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Why Do People Love Ross Lynch?

Ross Lynch is an American actor, singer and musician who first gained fame as a teenager starring in the Disney Channel original series Austin & Ally. He played the role of Austin Moon, a teenage musician who partners up with an aspiring songwriter named Ally (played by Laura Marano). The show ran for four seasons from 2011-2016.

After Austin & Ally, Ross went on to star as Brady in the Disney Channel original movie Teen Beach Movie in 2013. He reprised this role in the sequel Teen Beach 2 in 2015. He was also one of the founding members of the pop rock band R5 along with his siblings Riker, Rydel, Rocky and Ellington Lynch. R5 gained a strong following online and toured extensively from 2010-2018 before going on hiatus.

In 2018, Ross transitioned into more mature acting roles as Harvey Kinkle on the Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He has also starred in the films My Friend Dahmer (2017) and Status Update (2018).

Overall, Ross Lynch has had an impressive career for someone still in their mid-twenties. He has shown his versatility as an actor in both comedic and dramatic roles, while also establishing himself as a popular musician.

Why is Ross Lynch So Appealing to Fans?

There are several key reasons why Ross Lynch is so loved by his fans:


First and foremost, Ross is simply a very talented performer. He has a natural charisma that shines whether he’s acting, singing or dancing. His vocal range and musical ability were evident even as a young teenager when Austin & Ally began.

Over time, his acting skills have also improved dramatically. He shows versatility playing both upbeat, comedic characters like Austin Moon as well as darker, more nuanced roles like Harvey Kinkle in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Fans love watching him take on new challenges.

Likeable Personality

In interviews and public appearances, Ross comes across as humble, down-to-earth and appreciative of his fans. He takes time to interact with them at events and over social media.

Ross has an approachable, “guy next door” persona that makes him feel relatable. He doesn’t come across as arrogant or superficial. This endears him to fans who feel like they are supporting a genuinely nice person when they follow his career.

Work Ethic

While some young celebrities rest on their laurels or burn out quickly, Ross has maintained a strong work ethic. Even as a bonafide Disney Channel star, he continued growing as a musician by touring with his band R5.

More recently, he’s taken steps to challenge himself as an actor by taking on more mature roles. Fans admire his dedication to continuously improving his craft.

Heartthrob Looks

Let’s be honest, Ross’ all-American good looks don’t hurt either! He has charming, boyish features that have evolved into a more handsome style as he’s entered adulthood.

Between his blonde hair, bright eyes and infectious smile, he’s certainly earned plenty of crushes over the years. Fans eagerly follow along to see his latest hair and fashion styles.

Close Relationship with Fans

As mentioned earlier, Ross makes an effort to connect with fans directly through social media and at live events. He clearly remembers his early days starting out on Austin & Ally and is appreciative of everyone who has supported him since the beginning.

Fans love when a celebrity takes time to have a personal interaction with them or acknowledge their loyal support over the years. This thoughtful approach makes Ross especially beloved.

Memorable Ross Lynch Moments from Austin & Ally

As Austin Moon on Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally, Ross Lynch created many memorable moments for fans. Here are some highlights:

Austin’s Musical Performances

  • The opening theme song “Can’t Do It Without You” showcased Ross Lynch’s vocals and set the tone for Austin’s musical abilities.
  • Covers of popular songs like “Billion Hits” (parody of One Republic’s “Billionaire”) and “Heard It On the Radio” allowed Ross to put his own spin on hit tunes.
  • Original songs like “Break Down The Walls,” “Not a Love Song,” and “It’s Me, It’s You” became instant fan favorites.
  • Live concert scenes where Austin sings “Illusion” and “Don’t Look Down” gave a glimpse into Austin’s life as a real touring musician.

Austin and Ally’s First Meeting

  • In the pilot episode, Austin is discovered by Ally singing one of her songs and posting it online. Their meet-cute over matching jelly bracelets kicked off their endearing friendship.

Austin’s Hilarious Antics

  • Silly moments like Austin getting his head stuck in Trish’s giant coffee mug or chasing after an ice cream truck in a bathrobe brought laughs.
  • Austin’s attempt at dancing the tango with Ally revealed his goofier side.
  • Scenes of Austin cheerleading or pretending to be part of Ally’s book club poked fun at gender stereotypes.

Heartfelt Austin and Ally Moments

  • When Austin is first feeling the pressures of fame and opens up to Ally on their bench, it’s a touching moment between friends.
  • Austin writes the song “I Think About You” to tell Ally how much he values her.
  • Their slow dance together at prom to “The Way That You Do” kicks off their will-they-won’t-they romance.

