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Why Do People Love Felicity Jones?

Felicity Jones is a beloved English actress known for her roles in films like The Theory of Everything, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and The Aeronauts.

She has garnered praise from critics and audiences alike for her talent, versatility, and captivating screen presence. Here’s an in-depth look at why Felicity Jones is so admired and adored by fans all over the world.

Why is Felicity Jones Such a Talented Actress?

Felicity Jones is considered one of the most talented actresses of her generation thanks to her ability to completely transform into any character she plays. Here are some of the reasons she stands out:

Dedication To Each Role

Jones fully immerses herself in each new character, researching extensively and undergoing intense physical training if needed. For The Theory of Everything, she spent time with Stephen Hawking’s first wife Jane to perfect her mannerisms and speech.

For On the Basis of Sex, she studied Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life and cases. This dedication comes across on screen.

Emotional Depth and Authenticity

Critics consistently praise Jones’ ability to convey complex emotions and make characters seem real. She brings an authenticity and depth to roles that resonates with viewers. Even in fantastical films like Rogue One, she grounds the character in real emotion.

Versatility As an Actress

Jones has proven her acting chops in indie dramas, biopics, action films, and more. She can just as easily portray an awkward young woman in Like Crazy as take on the role of a rebel fighter in Star Wars. This versatility allows her to shine in any genre.

Professionalism and Work Ethic

Jones is known as a consummate professional on set who comes prepared and puts in the necessary hard work.

She undergoes rigorous training for action roles and learns new skills like playing piano for biopics. Her strong work ethic allows her talent to truly shine through.

What Qualities Make Felicity Jones so Charming and Likable?

In addition to impressive acting skills, Jones possesses inherent qualities that make her a charming screen presence. Here are some of the reasons she is so likable:


Though she portrays extraordinary characters, Jones maintains a relatability and accessibility on screen. She comes across as down-to-earth and humble in interviews. This relatability makes audiences root for and connect with her characters.

Girl-Next-Door Appeal

Jones has a cute, girl-next-door quality that adds to her charm. She seems humble, fresh-faced and approachable. This natural beauty and sincerity appeals to viewers.

British Modesty and Wit

Like many British actresses, Jones exhibits modesty about her looks and talent along with a dry, self-deprecating wit. These qualities come across as refreshing and engaging.

Quirky Personality

Jones isn’t afraid to showcase unique mannerisms, awkwardness or a kooky sense of humor as some of her characters. Her willingness to be bold and unafraid makes her all the more delightful to watch on screen.

Maturity and Poise

As she has taken on more mature roles, Jones has developed an impressive on-screen poise and maturity beyond her years. This gives her roles gravitas and sophistication.

What Memorable Roles Has Felicity Jones Played?

Throughout her career, Felicity Jones has shown incredible range by taking on many memorable film roles across genres. Here are some highlights:

Jane Hawking in The Theory of Everything

This poignant drama earned Jones her first Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Stephen Hawking’s devoted wife Jane. Critics praised her for capturing Jane’s strength and resilience.

Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Jones portrayed the fierce, defiant heroine Jyn Erso in this Star Wars prequel. She brought nuance and depth to the role, grounding the character emotionally.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg in On the Basis of Sex

Jones transformed into a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg for this biopic about the future Supreme Court justice’s early cases. She illuminated RBG’s tenacity and brilliance.

Sophie in The Aeronauts

In this period adventure film, Jones plays daring Victorian-era hot air balloon pilot Sophie Blanchard opposite Eddie Redmayne. Her performance was hailed as capturing 19th century feminism.

Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey

In this adaptation of Jane Austen’s gothic parody novel, Jones portrayed heroine Catherine Morland with humor and heart as an innocent out of her depth.

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Jones took on the role of Spidey’s rival and love interest Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, in this superhero sequel, showcasing both her action and romantic chops.

What Awards and Accolades Has Felicity Jones Received?

Jones’ consistently superb acting has earned her significant accolades over the course of her career so far. Some highlights include:

  • Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for The Theory of Everything
  • Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress for The Theory of Everything
  • BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for The Theory of Everything
  • Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Female Actor in a Leading Role for The Theory of Everything
  • Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actress in an Action Movie for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Saturn Award nomination for Best Actress for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • British Independent Film Award for Best Actress for The Invisible Woman
  • Gotham Independent Film Award nomination for Breakthrough Actor for Like Crazy

How Has Felicity Jones Impacted Women in Film?

In addition to her acclaimed performances, Felicity Jones has made a significant impact by taking on empowering roles for women and advocating for gender equality in Hollywood:

Portraying Feminist Icons

Jones clearly gravitates towards strong female characters who push boundaries. Her nuanced portrayals of iconic feminists like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Jane Hawking illuminate these women’s struggles and accomplishments.

Championing pay equality

She has been vocal about the gender pay gap in Hollywood. Reports indicated she received equal pay to co-star Alden Ehrenreich for Rogue One, helping chip away at inequity.

