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Why Do People Hate Asa Butterfield?

Asa Butterfield is a popular young British actor who has starred in films such as Hugo, Ender’s Game, and The Space Between Us. Despite his talent and early success, Butterfield seems to provoke strong negative reactions from some viewers and critics.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the potential reasons why Asa Butterfield rubs certain people the wrong way.

Background on Asa Butterfield

  • Born in 1997 in London, England
  • Began acting at age 9 in television shows like Ashes to Ashes and The Pianist
  • First major film role was title character in Hugo (2011) directed by Martin Scorsese
  • Went on to star in Ender’s Game (2013), The Space Between Us (2017), and Sex Education (2019-)
  • Has received multiple awards and nominations for his roles
  • Known for having very pale blue eyes and brown hair
  • Keeps his personal life very private

Reasons Why People May Dislike Asa Butterfield

  • Seen as having privileges and opportunities not afforded to most actors
  • Resumes and acting credits seem inflated or undeserved for his age
  • Comes across as overly precocious or entitled

Posh British accent and demeanor

  • Accent and mannerisms associated with upper-class privilege
  • Can seem pretentious or haughty to some
  • Characters he plays often smarter or more capable than their peers

Physical appearance

  • Very pale complexion and blue eyes stand out as unusual
  • Smooth skin and young looks almost “ageless” or akin to a doll
  • Can seem eerie or robotic rather than human

Characters’ questionable morals or motivations

  • Hugo’s theft and deception of others
  • Ender’s violence and cruelty toward alien species
  • The Space Between Us’ Gary defies authorities, puts others at risk

Perceived lack of emotion in performances

  • Low-key, deadpan acting style
  • Seen as wooden, stiff, or devoid of observable feelings
  • Does not emote broadly for audience appeal

Possible jealousy of his early success

  • High-profile roles and acclaim from young age breeds resentment
  • Hard for some to accept child actor on equal footing as seasoned adults
  • His popularity at such a young age rubs many the wrong way

Asa Butterfield’s Response to Critics

  • Acknowledges his posh upbringing but does not apologize for it
  • Believes his unusual look has actually cost him some roles
  • Does not court fame or spend time worrying about image
  • More introverted and focused on craft of acting

“I still don’t think I suit the conventional attractive young actor look. I’ve got pale blue eyes and brown hair. I look, I don’t know, just weird.”

Recap of Why People Dislike Asa Butterfield

  • Rapid rise to fame from young age
  • Posh British accent and upbringing
  • Unusual physical appearance
  • Morally ambiguous film characters
  • Low-key, deadpan acting style
  • Possible jealousy of early success


While Asa Butterfield’s prodigious acting talents are undeniable, he also embodies privilege, intelligence, and self-possession in a singular package that some find off-putting.

His meteoric rise at a young age, along with his distinctive on-screen presence and characters’ questionable choices, have elicited intense reactions from viewers. However, as Butterfield matures and extends his range, many of the qualities now arousing envy or ire may become virtues appreciated by wider audiences.

Ultimately, only time will tell whether he can transition from a divisive child star into an actor enjoying both popular and critical acclaim

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Asa Butterfield?

Asa Butterfield is a young British actor born in 1997 who had his breakthrough role at age 14 playing Hugo Cabret in Martin Scorsese’s 2011 film Hugo. He has gone on to star in major movies like Ender’s Game while still a teenager.

What films has Asa Butterfield been in?

Some of Asa Butterfield’s most notable films include Hugo (2011), Ender’s Game (2013), Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016), The Space Between Us (2017), and Time Freak (2018). He currently stars in the Netflix series Sex Education.

Why do people think Asa Butterfield is a bad actor?

Some critics and viewers feel that Asa Butterfield’s acting style is overly stiff, flat, or emotionless. His low-key performances come across as wooden or robotic rather than natural. Others think he has been overhyped or given major roles prematurely due to privilege.

Does Asa Butterfield keep his personal life private?

Yes, despite his early fame, Asa Butterfield is known for keeping his personal life very private. He rarely discusses his dating life, family, or activities outside of acting projects. He has said he prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

What is Asa Butterfield’s net worth?

Estimates of Asa Butterfield’s current net worth range from $5 million to $8 million. Given his over 15 years of steady acting work and major film roles, this wealth is substantial for someone still in their mid-20s. His net worth is expected to rise as his career continues.

Why does Asa Butterfield look so young for his age?

Asa Butterfield has a very youthful appearance, which is partly due to his genetics. He has said he still gets acne and was often cast in roles younger than his actual age. His big blue eyes and smooth skin add to his boyish, ageless looks.

Is Asa Butterfield upper class?

While not literal aristocracy, Asa Butterfield does come from an upbringing of privilege. He attended private school, has what’s considered an upper class British accent, and had early opportunities related to wealth and connections. This contributes to impressions of him as posh or elite.

Did Asa Butterfield go through an awkward stage?

Unlike many actors, Asa Butterfield appears to have skipped an unattractive awkward phase.

He has looked basically the same since his breakout role as a child. With no visible ugly duckling period, he seemed to transform suddenly from a cute kid into a handsome leading man overnight.

Why does Asa Butterfield only take serious roles?

Asa Butterfield is drawn to substantive, dramatic lead roles that earn critical praise. He seems to avoid lightweight teen comedies or traditional blockbusters. His serious approach gives him a reputation as pretentious or overly-serious among some moviegoers seeking escapist entertainment.

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