Why Fans Love “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Star Ross Lynch

After portraying the wholesome Austin Moon on Disney Channel, Ross Lynch took on a very different role as Harvey Kinkle on Netflix’s dark drama The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Here’s why fans love this evolution of Ross’ acting career:

Nails the Complex Harvey Character

On the surface, Harvey Kinkle is Sabrina Spellman’s wholesome, all-American boyfriend. But over the course of the show Harvey deals with serious trauma and controversial storylines that Ross portrays skillfully. Fans praise the nuance he brings to the role.

Great Chemistry with Kiernan Shipka

As Sabrina’s devoted boyfriend, Ross creates believable romantic chemistry with lead actress Kiernan Shipka. Their emotional scenes together keep fans invested in the couple.

Embodies the Retro Style Well

With his classic haircut, simple flannel shirts, and vintage t-shirts, Ross perfectly epitomizes the teen style of the 1960s comics the show is based on. The look suits his all-American appeal.

Conflicted About the Witch Revelation

Harvey struggles deeply when he learns his girlfriend Sabrina is a witch, fearing she is evil. Ross effectively captures Harvey’s confusion and heartache over the discovery.

Shows New Sides as an Actor

Brooding, tormented moments where Harvey is spellbound or possessed by a witch hunter represent a big departure from Ross’ previous upbeat Disney roles. Fans are impressed by his range.

Ultimately Ross Lynch continues to display impressive growth in his acting ability and range on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. His portrayal of Harvey earns him a new legion of older, devoted fans.

Ross Lynch’s Other Endeavors Beyond Acting

While Ross Lynch is best known for acting roles like Austin Moon and Harvey Kinkle, he has other creative passions he pursues as well:

Musician with R5 Band

  • Along with his siblings, Ross was part of the popular band R5. They released two full studio albums, toured extensively, and built a big social media following.
  • R5 allowed Ross to continue honing his musical skills as a guitarist, pianist, drummer and vocalist.
  • They achieved Billboard chart success with songs like “Loud” and “All Night.”
  • The band is currently on an indefinite hiatus as the siblings pursue individual projects.

Solo Music

  • Ross released his debut solo EP TBD in 2020 featuring guitar-driven alternative pop/rock music.
  • He wrote or co-wrote all five tracks including singles “My Tune” and “See U Again.”
  • The EP showcases his growth as a mature solo artist beyond his Disney days.

Clothing Brand

  • Ross co-founded the Los Angeles-based clothing brand Dreamland with his best friend Rocky Lynch and fashion blogger Rydel Nelson.
  • Dreamland sells both men’s and women’s apparel described as “vintage-inspired California vibes.”
  • As a style icon himself, the brand fits Ross’ laidback SoCal interests in fashion, music and skate culture.

Fun Ross Lynch Facts Fans Love

Beyond his impressive resume, fans also enjoy learning fun facts and trivia about Ross Lynch:

Famous Parents

  • His parents Mark and Stormie Lynch are both musicians and actors who encouraged Ross and his siblings to pursue performing.

Passionate About Fitness

  • Ross stays in amazing shape through weight lifting, gymnastics training, and other fitness pursuits. His physical strength allows him to do his own stunts.

Loves Scary Movies

  • In contrast to his wholesome Disney image, Ross is obsessed with horror films and loves attending Halloween haunted houses.

Close with His Siblings

  • As seen on R5 projects and their family YouTube channel, Ross has great relationships with his brothers and sisters.

Collects Typewriters

  • Ross appreciates the vintage appeal of typewriters and owns over 20 different models. He enjoys using them to write first drafts of scripts and songs.


In conclusion, Ross Lynch has clearly established himself as a multi-talented triple threat entertainer over the past decade. Starting out as a child actor on Disney’s Austin & Ally, he quickly won over fans with his affable charm, musical ability, and natural comedic timing.

As he transitioned into more mature roles and music, Ross continued to impress fans with his work ethic, good-natured personality, and artistic range. Dramatic turns in films and shows like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina demonstrated new depths to his acting skills.

Off-screen, Ross stays grounded through his close relationships with family and friends. He interacts gratefully with fans and gives back to various charities. Despite his early success, he remains committed to learning and improving for the future.

With his combination of likeability, talent, determination and heartthrob appeal, it’s no wonder people of all ages love Ross Lynch. His devoted fanbase is sure to continue growing as his star rises even higher.

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