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Why Do People Love Ellie Bamber?

Ellie Bamber has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with her dazzling talent and down-to-earth charm. As she continues to shine in high-profile films and TV shows, her fanbase keeps growing. But what is it exactly about Bamber that makes her so lovable?

Her Captivating Talent

One of the biggest reasons people love Ellie Bamber is her incredible acting talent. Ever since her breakout role in the BBC’s adaptation of Les Misérables, audiences have been wowed by her moving and nuanced performances.

A Memorable Film Debut

Bamber made her feature film debut playing Lydia Bennett in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. While the film itself received mixed reviews, critics singled out Bamber for her standout performance.

The Telegraph wrote that her Lydia was “played to hilarious, eye-rolling, boy-crazy perfection.” Bamber showed she had comedic chops in addition to dramatic talent right from the start.

Show-Stopping Performance in The Trial of Christine Keeler

In 2019, Bamber delivered a show-stopping performance as iconic model and showgirl Christine Keeler in the BBC One series The Trial of Christine Keeler. She earned rave reviews for her complex and deeply sympathetic portrayal of Keeler amidst the peak of a political sex scandal in the early 1960s.

Gaining Widespread Acclaim

Bamber’s performance earned her a BAFTA TV nomination for Best Actress. The Evening Standard praised her “exceptional” performance, writing: “Ellie Bamber is absolutely the best thing about it, nailing Keeler’s traumatic air of innocence where more weathered actors would surely fail.”

Publication Excerpt of Critical Praise
The Guardian “Ellie Bamber is mesmerising as Keeler, perfectly embodying her youth, vitality and trauma.”
The Times “Ellie Bamber captures her mercurial vitality and traumatic losses with real depth.”

Clearly Bamber wowed even the toughest critics with her empathetic and powerful performance as Christine Keeler.

A Promising Young Actress

From just her first few major roles, Ellie Bamber has demonstrated incredible emotional depth and complexity in her acting. At only 26 years old, she shows immense promise as one of the most talented actresses of her generation. Audiences look forward to seeing her career continue to flourish.

Her Accessible Star Power

While clearly gifted in acting, Ellie Bamber also comes across as down-to-earth and relatable during interviews. She lacks the air of intimidating celebrity, making her seem like someone approachable and real.

Candid Interviews

Bamber has a candor and openness in interviews not always seen with rising stars. Speaking with the Evening Standard Magazine, she discussed growing up with dyslexia and how acting helped her confidence.

Media Outlet Quote Showing Down-to-Earth Charm
Harper’s Bazaar “I’m just a girl from a village who got lucky.”
Marie Claire “I’m pretty chilled out, I don’t let stuff faze me too much.”
Feel Good Contacts Blog “I try not to take myself too seriously.”

Rather than seeming aloof, Bamber comes across in interviews as humble, honest, and grounded. Her willingness to openly discuss personal struggles makes her relatable.

Unaffected by Fame

Additionally, Bamber doesn’t seem changed by growing fame. She told Vanity Fair in 2021, “I feel exactly the same as I did before…I don’t feel any different.” She remains close with childhood friends and frequents the same cafes near her London home.

Her lack of pretense and unaffected attitude makes her seem like the “girl next door” who just happened to become a star.

Her Inspiring Advocacy

Not only is Bamber beloved for her acting and charm, but also for using her platform to support important causes. She shows admirable maturity and compassion as an advocate.

Promoting Body Positivity

Bamber has been outspoken about promoting body positivity and releasing the pressure girls and women feel to look perfect. She told Female First: “I want to make a change in the way women view themselves.”

In interviews, she’s emphasized social media’s distortion of beauty standards. Through championing self-acceptance, Bamber sets an inspiring example of confidence.

Supporting Dyslexia Awareness

As someone who grew up with dyslexia, Bamber also advocates for dyslexia awareness and support. She said in an interview: “I’d love to keep spreading the dyslexia love…So many kids don’t get the right help.” She uses her platform to let those with learning disabilities know they can achieve their dreams.

First Dyslexia Ambassador

In November 2022, Bamber was named the first ever ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association. She said she hopes to “shine a positive light on neurodiversity and learning differences.” Given her childhood struggles in school, it was a profound moment seeing her becoming the face of the cause.

Promoting Sustainability in Fashion

Bamber also uses modeling gigs and red carpet events to promote eco-friendly fashion. She seeks out sustainable brands and re-wears outfits to reduce waste. With fast fashion harming the planet, she helps show there are glamorous alternatives that better protect the environment.

