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Why Do People Hate Whoopi Goldberg?

Whoopi Goldberg is an American actress, comedian, author, and television personality who has had a prolific career spanning over 40 years. She is one of the few performers to have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award, making her one of only 16 people to have achieved the prestigious EGOT status.

Despite her accomplishments and iconic roles in films like The Color Purple, Ghost, and Sister Act, Whoopi has also faced significant backlash and criticism from the public throughout her career. In recent years, her controversial opinions and remarks as co-host of The View have further fueled animosity towards her.

Here is an in-depth look at some of the main reasons why Whoopi Goldberg seems to rub many people the wrong way.

Controversial Remarks on The View

One of the biggest reasons Why Whoopi has faced backlash in recent years stems from her role as moderator and co-host on the daytime talk show The View since 2007.

Whoopi has frequently made controversial remarks during Hot Topics segments that have been deemed offensive, insensitive, or factually incorrect.

Some examples include:

  • In 2009, she defended director Roman Polanski’s unlawful sex with a minor by saying it “wasn’t rape-rape.” This led to major outrage.
  • In 2022, she received intense criticism and a two-week suspension from ABC for saying the Holocaust was “not about race.” Her comments were considered very misleading.
  • She has made questionable remarks about minorities, like saying women provoke men into raping them by their behavior and clothing.

These kinds of offensive, victim-blaming statements have caused many viewers to lose respect for Whoopi over the years. Her position as a host on The View amplifies her platform, giving her comments more weight and influence.

Perceived Hypocrisy

Another issue related to The View is that Whoopi’s on-air persona often seems contradictory or hypocritical to her critics. Despite considering herself very progressive and outspoken on social issues, she frequently makes remarks that seem to clash with those stances.

Examples include her defense of both Mel Gibson and Bill Cosby when serious allegations were made against them. She also strongly supported Michael Vick returning to the NFL after his dog fighting conviction, despite her animal rights activism.

These types of inconsistencies between her beliefs and comments bother many people who feel she is not authentic. The heated nature of The View’s debates also brings out Whoopi’s more stubborn and dismissive side at times.

Lack of Apology/Accountability

Critics point out that Whoopi rarely seems to take accountability or show remorse when she makes an offensive remark on The View. Her reactions tend to be defiant rather than apologetic, like when she pushed back hard on her suspension over the Holocaust comments.

She stood by her stance for days rather than acknowledging the hurt it caused early on. This resistance to say “I’m sorry” rubs people the wrong way, making Whoopi seem arrogant and unwilling to learn from her mistakes. Many feel an apology and change of heart could diffuse some of the backlash.

Perceived Elitist Attitude

Another commonly-cited reason people dislike Whoopi is a sense that she comes off as elitist, superior, and contemptuous of those she disagrees with. This ties into her sometimes dismissive tone on The View.

Talks Down to People

There is a perception that Whoopi talks down to others whose social or political views don’t align with her own progressive lens. Her disdainful facial expressions and mocking imitations of Donald Trump became symbols of what some see as her smugness and contempt.

She often seems quick to belittle or scold those with more conservative mindsets. This air of moral superiority rubs people the wrong way, even those who share her stances. They feel her ‘preaching’ is counterproductive and arrogant.

Hypocritical About Tolerance

There is also a sense of hypocrisy around Whoopi demanding tolerance while being quite intolerant herself of opposing views. She claims to champion open-mindedness, but seems unwilling to have thoughtful dialogues with more conservative guests and voices.

This stubbornness breeds resentment from those who feel demeaned rather than heard. They believe Whoopi embodies the close-mindedness she rallies against. Her crusade for empathy rings hollow to critics based on how she treats contrary opinions.

Privilege and Ignorance

Additionally, Whoopi’s immense privilege as a rich celebrity shields her from the concerns of regular Americans, in the eyes of critics. Her wealth and elite social circles make her seem out of touch with everyday people’s problems.

Remarks like claiming the Holocaust was not about race come off as woefully ignorant of the suffering of marginalized groups. She faces allegations of being uneducated on important social and historical issues that impact oppressed communities. This makes her pontificating seem hypocritical to some.

Polarizing Political Views

A major source of animosity towards Whoopi stems from her proudly left-leaning political views and advocacy, which many find too extreme or offensive.

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Whoopi has faced ongoing allegations of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ – being so singularly obsessed with criticizing Donald Trump that she loses all perspective. Her intense disdain for Trump and his supporters comes across as unhinged to critics.

Mocking voices, angry rants, and sweeping attacks on ‘racist’ Republicans have characterized her Trump era commentary. She stokes political divisions rather than thoughtful discourse, according to detractors. Her Trump outrage overshadows her acting career now.

Radical Progressivism

Beyond just anti-Trump sentiment, Whoopi aligns herself firmly with radical left progressivism in a way many Americans find distasteful and threatening. She passionately advocates for abortion rights, socialism, gun control, and racial equity reforms like reparations and defunding police.

