Why Do People Love Kourtney Kardashian?

Kourtney Kardashian is one of the most popular celebrities and reality TV stars today. As the eldest daughter of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kourtney has grown up in the spotlight and has amassed millions of fans all over the world. But what is it exactly about Kourtney that makes people love her so much? Here is an in-depth look at the many reasons why Kourtney Kardashian is so beloved by her fans.

Kourtney’s Personality and Attitude

One of the biggest reasons why people love Kourtney is her personality and attitude. Unlike her younger sisters Kim and Khloe, Kourtney has a more reserved, grounded, and down-to-earth persona.

She’s Relatable

Fans find Kourtney relatable because she seems the most “normal” among her famous family. She goes through normal life struggles like raising kids, dealing with co-parenting, and trying to find a balance between work and family life. This makes her come across as very genuine and approachable.

She’s Witty and Sarcastic

Kourtney also has a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor that people love. She always has witty one-liners and funny quips up her sleeve that perfectly capture whatever absurd situation the Kardashian family finds themselves in. Her raw honesty and wittiness make her very entertaining to watch.

She’s Confident

Additionally, Kourtney has a strong sense of confidence about who she is, which allows her to stay true to herself despite growing up in the spotlight. She doesn’t seem fazed by fame or public scrutiny and stays grounded in her values and priorities. This genuine sense of self makes her inspiring to many fans.

Her Relatable Struggles and Triumphs

In addition to her personality, people also love Kourtney because she is so open about the real struggles and triumphs in her life. Her story is relatable and inspiring.

Her Fertility Struggles

For many years on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney gave an extremely raw and emotional look into her difficult journey with fertility and IVF. People, especially women, deeply resonated with seeing her vulnerability during the painful process.

Co-Parenting Challenges

Kourtney also doesn’t shy away from being real about the difficulties of co-parenting her three kids with her ex Scott Disick. The messy dynamic between them tugs at many people’s heartstrings.

Finding Love Again

Despite the challenges of being a single mom, fans rejoiced when Kourtney finally found love again with her fiancé Travis Barker. After witnessing her struggles, it gives hope to see her so blissfully happy again.

Her Journey to Self-Confidence

Additionally, throughout the years on KUWTK, people witnessed Kourtney’s journey to regain her self-confidence and reclaim her sense of self. After some turbulent years, she emerged stronger and more empowered, which was inspirational to see.

Her Status as a Style Icon

A huge part of Kourtney’s widespread appeal is the fact that she’s become a major fashion and style icon. Her trendy looks consistently drive headlines and influencer Instagram feeds.

Her Effortless Street Style

Kourtney makes street style look easy with her go-to uniform of distressed jeans or trousers paired with a simple tee and blazer. This polished yet casual vibe just oozes cool.

Her High-Low Mixing

Fans love how Kourtney effortlessly mixes high and low – she pairs designer bags with affordable brands without pretense. This makes her style accessible and fun to emulate.

Her Sexy Maternity Style

During her pregnancies, Kourtney rocked figure-hugging dresses and chic swimsuits that made maternity style look sexy. It empowered pregnant women to embrace their curves.

Her Influence on Y2K Trends

Lately, Kourtney has been bringing back Y2K trends in a major way. From Juicy Couture tracksuits to Von Dutch hats, she inspires Gen Z’s obsession with early 2000s style.

Her Business Endeavors and Poosh Brand

In recent years, people have come to admire Kourtney’s business savvy and the success of her lifestyle brand Poosh. It proves she’s much more than just a reality star.

Poosh’s Success

Kourtney launched Poosh in 2019 as a lifestyle and wellness brand that provides content on topics she’s passionate about, like health, parenting, and entertaining. The brand has seen tremendous success.

Her Hands-On Approach

Fans love that Kourtney takes a very hands-on creative approach with Poosh. She photographs shoots herself, sources products, and provides a lot of the content based on her own lifestyle.