Producing female-focused films

Jones co-founded the feminist-leaning production company Rebel Park, which aims to develop meaningful roles for women on screen. She is using her clout to amplify women’s stories.

Inspiring young actresses

Her talent and drive serve as an inspirational model for up-and-coming actresses. She proves that strong, complex female roles can succeed in all genres.

Speaking out about sexism and ageism

Never afraid to get political, Jones has addressed Hollywood’s gendered double standards head-on. She brings awareness to these systemic issues.

What causes and charities is Felicity Jones involved with?

In addition to her thriving acting career, Jones makes time to support various charities and social causes close to her heart:

Women’s rights

She’s a proud feminist who partners with organizations like Planned Parenthood and Women for Women International to advocate for gender equality and reproductive rights.

Environmental conservation

Jones works with Greenpeace to call attention to issues like plastic pollution and Arctic drilling. She also promotes eco-conscious brands.

Animal welfare

An avid animal lover, she supports groups like PETA that fight animal abuse. Jones wrote a book foreword discussing how animals inspired her acting approach.

Mental health awareness

After playing Stephen Hawking, she partnered with The Brain and Spine Foundation to reduce stigma around disabilities. Jones calls for expanded healthcare access.

Refugee aid

Jones has been involved with charities like War Child that provide education and opportunity for displaced children impacted by war and conflict. She raises awareness about the refugee crisis.

Table: Felicity Jones Major Film Roles

Like Crazy2011Anna Gardner
The Invisible Woman2013Nelly Ternan
The Theory of Everything2014Jane Hawking
True Story2015Jill Barker
Inferno2016Dr. Sienna Brooks
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story2016Jyn Erso
On the Basis of Sex2018Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The Aeronauts2019Sophie Blanchard


In summary, Felicity Jones is admired by millions for her dazzling acting talent, ability to inspire and connect through bold roles, and dedication to meaningful causes off-screen.

She represents the best in women in film – with both captivating screen presence and social consciousness.

As she continues taking on boundary-pushing roles, Jones’ star will likely rise even higher in Hollywood and in audiences’ hearts. She is a role model who will empower and delight viewers for years to come with her artistic bravery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Felicity Jones

Why did Felicity Jones get so famous and successful?

Felicity Jones achieved fame and success through a combination of natural talent, dedication to her craft, landing memorable leading roles, and sheer star power.

Her breakout role in the indie film Like Crazy first put her on the map, and critical acclaim for films like The Theory of Everything cemented her as a top actress.

What was Felicity Jones’ big break role?

Many consider the 2011 romantic drama Like Crazy to be Felicity Jones’ big breakout role. Her performance as lovesick student Anna earned rave reviews out of Sundance, kickstarting her career as a leading lady. The role showed off her ability to carry a film with emotional depth and vulnerability.

What was the first major awards recognition for Felicity Jones?

Felicity Jones’ acclaimed performance as Jane Hawking in 2014’s The Theory of Everything earned her major awards season buzz.

She received her first Oscar nomination for Best Actress for her work in the film portraying Stephen Hawking’s ex-wife. Jones also won several critics awards and a BAFTA for the role.

Has Felicity Jones ever starred in a blockbuster franchise film?

Yes, Felicity Jones played a key role in a massive blockbuster when she was cast as rebel fighter Jyn Erso in 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Starring in this major Star Wars prequel film cemented her ability to lead a big-budget action franchise.

What types of roles does Felicity Jones gravitate towards?

Throughout her career, Felicity Jones has gravitated towards complex, strong female leading roles in both indie and mainstream films.

She favors interesting character-driven stories, especially those with a feminist focus or based onhistorical figures. Jones also excels at period dramas.

Is Felicity Jones mainly a TV or film actress?

Felicity Jones is predominantly known for her film work, especially starring roles in indie dramas, biopics, and blockbuster movies.

Early in her career she had some minor TV roles, but she has primarily focused on film acting, especially since her breakthrough role in Like Crazy in 2011.

Has Felicity Jones appeared in any theater productions?

Yes, in addition to film and television, Felicity Jones has an extensive background in theater. Early in her career she starred in stage productions with acclaimed UK theater companies like the Royal Court and Almeida Theatre. Her theater roots developed her acting skills.

What upcoming projects does Felicity Jones have?

Upcoming films for Felicity Jones include The Last Letter From Your Lover based on the novel, The Midnight Sky with George Clooney, and The Last Letter From Your Lover.

She also voices a role in the animated film Dragon Rider. Jones is attached to star in several additional book adaptations being developed.

Who has Felicity Jones dated?

Felicity Jones dated artist Ed Fornieles for 10 years through 2013 before moving on to director Charles Guard, whom she married in 2018. The couple has one child together. Jones keeps her personal life private and focuses media interviews on her work.

Is Felicity Jones active on social media?

No, Felicity Jones does not have public social media accounts. As a very private celebrity, she prefers to stay out of the limelight when not promoting projects. Jones focuses her energy on acting work rather than cultivating an online presence with fans.

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