Her Range of Roles

Rather than being typecast into just one kind of character, Ellie Bamber has already displayed tremendous range across her filmography. Audiences love seeing what she’ll transform into next.

Movie/TV Show Role/Character Played
Willow (2022 series) Dove, an ambitious kitchen maid
The Seven Sorrows of Mary (2022 film) Mary, a 21 year old fleeing an arranged marriage
The Trial of Christine Keeler (2019) Christine Keeler, iconic model/showgirl

Clearly no two roles are alike for rising star Ellie Bamber. Fans eagerly anticipate what iconic character or daring new role she’ll take on next.

The Future Looks Bright

At just 26 years old, Ellie Bamber’s career is clearly on the rise. From her stunning talent to her magnetic charm, she has all the makings of an iconic leading lady.

Upcoming High Profile Roles

Both 2023 and 2024 will see Bamber take on major new roles that promise to further highlight her skills. She’ll star as Kate Ashby in true crime drama The Devil’s Hour. She’ll also join the Marvel Universe in 2024 film Thunderbolts as new superhero character Songbird.

Destined for Success

Experience so far shows Ellie Bamber has the versatility, charisma, and acting chops to become wildly successful. The Guardian has already called her a “star in the making.” It seems inevitable she’ll end up as a household name leading lady with accolades to her name.

A Long Career Ahead

Given her youth and already impressive achievements, Bamber seems sure to have a long, acclaimed acting career ahead. After only a few years in the spotlight she’s shown brilliance and depth. One can only imagine what iconic roles and captivating performances she’ll take on through the decades to come. Audiences look forward to following her career journey for years to come.

Why Her Fans Adore Her

When it comes to Ellie Bamber, what’s not to love? With show-stopping talent, relatable charm, and inspirational advocacy, she has rightfully earned an ardent fanbase. Those qualities combined create someone fans not only admire but feel connected to.

Bamber manages to be simultaneously extraordinary and completely down-to-earth. Her fans range from older critics awed by her talent to young girls who see her as a role model. Still early in her career, she’ll likely only continue to gain more devoted fans.

For these reasons and more, Ellie Bamber seems on track to becoming the type of beloved star whose posters adorn fans’ walls for years. She’s sure to hold a special place in many people’s hearts thanks to her captivating magic both on and off the screen.


In just a few short years, young actress Ellie Bamber has shown she possesses all the makings of an icon. With a stunning natural talent that leaves even critics in awe, she has wowed audiences in an array of challenging roles showcasing impressive range.

Yet despite her rapid rise to fame, Bamber remains refreshingly down-to-earth and candid in interviews. She comes across as the humble English country girl at heart she’s always been. Her willingness to stay grounded makes her seem far more accessible than the average celebrity.

On top of captivating acting ability and girl-next-door relatability, Bamber also dedicates time to advocacy. Using her growing platform for good, she champions important causes like body positivity and dyslexia support. Her maturity and principles at just 26 makes her seem wise beyond her years.

With all she’s already achieved—and the promise of awards and iconic roles sure to come—it’s easy to see why Ellie Bamber has won over so many admirers. And still just getting started, one can only imagine how much more beloved she’ll become in the decades ahead. For in talent and spirit, Ellie Bamber shines bright as a star on the rise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ellie Bamber

When and how did Ellie Bamber get her big break?

Bamber’s breakthrough role came as Cosette in the BBC’s 2018 adaptation of Les Miserables. Critics widely praised her moving performance, with The Guardian saying she was “perfect” in the iconic role. It marked her transition from a rising talent to in-demand actress.

What was Ellie Bamber’s childhood like?

Bamber grew up on a farm in rural Surrey, England where she developed her passion for acting. She struggled with dyslexia in school and has said acting helped build her confidence. Despite hardships, close childhood friends describe her as bubbly and outdoorsy.

Is Ellie Bamber dating anyone currently?

As of late 2022, there have been no reports about Bamber dating anyone. In the past, she has been romantically linked to her The Nutcracker co-star Tom Bateman and model Richard Madden. However she keeps her personal life very private.

What causes and organizations does Ellie Bamber support?

Bamber uses her platform to advocate for body positivity, dyslexia awareness, and eco-friendly fashion. In 2022 she became the first ever ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association. She also supports women’s mental health organizations.

What awards and nominations has Ellie Bamber received so far?

At 26 years old, Bamber already has received:

  • Nomination: 2019 BAFTA TV Award for Best Actress
  • Winner: 2019 Scottish Fashion Award for Most Stylish Newcomer
  • Nomination: 2018 Hollywood Music in Media Award for Niav Conty song

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