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Why Do People Love Skylan Brooks?

Skylan Brooks is an American actor who has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Known for his roles in movies like The Darkest Minds, Invisible Man, and most recently Space Jam: A New Legacy, Brooks has developed a devoted fanbase. But what is it exactly that makes people love Skylan Brooks so much?

Authentic and Relatable Personality On and Off Screen

One of the main reasons people are drawn to Skylan Brooks is his authentic, grounded, and relatable personality. Unlike many young stars, Brooks doesn’t put on any Hollywood airs. He comes across as a regular guy who worked hard for his success but remained humble.

Genuine Passion for His Work

It’s clear in interviews that Brooks has a genuine passion and love for acting. He geeks out over the creative process and seems dedicated to continually improving his craft. This endears him to fans who can tell he’s not just in it for the fame.

Engages With Fans Online

Brooks also regularly engages with fans on social media in an authentic way. He takes time to have real conversations that give people insight into his personality. This makes people feel like they actually know him.

Platform Followers
Instagram 472k
Twitter 12.3k

As you can see from the table above, Brooks has built up a decent social media following where he shares glimpses into his life and interact with supporters.

Down-to-Earth in Interviews

In interviews, Brooks also comes across as humble, gracious, and down-to-earth. While he takes the work seriously, he doesn’t have an pretentious aura about his career. This grounded energy makes people root for him.

Obvious Talent and Successful Career Arc

While having a likeable off-screen personality goes a long way, Brooks also impresses people with his obvious talent and ascending career trajectory:

Breakout Role in The Darkest Minds

Brooks grabbed attention with his performance as the smart and determined Charles Meriwether in 2018’s The Darkest Minds. His emotional depth and charisma in the role showed range and star potential.

Scene-Stealing Work in Other Films

He followed up strong work in The Darkest Minds with memorable appearances in movies like Invisible Man and Seal Team. With limited screen time, he made a impact and left viewers wanting more.

Showcases Comedic Chops in Space Jam 2

Brooks also got to showcase his comedic timing and versatility as Malik in the 2021 sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy starring Lebron James. His energetic charisma stole scenes and added heart to the CGI/live-action hybrid film.

Film Worldwide Gross
Space Jam: A New Legacy $162.9 million

As evidenced by the commercial success of Space Jam 2 in the table above, Brooks’ talent and appeal translates globally.

Upcoming Lead Role in House Party Reboot

Showing his rising star power, Brooks is set to lead the reboot of the hit 1990 comedy House Party. Leading a major studio comedy so early in his career shows the potential industry insiders see in the young actor.

Charisma and Energy Jump off the Screen

From his first scenes in The Darkest Minds, Skylan Brooks had an intrinsic charisma and presence that leaped off screen. He has an accessibility and energetic aura that draws you in even in ensemble roles.

Makes Strong First Impressions

Within moments of appearing on screen, Brooks makes a strong impressions. His confidence and charm command attention regardless of screen time or dialogue. Even in a minor roles, he brings a vivacity that sticks with viewers after the credits roll.

Electric Chemistry With Costars

Brooks also has consistently genuine chemistry with his costars. His vibrant energy seems to lift scenes and inspire organic interactions. Whether in a comic banter with Lebron James or portraying a brotherly bond in The Darkest Minds, this electricity connects with audiences.

Fun to Watch In Interviews

This innate charisma comes through in his interviews as well. He has a radiant smile and brings fun energy when talking about his work. Seeing him promote projects gets fans more excited to watch because his passion is palpable.

Embodies the Underdog Story

Perhaps the most compelling reason people root for Skylan Brooks is that he embodies the underdog story. He’s a young talent who came from normal beginnings but relentlessly pursued his dreams through hard work and perseverance.

Child Actor With Non-Industry Parents

Unlike many young actors who come from entertainment families, Brooks comes from a normal working class background. He pushed to get into arts programs and convince his parents to let him audition before getting his breakout commercial role at 9 years old.

Found Acting Early and Stuck With It

Brooks clearly found his passion for performing at a very young age. While lots of child actors eventually burn out, he remained dedicated to the craft and improving his skills throughout his teens rather than flaming out.

Earned Role in The Darkest Minds

His big break didn’t just get handed to him. Brooks had to compete with thousands of other young actors for his career-making role in The Darkest Minds. According to director Jennifer Yuh Nelson, he had to come back and audition over seven times before finally getting cast.

Creates His Own Opportunities

Rather than waiting around for roles to come to him, Brooks collaborates with friends to create original music, short films, and other content. He understands the importance of perseverance and forging his own path in the industry.

For devoted supporters, Brooks’ combination of innate talent and hardworking, underdog character makes him easy to passionately root for as his star continues to rise.


In summary, Skylan Brooks has managed to capture hearts through an an authentic and grounded personality paired with undeniable talent and charisma. His passion jumps off the screen while his beginner’s hustle and underdog backstory makes rooting for his success irresistible.

While some young stars can feel unrelatable in the social media age, Brooks invites supporters into his journey through genuine social engagement and interviews. As he continues mastering his craft and scoring bigger roles, expect his fanbase to continue growing exponentially.

The relatable rising star puts in the work while radiating charm and staying humble. That combo endears Brooks in a crowded entertainment landscape and prime him to become a household name as his career ascends to new heights. We can’t wait to see him continue honing his skills and blowing up even bigger.

FAQs About Why People Love Skylan Brooks

What was Skylan Brooks’ first breakout role?

Brooks grabbed attention in 2018’s The Darkest Minds as the determined, intelligent Charles Meriwether. The role showed off his emotional depth and star charisma.

What upcoming movie will Brooks lead?

Showing rising industry buzz, Brooks is set to lead the upcoming House Party reboot. Carrying a major studio comedy so early in his career highlights his talent and potential.

Where is Skylan Brooks from originally?

Unlike many young Hollywood stars, Brooks comes from a normal working class background outside the industry. He was born in Dallas, Texas where he lived before pursuing acting.

How can I follow Skylan Brooks on social media?

You can follow Brooks on Instagram @skylanbrooks where he has over 470k followers currently. Brooks engages authentically with supporters on the platform.

Why does Brooks feel relatable compared to many actors?

Rather than seeming obsessed with fame or money, Brooks comes across as humble and passionate about the craft of acting. His authentic personality resonates with everyday people trying to achieve dreams.

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