While people are free to hold these views individually, her mass media platform makes her a spokesperson for causes many oppose. Her uncompromising stances and rhetoric strike critics as militant and divisive. She personifies the ‘woke left’ that centrists and conservatives feel bullied by.

Perceived Anti-Americanism

At times, Whoopi’s commentary has struck critics as anti-American rather than just progressive. She said she wanted to move to Canada when Trump was elected and suggested the flag shouldn’t fly at The View since America wasn’t united.

Remarks like these fuel perceptions she is overly cynical, even resentful towards her own country while ignoring its virtues. Critics see her as epitomizing liberal celebrity disdain for the U.S. and its flawed but democratic systems. It breeds resentment, especially from patriotic Americans.

Declining Popularity and Relevance

On a basic level, some degree of animosity towards Whoopi likely stems from her waning mainstream popularity and relevance in recent decades.

Glory Days Gone

Whoopi was a Hollywood darling at the peak of fame in the 80’s and 90’s with box office hits and critically acclaimed roles. But she has not headlined a major film in over 15 years and become more defined by her polarizing TV persona.

Younger generations know her mostly from The View, not her talent. With her glory days gone, envy and bitterness towards Whoopi’s fame likely bred some negativity from both peers and the public over her continued prominence.

Mediocre Ratings

There is also a sense that Whoopi has clung to fame as The View’s ratings have mediocred and the show becomes less culturally relevant. Given her failed TV ventures and lack of hit films lately, The View remains her claim to status.

But as even its ratings decline, her presence feels stale and domineering to some critics. The show may thrive more with fresh perspective. So Whoopi evokes some resentment for hanging onto fame beyond her expiration date, in critics’ minds.

Coasting on Past Success

Whoopi’s continued wealth, privileges and awards are seen by some as unearned rewards for a long-faded career. Her EGOT status and Oscar honor are 30+ years in the past now. Since then, many see a mediocre output overall.

So the ongoing acclaim rings hollow and unfair when current work doesn’t justify it. Whoopi’s legacy cachet fuels bitterness from those who feel she’s just coasting uninspired on past – and sometimes overrated – success. Resentment has grown towards her still-privileged status.

Perceived Lack of Talent and Likeability

On a basic level, Whoopi has faced naysayers throughout her career who simply contend she lacks real talent and charm. Both her acting abilities and TV persona have drawn criticism.

Overrated Actress

Despite her awards and box office success in the 80’s/90’s, Whoopi has faced ongoing claims of being an overrated actress overall. Critics contend she is a mediocre comedic performer who benefited more from lucky breaks than pure talent.

Her dramatic acting chops are seen as limited outside a few acclaimed roles. She is derided as a subpar sketch performer on film and TV. Whoopi’s success evokes jealousy and resentment from those who feel it never matched her skills.

Off-Putting Persona

Additionally, many critics find Whoopi’s brash public persona consistently off-putting. Her demeanor and speaking style are seen as abrasive and arrogant rather than warm and inviting.

She does not have a magnetic charisma that endears her to audiences, in this view. Between her smugness and mediocre acting talent, Whoopi inspires little adulation or loyalty from the public now. Her fame appears disconnected from her likeability.


In summary, Whoopi Goldberg has inspired extensive backlash and ill-will from the public for a variety of reasons. Her recent controversial remarks, elitist attitude, polarizing politics, waning relevance, and perceived lack of talent all play a role.

While she undoubtedly has loyal fans who appreciate her accomplishments and outspokenness, Whoopi has become one of Hollywood’s most scorned celebrities overall. Her legacy has become quite complicated and divisive.

The level of animosity she provokes from across the political spectrum speaks to her uniquely polarizing persona after decades in the limelight. Right or wrong, Whoopi evokes strong emotions from supporters and critics alike. She remains one of the entertainment world’s most discussed and debated figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Whoopi really only have one name?

Whoopi Goldberg is a stage name – her real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson. She chose to go by Whoopi Goldberg as a one-named star when she started performing in the early 1980s. Like other famous stars such as Cher and Madonna, she is known globally just by her first name “Whoopi.”

Has Whoopi won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony?

Yes, Whoopi is one of only 16 EGOT winners to have won competitive awards from all four major American entertainment awards: the Emmy (TV), Grammy (music), Oscar (film), and Tony (theater). Her versatility across multiple performance genres is quite rare and impressive.

Why did Whoopi get suspended from The View?

In February 2022, Whoopi received a 2-week suspension from The View and ABC after saying on-air that the Holocaust was “not about race.” Her comments were criticized for being inaccurate and insensitive. She eventually apologized after facing major backlash.

What was Whoopi’s role in Ghost that won her an Oscar?

Whoopi won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1991 for her dramatic role as psychic Oda Mae Brown in the romantic thriller Ghost, opposite Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. It marked a departure from her prior comedic roles and established her as a serious actor.

What is Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth?

Forbes estimated Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth at around $60 million as of 2021. Her fortune stems from an over 40-year career in entertainment across movies, TV shows, stage productions, books, and other ventures. With future earnings, her net worth will likely continue increasing over time.

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