Why Do People Hate Katie Cassidy?

Katie Cassidy is an American actress known for playing Laurel Lance/Black Canary on the TV series Arrow. Despite her popularity, Katie has faced a lot of backlash and hate from fans over the years. In this article, we’ll explore the major reasons why some people dislike Katie Cassidy and her character.

Her Character’s Story Arc and Development

The Death of Black Canary

One of the main reasons for the hatred stems from the controversial decision to kill off Katie’s character Laurel Lance/Black Canary in Arrow season 4. This was met with huge backlash from fans as Black Canary is considered to be Green Arrow’s main love interest and partner in the comics. Her shocking death upset many fans who felt the show runners were disrespecting the source material.

Poor Character Development

Another issue was the uneven and inconsistent character development of Laurel over the first 2 seasons. She was portrayed as an alcoholic struggling with addiction and was not depicted as a strong female character initially. Her abrupt transformation into the Black Canary felt rushed and unearned to some viewers.

Sidelining of Laurel in Later Seasons

After being built up as the Black Canary, Laurel was sidelined in subsequent seasons as fan favorite characters like Felicity got more screen time and bigger storylines. This made fans feel like Katie’s character was wasted and her superhero arc got scrapped unceremoniously.

Comparisons to Other Actresses

Contrast with Caity Lotz’s Black Canary

After Laurel’s sister Sara Lance (played by Caity Lotz) was resurrected and became the new Black Canary, many fans preferred Caity’s tough, grittier take on the character compared to Katie’s version. Caity’s Canary was viewed as a better fighter and Katie’s Laurel was criticized as being a weaker Black Canary.

Lack of Chemistry with Oliver Queen

Katie’s character was intended to be Oliver Queen/Green Arrow’s primary love interest. But many felt Katie had a lack of chemistry with co-star Stephen Amell. Meanwhile, others like Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity shared stronger onscreen bonds with Oliver that resonated more with fans.

Perceived Superior Acting Abilities of Others

Some Arrow viewers also believed talents like Caity Lotz and Emily Bett Rickards were far superior actors compared to Katie Cassidy. Her acting skills were critiqued as being wooden, stilted, and lacking emotional depth by sections of the fandom.

Controversies and Fan Perception

Leaked Set Photos

In 2016, personal intimate photos of Katie Cassidy were leaked online which evoked sympathy from some but victim-blaming and criticism from others. This ended up coloring fan perceptions of Katie in a more negative light.

Rumored Diva Behavior

Rumors also circulated online about Katie being difficult on set and behaving like a diva. Unnamed crew members complained she was high-maintenance and these unverified gossip impacted her public image negatively.

Perceived Lack of Gratefulness

After Black Canary was killed off, Katie ended up returning as a series regular later playing Laurel Lance of Earth-2. However, fans were unhappy that Katie did not seem more publicly grateful for this opportunity after her character was brought back.

Other Controversial Social Media Activity

Katie also occasionally posted controversial things perceived as unsympathetic on her social accounts, like tweeting about hangovers while fans were mourning Black Canary’s death or posting baking videos after being written off the show. This social media activity irked some fans.


In summary, Katie Cassidy’s character Laurel Lance faced issues of inconsistent writing and unfulfilled potential. Comparisons to other actresses and characters as well as real-life scandals contributed toward the actress facing disproportionate hatred from sections of the Arrow fandom over the years. While no actor deserves abusive treatment, examining the layered and complex causes behind fan negativity can perhaps foster greater understanding.

Katie’s Contributions Should Be Acknowledged Too

However, it is also important to acknowledge Katie Cassidy’s hard work and efforts for 8 seasons on the show. Her role as Earth-2’s Black Siren offered her a chance to reinvent the character. Regardless of opinions on her acting or character, she was an integral part of Arrow’s success. Separating an actor’s real self from unpopular fictional writing decisions is vital. With some perspective and nuance, civil fan discourse around Katie Cassidy can hopefully improve in a more constructive direction.


Why was Black Canary killed off on Arrow?

The show runners claimed it was an organic creative decision to propel the plot forward. But many fans felt it was mishandled and the character deserved better, especially given her iconic comic book status.

Was Katie Cassidy fired from Arrow?

Katie’s character was written off in Season 4 but she continued to make guest appearances later on. The events were not handled transparently but there is no evidence she was fired.

What leaked photos created controversy for Katie?

In 2016 private intimate photos were hacked and leaked online without Katie’s consent. The situation prompted a wave of public shaming.

Did Katie Cassidy get along with her Arrow co-stars?

There were unsubstantiated rumors of tension but most of her co-stars spoke positively of working with Katie. By all accounts she seemed well-liked behind the scenes.

Why do some think Caity Lotz was a better Black Canary?

Caity’s Sara Lance embodied the comic book image of Black Canary with her physique, fighting ability, and confident aura more closely according to some viewers. Her version resonated more with fans.

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