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Why Do People Hate Jordan Fisher?

Jordan Fisher is an American actor, singer, and dancer known for his roles in various musical productions, TV shows, and films. Some of his most notable credits include:


  • Liv and Maddie (2015-2017) as Holden Dippledorf
  • Teen Wolf (2016) as Noah Patrick
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2012) as Jacob
  • iCarly (2009-2012) as Elliot Chang


  • To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020) as John Ambrose McClaren
  • Work It (2020) as Jake Taylor
  • Teen Beach Movie (2013) and Teen Beach 2 (2015) as Seacat


  • Hamilton (2016-2017) as John Laurens/Philip Hamilton
  • Grease Live! (2016) as Doody
  • Rent Live (2019) as Mark Cohen

Jordan Fisher is a multi-talented performer who has showcased his skills across various entertainment mediums. However, despite his popularity and success, Fisher has faced some backlash and hatred from certain groups over the years.

Why Do Some People Dislike Jordan Fisher?

While Jordan Fisher has many fans and supporters, he also has his share of detractors. Here are some of the main reasons why some people dislike or even hate the actor/singer:

Perceived Lack of Authenticity

Some critics feel that Jordan Fisher’s public persona and musical style lack authenticity. They see him as more of an “industry product” rather than an organic, homegrown artist. From his start on the Disney Channel to his pop, R&B, and Broadway crossover style, Fisher is viewed by some as manufactured and inauthentic.


Throughout his career, Jordan Fisher has had prominent roles across film, television, theater, and music. Some feel he has been overexposed through all these platforms and projects. They find him to be overhyped and overrated, showing up everywhere in pop culture. This oversaturation leads to resentment among those who feel he is undeservedly omnipresent.

Being Too “Privileged”

Jordan Fisher’s background and upbringing is seen by some as privileged. He was homeschooled, allowing him to pursue performing full-time from a young age.

He also comes from an affluent family and did not have to struggle financially early in his career. Some feel this privileged background prevents him from being relatable and contributes to his perceived inauthenticity.

Taking Opportunities Away from Others

In the competitive world of entertainment, Jordan Fisher’s ubiquity means he takes opportunities away from other aspiring performers. Him booking gig after gig prevents up-and-coming talents from getting their big breaks. This fosters resentment from those who have missed out on roles or work because of Fisher’s constant presence.

Rubbing People the Wrong Way

Apart from career criticisms, Jordan Fisher’s personality and conduct have rubbed some people the wrong way. He has been described by critics as arrogant, entitled, and aloof in his interactions with fans and colleagues. Real or perceived personality flaws contribute to the animosity some have towards him.

Changing Music Style and Genres

Over his musical career, Jordan Fisher has hopped between different styles and genres. He started in pop on the Disney Channel, transitioned into R&B and soul, did Broadway showtunes, and landed on more pop, funk, and hip-hop infused songs recently. Some fans of his early work dislike his genre-hopping, wishing he would stick to one sound.

What Do Jordan Fisher Fans Appreciate About Him?

However, despite the criticism and hatred from some corners, Jordan Fisher still has a devoted fanbase that appreciates many things about the performer:

Triple Threat Talent

Fans gravitate towards Jordan Fisher’s triple threat talents in singing, dancing, and acting. He showcases impressive skills across all three disciplines, making him a versatile entertainer.

High Energy and Work Ethic

In every performance, whether acting, singing, or dancing, Jordan Fisher gives it his all. He brings an infectious energy and impressive work ethic to all his projects, earning him praise for his passion and drive.

Humble Roots

While some see his background as privileged, fans appreciate that Jordan Fisher started from humble beginnings in a small town in Alabama before rising to fame. His wholesome, southern roots make him down-to-earth and approachable in fans’ eyes.

Charisma and Stage Presence

When performing live or even just interacting with fans, Jordan Fisher exudes charisma and likeability. His stage presence and charm have won over legions of supporters over the years.

Talented Role Model

Many young fans look up to Jordan Fisher as a multi-talented role model and inspiration. They appreciate seeing someone with such diverse skills succeeding through hard work and determination.

Heartthrob Appeal

As a handsome and talented male star, Jordan Fisher possesses natural heartthrob appeal. His looks, smooth vocals, and dance moves have earned him crushes from fans since his early Disney days.

What Do Critics and Haters Get Wrong About Jordan Fisher?

While critics and haters have reasonable concerns about Jordan Fisher, there are some areas where they misjudge or underestimate the performer:

He Has Grown as an Artist

Early in his career, criticisms about Jordan Fisher’s inauthenticity and manufactured sound may have held some truth. But over time, he has evolved with more unique vocals and a personal artistic identity.

Collaborates Rather than Competes

Rather than viewing other artists as competition, Jordan Fisher frequently collaborates and lifts up rising talents. He shares opportunities rather than taking them away.

Has Staying Power

For an “industry product,” Jordan Fisher has shown impressive longevity over a decade-plus career. This displays his genuine talent and work ethic beyond any early perceptions.

Prioritizes Fans

While some see him as arrogant or entitled, Jordan Fisher prioritizes fan interactions at concerts and events. He takes time for autographs, photos, conversations and appreciates supporter’s interests.

Handles Genre Changes Naturally

Rather than crass genre-hopping, Jordan Fisher seems to change musical styles organically as he personally evolves as an artist. This shows adaptability rather than inauthenticity.

Represents Progress

Jordan Fisher’s ubiquity as a multi-racial performer provides important representation in entertainment. His success story inspires and opens doors for others.

While no entertainer is perfect or universally liked, Jordan Fisher continues working hard at his craft and inspiring fans. As his career progresses, he may win over even more skeptics.


In closing, Jordan Fisher’s career shows how no major entertainer is universally beloved in this era of intense online scrutiny. He elicits a range of opinions from overhyped to talented role model. While criticisms about Fisher’s authenticity, ubiquity, and privilege contain some truth, he deserves credit for growing as an artist, collaborating generously, and handling fame professionally at a young age.

Jordan Fisher continues maturing into his talents and career with grace despite the harsher spotlight and pockets of hate. For supporters and critics alike, it will be fascinating to see how the next era of his career unfolds.

FAQs About Jordan Fisher Hate and Criticisms

What was the reaction to Jordan Fisher being cast as John Laurens/Phillip in Hamilton?

Some Hamilton Broadway fans objected over the show casting a pop singer versus a traditional Broadway performer. But Jordan Fisher won rave reviews for adding his own spin and talents to the role during his run.

Does Jordan Fisher get criticized for his religious beliefs as a Christian?

Fisher has been open about his Christian faith but steers clear of overt preaching. While some online critics take issue with celebrities’ religious views, this is a minor criticism for Fisher compared to performance-based critiques.

How does Jordan Fisher respond to those who call him “over-hyped?”

While Fisher acknowledges people’s right to opinions, he focuses on his passion for performing and nurturing his artistry. He aims to improve each time out to justify any hype or high expectations.

Has Jordan Fisher engaged directly with online critics or haters?

While aware of criticisms, Jordan Fisher makes a point not to clap back or feed the negativity online. He focuses energy on bettering his craft and lifting fans up rather than putting critics down.

Will Jordan Fisher change musical styles again soon?

Fisher has said he wants to dabble in country music and bluegrass someday as he continues genre-hopping. But for now, he is mostly staying in the pop, funk, and R&B lane that has defined his past few projects and collabs.

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