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Why Do People Love Eliza Scanlen?

Eliza Scanlen is an Australian actress who has quickly risen to fame in recent years for her roles in several acclaimed films and TV shows. At just 23 years old, Scanlen has proven herself to be an incredibly talented and versatile performer capable of portraying complex characters across various genres.

But what is it exactly about Eliza Scanlen that makes her so beloved by fans and critics alike? This article will explore some of the key reasons why she has captivated so many people with her acting skills and public persona.

Range as an Actress

One of the main reasons why Eliza Scanlen is so admired is her ability to completely immerse herself in a wide variety of diverse and complex roles. Despite her young age, she has shown remarkable acting range in everything from period dramas to grim thrillers.

Some of her most notable roles so far include:

  • Amy March in Greta Gerwig’s 2019 adaptation of Little Women. Scanlen brought nuance and vulnerability to the often overlooked character of Amy, the youngest March sister. Her performance earned her critical praise.
  • Milla in Shannon Murphy’s 2020 drama Babyteeth. This was a darker, more troubled character dealing with drug addiction and illness. Scanlen earned an AACTA Award for her raw and emotional performance.
  • Beth in HBO’s 2022 adaptation of The White Lotus. This limited series saw Scanlen take on a tricky role as an aloof, privileged teenager on vacation with her wealthy family. She managed to find empathy in an initially unlikable character.

So despite her youth, Scanlen has already played a diverse array of roles showcasing her impressive depth and range as a rising star.

Ability to Lead Strong Ensembles

Another admirable quality is Scanlen’s ability to stand out even as part of strong ensemble casts. She has frequently been singled out for praise despite acting alongside other high-caliber stars.

For example, in Little Women she shared the screen with acting heavyweights like Saoirse Ronan, Laura Dern, and Meryl Streep. But Scanlen still made her mark as Amy March.

Similarly, in Babyteeth she held her own alongside co-stars Essie Davis and Ben Mendelsohn. And in The White Lotus, she was a scene-stealer next to more established actresses like Connie Britton and Sydney Sweeney.

Scanlen’s magnetic performances allow her to shine even among stacked casts. This demonstrates rare leading lady potential.

Authenticity On and Off Screen

Unlike many young actors, Eliza Scanlen does not put on airs and seems to shun the limelight despite her fame. Fans find her genuine, grounded, and unpretentious public persona refreshing and relatable.

Scanlen speaks candidly in interviews about her acting craft and experiences. She comes across as humble, introspective, and free of vanity or ego. Her fashion sense favors comfort and practicality over high fashion glamour.

Overall, she gives the impression of being a down-to-earth young woman unaffected by the industry’s pressures. This authenticity makes her easy for everyday people to connect with.

Raw and Realistic Performances

Scanlen’s grounded off-screen personality also translates into her raw and realistic on-screen portrayals. She does not seem afraid to get ugly, unlike actors who prioritize looking beautiful.

For example, Scanlen was willing to portray Amy March in a painful scene with a burnt, blistered face after an accident. She also committed fully to difficult scenes in Babyteeth showing her character violently ill and unhinged from drug addiction.

Scanlen disappears into these gritty roles without vanity. Her willingness to sacrifice her looks to truthfully inhabit messy characters makes her performances feel real and compelling. This authenticity on screen further endears her to audiences.

Impressive Early Career Choices

Rather than cashing in on mainstream blockbuster films, Scanlen has sought out meaty roles under the direction of respected filmmakers. This has bolstered her credibility as a serious actor despite her youth.

For instance, Little Women director Greta Gerwig’s previous film was the critically acclaimed Lady Bird. This likely appealed to Scanlen and lent the project artistic merit.

She also worked with experienced indie director Shannon Murphy on her first feature film Babyteeth. The involvement of these respected women directors indicates Scanlen deliberately chooses quality projects.

Working with esteemed producers like Amy Pascal (Little Women) and David E. Kelley (The White Lotus) has also provided Scanlen with the chance to learn from industry veterans.

Drawn to Complex Literary Adaptations

Many of Scanlen’s early roles stem from beloved, nuanced literary source material. This indicates advanced taste and ambition for a young actor.

Little Women and Babyteeth were both adapted from acclaimed books. The White Lotus was created by talented indie filmmaker Mike White. These projects seem carefully curated to provide Scanlen with complex characters to inhabit.

The fact that she can adeptly bring to life such multilayered book characters bodes well for her future success with other meaty literary adaptations. It implies maturity and skill beyond her years.

Willingness to Take Risks

Rather than play it safe, Eliza Scanlen has taken on potentially risky, unglamorous roles early on. This adventurousness has paid off by showcasing her range.

For example, signing onto a bizarre indie film like Babyteeth as her first lead role was likely seen as a gamble. The White Lotus also represented an unusual satirical project outside Scanlen’s previous wheelhouse.

But her willingness to experiment with tricky material distinguishes her from peers content to stick to comfortable franchises. Audiences respect her for boldly challenging herself as a young actor.

Old-Hollywood Glamour and Charm

Captivating Look and Style

With her porcelain skin, fiery red hair, and expressive eyes, Eliza Scanlen possesses an arresting look harkening back to Golden Age cinema glamour. She has an ethereal quality reminiscent of timeless beauties of the past.

When dressed up for red carpet appearances and photo shoots, Scanlen channels a retro elegance through her fashion. This unique style sets her apart from trendier young actresses.

Her enviable bone structure, delicate features, and translucent complexion give her an instantly captivating camera presence. She was made to be photographed in black and white.

Poised and Well-Spoken

Unlike many inarticulate young celebrities, Scanlen comes across as poised and well-spoken in public appearances. Her speech and mannerisms have an old-fashioned charm and grace.

