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Why Do People Hate Katherine Langford?

Katherine Langford is an Australian actress who rose to fame for her portrayal of Hannah Baker in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

Despite her success, Katherine has faced some backlash and dislike from certain groups over the years. In this article, we’ll explore the main reasons why some people dislike Katherine Langford and analyze the validity behind these criticisms.

Reasons For Dislike

After the huge success of 13 Reasons Why, Katherine Langford quickly became one of the most in-demand young actresses in Hollywood. She started booking major roles in various films and shows, which led to some people feeling she was overexposed.

Between 2017-2020, Langford appeared in 8 movies and shows, which included starring roles in Knives Out, Cursed, and Spontaneous. For some, it felt like she was suddenly everywhere and getting too much hype too fast. Her rapid rise to fame rubbed certain people the wrong way.

Acting Skills Are Overrated

While Katherine Langford has racked up impressive acting credits, some believe she lacks the acting chops to justify her meteoric success. Her performance as Hannah Baker received praise but also criticism for being one-note and lacking nuance at times.

In other roles like Cursed and Spontaneous, detractors feel Langford has failed to showcase greater emotional depth and range as an actress. The dislike primarily stems from a perception that she’s still learning on the job and hasn’t proven herself to be especially talented yet.

Lacks Personality as a Celebrity

Part of succeeding as a celebrity is showcasing a magnetic, interesting personality that captivates fans. However, some believe Katherine Langford lacks charisma and fails to stand out as a celebrity.

Critics characterize her interviews as dry or awkward and feel she doesn’t reveal much about herself. She also maintains a low-key presence on social media and red carpets. As a result, some people find her boring or unrelatable as a star outside of her acting roles.

Advocacy Raises Eyebrows

Langford uses her platform to advocate for causes like LGBTQ+ rights and anti-bullying efforts. But she faced backlash in 2020 for being named National Youth Mental Health Ambassador by an Australian organization.

Critics argued she lacked qualifications for the role and was selected primarily because of her celebrity status. Some believe she leverages mental health advocacy to further her own fame without having the expertise to back it up.

Unproven as a Lead Actor

Though Langford has landed plenty of high-profile roles, she hasn’t proven her ability to successfully carry a major project as the undisputed lead. Films like Cursed and Spontaneous flopped financially and critically, with some blaming Langford’s shaky acting chops.

Until she can demonstrate her star power and acting skills in a breakout lead role, skeptics argue she hasn’t earned her reputation and doesn’t deserve the amount of opportunities coming her way. The dislike stems from the perception that she’s been prematurely crowned a rising star.

In Defense of Katherine Langford

While Katherine Langford certainly has her detractors, there are also ample reasons to appreciate her as an actress and celebrity. Here are some counterpoints in her defense:

Talented, But Still Maturing

At just 27 years old, Langford is still early in her career with lots of time to improve upon her craft. Great actors often take years or even decades to fully develop their talents. Being immediately brilliant is rare.

So while her skills may be raw in some roles, she’s demonstrated potential through emotional performances in projects like 13 Reasons Why. With more experience, she has plenty of opportunity to refine her abilities over time.

Riding a Wave of Fame Requires Savvy

Becoming famous overnight is incredibly difficult to navigate. Langford deserves credit for managing her skyrocketing career intelligently by taking on a diverse range of challenging roles.

Rather than resting on her laurels, she’s chosen to avoid typecasting and continue pushing herself. Say what you will about her acting, but her work ethic and drive are admirable.

Carving Her Own Path

Every up-and-coming actor needs that breakthrough role to catapult their success. For Langford, it was 13 Reasons Why. While the show brought both positive and negative reactions, it was a risk that paid off in terms of raising her profile.

Since then, she has been gradually expanding her range and choosing roles that showcase different sides of her talent. Trying new things requires bravery. Langford is forging her own path rather than following a safe, predictable formula.

Advocacy Should Be Encouraged

Mental health advocacy is fraught with complexities. While Langford isn’t an expert, she’s spoken candidly about her own struggles with anxiety and depression. Her openness helps de-stigmatize mental illness.

Is she the ideal spokesperson? No. But her genuine desire to help others by sharing her platform should not be discouraged. We need more celebrities embracing advocacy, even if imperfectly.

Lead Roles Will Come In Time

Langford hasn’t yet proven she can carry a major theatrical release as its undisputed star. But she’s just getting started. Lead roles for young actresses in big-budget films are still relatively rare.

As she continues growing and learning, there’s no reason why she won’t eventually get her chance to headline a major franchise or star vehicle. Langford has achieved a lot so far, and her talents will only become clearer with time.

Unfairly Judged, But Still Evolving

Analyzing the validity of criticisms against Katherine Langford leads to a mixed verdict. She deserves more patience and compassion as a young actress still discovering her talents.

However, some critiques do carry weight. Langford is unquestionably still maturing and should not be immune to feedback about improving her craft or finding her unique voice as a celebrity.

At the same time, the vitriol against her seems disproportionate. She’s faced her share of unfair or unreasonable backlash. But that’s often the price of quick fame at a young age.

Ultimately Langford remains an intriguing talent with the potential for greatness down the road. Only time will tell if she evolves into a generationally brilliant actress or fades from the spotlight. For now, the reasonable approach seems to be cautiously optimistic.

She’s already accomplished more than most could dream of, and she deserves the opportunity to grow without being prematurely written off. There will always be detractors, but Langford has plenty of time to prove them wrong.


In closing, Katherine Langford provokes polarizing opinions. Her rapid success coupled with the mixed reception to some of her roles has sparked both loyal fans and vocal critics.

She continues to be a promising young actress still discovering the limits of her talents. The potential for greatness is there, but she faces an uphill climb to win over her detractors.

There are valid critiques of her acting range and charisma, but also strong defenses of her work ethic and budding skills. As she forges her path in Hollywood, Langford will need to demonstrate resilience and dedication to her craft.

Only time will tell whether Katherine Langford achieves long-lasting success and respect. She remains highly ambitious, passionate about her advocacy work, and committed to expanding her acting range.

For now, fairness suggests reserving judgment and watching her career trajectory closely in the coming years before decisively concluding whether the dislike is warranted or not. She may yet surprise us all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Katherine Langford so famous?

Katherine Langford shot to fame for her starring role as Hannah Baker in the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Her praised performance in the controversial teen drama made her an in-demand rising star in Hollywood.

What was Katherine Langford’s first big role?

Langford’s breakthrough role was as Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why in 2017. Prior to that, she had only appeared in a couple short films and student projects. Hannah Baker was Langford’s big introduction to mainstream audiences.

Has Katherine Langford won any major awards?

She has won several awards for 13 Reasons Why, including a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Drama Series. She also won the Best Performance in a Digital Series or Motion Picture trophy at the Critics Choice Awards.

What projects is Katherine Langford working on next?

Her upcoming roles include playing the lead in the sci-fi film Spontaneous and starring in the fantasy series Cursed on Netflix. She will also appear in the thriller film Moxie directed by Amy Poehler.

Why did Katherine Langford leave 13 Reasons Why?

After two seasons as the lead on 13 Reasons Why, Langford decided to leave the show to pursue other acting opportunities. The character of Hannah Baker appeared periodically via flashbacks afterwards before the show ended in 2020.

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