Expanding the Brand

Poosh continues to expand with new products and content verticals, like the recent launch of Poosh Your Wellness supplements. Kourtney’s strategic business leadership is impressive.

Inspiring Female Entrepreneurship

By growing a female-focused brand from scratch, Kourtney serves as an inspirational model of entrepreneurship for women. Poosh’s success motivates others to follow their passions.

Her Close-Knit Family

One of the central appeals of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was following the tight-knit antics of the big blended Kardashian-Jenner family. Kourtney’s close relationship with her sisters and parents has always warmed fans’ hearts.

Her Special Bond with Kim

Despite some ups and downs, Kourtney maintains an extremely close bond with her sister Kim. Their fun sisterly dynamic, inside jokes, and playful bickering are so endearing to watch.

The Kris Jenner Relationship

Seeing Kourtney banter with her very extra mother Kris also makes for great TV moments. Though they squabble, their mother-daughter relationship is full of love and humor.

The Sister Squad

Along with Kim and Khloe, Kourtney shares an amazing sisterly friendship. Their giggling girl talk sessions, joint family vacations, and advice for each other through life’s biggest moments are sister goals.

Her Role as the Family Leader

As the oldest sister, Kourtney often steps into the role as the grounded leader and advice-giver within the chaos of her flashy family. Fans adore her sensible perspective.

Her Dedication to Motherhood

Above all else, the aspect fans seem to love most about Kourtney Kardashian is her total devotion to motherhood and to her three kids.

A Very Hands-On Mom

It’s clear from the show that Kourtney is extremely hands-on as a mom and always puts her kids first. She’s often seen doing normal mom duties – driving the kids to activities, cooking them meals, and laying down the rules.

Showcasing the Joys of Motherhood

While balancing fame and motherhood certainly has challenges, Kourtney does a beautiful job capturing the simple joys of being a mom. Her glowing pride in her kids makes motherhood seem amazing.

Teaching Her Kids Values

Kourtney takes extra care to teach her children strong values, from eating organic foods to staying grounded and not acting entitled. Fans respect the care she takes in raising good humans.

Keeping Her Kids Grounded

Despite their lavish lifestyle, Kourtney keeps her kids’ lives as normal as possible. She eschews overscheduling, involves them in chores, and teaches them the value of hard work.

Her Unbreakable Bond with Her Kids

No matter what else is going on or how busy life gets, Kourtney’s unbreakable bond with her children remains her top priority. The love they share makes everyone smile.


In summary, Kourtney Kardashian has earned the love and admiration of millions through the many roles she flawlessly plays: grounded reality star, stylish fashion icon, savvy businesswoman, caring family member, and devoted mom. But what people perhaps love most is her authenticity – she remains true to herself despite the glare of fame. For all these reasons and more, Kourtney Kardashian has cemented herself as a pop culture icon.

Frequently Asked Questions about Why People Love Kourtney Kardashian

What is Kourtney best known for?

Kourtney is best known for starring as one of the main cast members on the hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians since 2007. She has essentially grown up on TV along with her famous family.

How has Kourtney’s style evolved over the years?

Kourtney’s style has evolved from flashy, sparkly dresses in the early 2000s to her more recent effortlessly chic, laidback vibe. She helped drive the Y2K trend revival.

What are some of Kourtney’s best business ventures?

Some of Kourtney’s top business moves include launching her successful lifestyle brand Poosh in 2019, collaborating on clothing collections with Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing, and promoting products through Instagram.

What are Kourtney’s hobbies and interests?

Outside of being a mom and running her business, Kourtney enjoys staying active through running and yoga, eating cleanly and organically, going on vacation, and spending time with her extended family.

Who has Kourtney dated over the years?

Kourtney had an on-again, off-again relationship with Scott Disick for nearly 10 years and they have 3 kids together. She also briefly dated model Younes Bendjima. She is currently engaged to musician Travis Barker.

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