During interviews, she speaks with care, tact, and nuance on subjects like navigating difficult roles or handling fame. She is articulate, thoughtful, and free of affectation.

Scanlen’s maturity and confidence when speaking contrasts starkly with the immaturity common among Gen Z stars. Audiences find her measured, intelligent demeanor satisfyingly retro. It echoes eloquent Golden Age actresses.

Perfect Period Piece Casting

Scanlen’s timeless beauty and refined on-screen presence make her perfectly suited for period dramas. Casting directors recognize this by frequently placing her in historical roles.

As Amy March in Little Women, set in the 1860s, Scanlen oozed suitability for the era. Her look, speech, and manner fit seamlessly into the world of the film. Period pieces play to her strengths.

The industry surely sees her as a go-to casting choice for historical films needing a radiant, refined lead actress. Audiences love seeing Scanlen whisked back to bygone eras where she naturally thrives.

Promising Future Prospects

Exciting acting opportunities continue pouring in for Eliza Scanlen as directors scramble to cast her. She has multiple high-profile projects lined up cementing her as a star on the rise.

For example, she will appear in films like The Colour Room with Phoebe Dynevor, and Emily with Emma Mackey. These promising indie films keep her on critics’ radars.

Most notably, Scanlen is slated to play the lead role of Fran in Greta Gerwig’s new adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s classic Anna Karenina. This high-brow project should beautifully showcase her skills.

The caliber of these upcoming films demonstrates that prestige directors envision Scanlen as a leading lady perfect for literary adaptations.

Potential for Mainstream Stardom

Though she currently favors thought-provoking indie films, Eliza Scanlen possesses all the makings of a huge mainstream star in coming years. As audiences inevitably fall for her talent and charm, she seems destined to cross over.

Scanlen has the looks, poise, speaking ability, and charisma of a classic Hollywood starlet. Hers is the kind of rare, timeless beauty built to grace magazine covers and billboards. As she continues captivating critics and audiences in Oscar-worthy films, it is easy to imagine her eventually fronting major blockbuster franchises as well.

But for now, her fans appreciate that she is taking the high road focusing on strong acting over mere celebrity. This ensures her longevity. But as she reaches her potential,SCANLEN mainstream stardom likely awaits. The entire world will recognize her singular radiance.


In summary, Eliza Scanlen’s meteoric rise as an admired and sought-after actress stems from a diverse range of qualities setting her apart in Hollywood.

Her immense acting range and ability to disappear into emotionally complex roles give her performances authenticity and depth. Her refreshing genuineness on and off screen makes her relatable.

Wise creative choices early on have established her as a serious talent committed to quality projects. Finally, Scanlen possesses an instantly engaging retro elegance reminiscent of iconic Golden Age actresses.

With judicious future role selection, she will only continue her ascent as a beloved and gifted actor destined for worldwide fame. Audiences will surely be seeing her grace the screens for decades to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eliza Scanlen’s Appeal

Why do critics love Eliza Scanlen?

Critics love Eliza Scanlen for her ability to deliver incredibly mature, nuanced performances that seem far beyond her years. Despite being only 23, she has impressed reviewers with her raw acting talent and wise creative instincts in choosing meaty roles in quality indie films. Her authenticity makes every character feel lived-in.

What makes Eliza Scanlen stand out from other young actresses?

Eliza Scanlen stands out from typical young actresses through her refreshing genuineness, her avoidance of social media, and her willingness to take creative risks. She focuses more on the work than courting fame. Her unique retro elegance also distinguishes her from her peers.

What notable awards/nominations has Eliza Scanlen received?

Despite her youth, Eliza Scanlen’s acting has already earned her significant accolades. She won the 2019 AACTA Award for Best Lead Actress for Babyteeth. She was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 2020 BAFTA Awards for Little Women.

How does Eliza Scanlen’s public persona differ from other Gen Z celebrities?

Unlike many Gen Z stars who lean into flashy social media presence and controversy, Eliza Scanlen cultivates a relatable, down-to-earth image focused on her work. She shuns constant self-promotion in favor of a private life. Her maturity and eloquence is atypical of young celebrities today.

What upcoming projects will showcase Eliza Scanlen’s talents?

Exciting upcoming projects featuring Eliza Scanlen’s talents include The Colour Room, Emily, and most notably, Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s classic Anna Karenina, where Scanlen will play the lead role of tragic heroine, Fran. This promises to catapult her to new heights.

Why is Eliza Scanlen perfect for period piece films?

With her porcelain beauty, elegant mannerisms, and retro charm, Eliza Scanlen is ideally suited for historical period films. She effortlessly transports the audience to bygone eras on screen. Her timeless glamour fits seamlessly into period settings in a way modern audiences find captivating.

How has Eliza Scanlen shown her acting range?

Eliza Scanlen has impressed audiences with her acting range through her emotionally challenging roles as the troubled teenager in Babyteeth, the overlooked sister Amy March in Little Women, and the complex teen Mia in The White Lotus. She disappears completely into these varied characters.

Why don’t more young actresses take risks like Eliza Scanlen?

Many young actresses feel pressure to stick to mainstream franchises for easy fame and money. Eliza Scanlen has admirably resisted this, opting for edgier indie films that showcase her acting chops over her looks or status. Her early career risks set her up as a serious talent.

Is Eliza Scanlen active on social media?

Unlike most celebrities her age, Eliza Scanlen has eschewed social media fame, staying low key on Instagram and focusing on her craft rather than likes. This adds to her refreshing authenticity. Connecting with fans directly does not seem a priority for her.

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