and poor film choices like Underworld sequels. She is not considered a prestigious dramatic actress even with her beauty and visibility.

What reception do Kate Beckinsale’s fashion choices generally receive?

Beckinsale often wears sexy, provocative outfits like crop tops and bustiers more associated with women in their 20s. Some feel this style is inappropriate for a nearly 50 year old woman and makes her seem like she is trying too hard to look young.

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