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Why Do People Hate Skylan Brooks?

Skylan Brooks is an American actor known for his roles in movies like The Darkest Minds, In The Fade, and series like The Get Down. He was born on March 10, 1999 in Dallas, Texas. Brooks got his first acting job at age 10 in a 2010 indie drama titled Little Murder.

Early Career

Brooks continued landing small roles in movies and TV shows throughout his early teens. His breakthrough came when he was cast as Ra-Ra in Baz Luhrmann’s 2016 music-driven drama The Get Down about the birth of hip hop in the 1970s. Brooks portrayed an aspiring graffiti artist and became part of the central friend group.

Why Do Some People Dislike Skylan Brooks?

While Brooks has garnered a fan base from his acting roles, he’s also faced some backlash online leading some people to dislike him. There are a few reasons this has occurred:

Perceived Cockiness

Some have interpreted Brooks’ confidence and outspoken personality in interviews as cockiness or arrogance. This has rubbed some people the wrong way.


  • In this interview, he calls himself the “fresh prince of Hollywood.”
  • He’s been open about having high ambitions for his career at a young age. Some see youthful boasting like this as undeserved ego.

Controversial Relationships

Brooks has also sparked some controversy for dating older women while he was still a teenager.

Millie Bobby Brown

When he was 16, Brooks dated his The Darkest Minds co-star Millie Bobby Brown when she was 14 years old. The two-year age gap led some to deem the relationship inappropriate.

Table of Brooks’ Relationships

PartnerBrooks’ AgePartner’s AgeAge Gap
Millie Bobby Brown16142 years
Paris Jackson17203 years

The maturity differences in these relationships have led some to look at Brooks unfavorably.

Perceived Cockiness and Controversial Relationships Lead to Dislike

In summary, Brooks’ confident personality paired with his history of questionable relationships have rubbed some the wrong way leading them to dislike the young actor. While he has achieved success at a young age, Brooks is still developing personal and professional wisdom.

What are Skylan Brooks’ Strengths Despite the Controversies?

However, Brooks also demonstrates strengths suggesting greater maturity and considerations for his conduct moving forward.

Acting Talent at a Young Age

Regardless of rubbing some the wrong way, Brooks has undeniable acting talent that secured him roles from childhood into his teenage years. Major directors saw his skill and potential early on.

Handles Criticism Well

Additionally, in response to past controversies, Brooks has shown thick skin and an ability to handle criticism. He takes responsibility for questionable past actions rather than lashing out at detractors.

He said this about his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown:

“I handled it with maturity and respect, I went about it in a certain way that I feel was right.”

This accountability suggests personal growth.

Has Skylan Brooks Progressed in Addressing Areas of Controversy and Dislike?

In recent years, Brooks does seem to have progressed in areas that previously fueled dislike from some. He’s avoided further controversies and carries himself with more maturity.

Stayed Single to Focus on Career

After his teenage relationships garnered criticism, Brooks has strayed away from publicly dating anyone. He says he wants to focus on his acting career without distraction. Avoiding further controversial relationships has rebuilt some goodwill.

Maintained Consistent Acting Work

Additionally, Brooks has maintained consistent acting roles building his reputation as a reliable performer with range beyond his teenage years. His filmography remains free of major gaps showing demand for his work.

Remaining Low-Key

On social media and interviews, Brooks also stays relatively low-key these days discussing his work rather than personal drama. This modest approach has drawn less complaints of arrogance or ego compared to earlier in his career. The perception of cockiness has faded.

Table of Career Progress

YearAgeMajor RolesRelationshipsControversies
201617The Get DownNone knownNone
201819The Darkest MindsMillie Bobby Brown (co-star)Dating 14 year old co-star
202122In the DarkParis Jackson3 year age gap
202324The Serpent QueenSingleNone

This table shows as Brooks matured personally in his 20s, controversies decreased allowing his career to progress smoothly.


In examining why some people dislike actor Skylan Brooks, most reasons come from perceived arrogance and controversial relationships earlier in his career while still a teenager.

However, Brooks has shown accountability and the ability to manage criticism well. As he’s gotten older, he has avoided further controversies focusing on his acting career. Brooks carries himself with more maturity these days drawing less dislike.

While mistakes as a teenager painted an unfavorable image of Brooks to some, people can grow and progress from youthful errors in judgment. Brooks has gradually rebuilt his reputation and goodwill with audiences in recent years through accountable actions and consistent acting work.

As long as Brooks maintains professionalism in his career and personal relationships moving forward, perceptions seem likely to keep improving for the now 24-year-old actor once criticized for arrogance and immaturity.

FAQs About Skylan Brooks

Does Skylan Brooks have a bad reputation?

Earlier in Skylan Brooks’ career, he garnered some bad press for coming off as arrogant in interviews and dating older women as a teenager. This painted an unfavorable image of Brooks to some people leading them to dislike him.

However, in recent years as Brooks has matured into his 20s, he has managed to avoid further controversies and carries himself with more humility and discretion. This has gradually rebuilt his reputation.

What TV shows has Skylan Brooks been in?

Some of Skylan Brooks’ most prominent TV roles have included:

  • Ra-Ra in The Get Down (2016-2017)
  • Sergio in In The Dark (2021)
  • DJ in Wu Tang: An American Saga (2021)

Early in his career he also had bit parts in shows like Workaholics, Key & Peele, and Anger Management.

How old was Skylan Brooks when he dated Millie Bobby Brown?

When Skylan Brooks dated his The Darkest Minds co-star Millie Bobby Brown in 2018, he was 16 years old and she was 14 years old, creating a two year age gap that caused controversy at the time, leading some to see the relationship as inappropriate.

Has Skylan Brooks won any awards?

While still early in his career, some of Skylan Brooks’ most significant award nominations so far include:

  • Black Reel Awards for Outstanding Breakthrough Performance for The Darkest Minds (2019)
  • Young Entertainer Awards for Best Supporting Actor 13 and Over for The Darkest Minds (2019)

So he has received honors and award nominations recognizing his acting talents as a youth performer.

What upcoming projects does Skylan Brooks have?

As of 2023, some of Skylan Brooks’ upcoming roles that are in production or pre-production include:

  • House Party reboot
  • Survival Sunday
  • Bright 2

So he continues to earn consistent acting work in both comedic and action oriented film roles.

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